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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Google Drive, the latest product from google for data storage

Google launched a new service called Google Drive. Based services or cloud computing cloud computing allows users to store photos, documents and videos on Google's servers so they can be accessed with a web-connected devices and can be shared easily.

For example, if users want to send emails recorded with Android smartphone, then he can upload them to Google mobile applications Drive and send e-mail a link to the video. So no need to send a file too large. Software productivity is also integrated with Google Docs Drive.

"Today, we introduced Google Drive, a center where you can create, share, collaborate and store," said Sunda Picai, Senior Vice President of Chrome and Google Apps.

The presence of any rival rival Google Drive that had already been present in the cloud storage service market, such as Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive. Drive yourself initially offer up to 5GB of free storage.

Afterwards, the user can choose an upgrade for a fee. Namely 25GB and costs USD 2.49 per month, 100 GB with USD 4.99 per month and the largest up to 1 TB at a cost of USD 49.44 per month.

Current cloud services has become popular. Google itself is considered late for the service of this kind, but the presence of Google Drive can change the direction of the market.

"Facebook also do not have this service and the cloud (Google Drive-red) can lead them to make acquisitions," said Richard Edwards, an analyst at Ovum quotes from USAToday, Wednesday (25/04/2012).

Opera 12 wahoo, the latest generation of Opera with the latest features

Opera 12 comes with a number of features in it refreshment. In the beta edition which was given the code name 'Wahoo', these features were already introduced. Here are 8 of them:

1. Themes
Themes gives you an easy way to change the look of the Opera browser according to your taste or mood. Select the new themes and voila, a new browser view you have to wait. To try out themes in Opera 12, visit

Themes are also easy to make. If you want to try, learn here:

2. Separate processes for the Plug-ins

Plug-ins are a major cause of instability browser, so Opera try to give them a separate process. This way, when the plug-in crashes is expected to have no effect on your Opera browser.

3. Faster and smarter

Opera claims to have increased the speed by optimizing the network code loading SSL and use the tab that is smarter to accelerate the start-up and shut-down at the Opera 12. How fast and smart? Please jajal own.

4. Camera support
Opera 12 shows some new tricks that are available for web developers with support getUserMedia API that allows web applications to use the hardware as an embedded web camera on your computer. To try out the free demo, click here:
• Photo Booth (
• Polaroid (
• Color Picker (
• Explode (

5. Local page in the browser

What if a web page can look like a book with pages that can be automatically formatted on screen size? What if just need a few lines of CSS code?

The project formerly known as the Reader Opera, but Opera opened to standardize as CSS3 Generated Content for Paged Media. Find here:

6. New safety
Opera 12 is claimed to be safer. In addition, this browser diumbar also become easier for users to understand the security and privacy provisions of the sites visited. Claimed users can quickly see if a site uses the location information or would like to turn your web camera.

7. Learn a New Language

Opera 12 will come in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hebrew, thanks to new support and an updated interface for the script right-to-left.

8. Extensions are extended
Opera Platform extensions are also said to be more powerful with the introduction of Windows and Tabs APIs that allow extensions to control the browser window and tab. .

Another interesting thing:
• 64-bit version for Mac and Windows.
• Support the Do Not Track header.
• CSS3 animations and transitions.
• HTML5 Drag and Drop.
• Supports Cors (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).
• Opt-in hardware acceleration and WebGL.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Microsoft releases Skype for Windows Phone

Microsoft has launched Skype for Windows Phone. Skype version 1.0 is already available in Windows Phone Marketplace.

Sized 6 MB application is free and able to run on the operating system Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.

Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone can walk to rely on Wi-Fi or 3G networks.

The presence of the Skype application was formally introduced to replace the beta version of Microsoft at the end of February 2012.

Skype 1.0 has the ability to find and add new contacts directly connected to the contact list on the phone.

Users can make Skype calls directly from your contacts list on phones, the Skype application when it is active.

Microsoft is expected to integrate Skype with the new Windows Phone to come, namely Windows Phone 8.

But for now, Skype is still going to be a standalone application and not the default application from Windows Phone.

In addition to Skype, now Microosft also has launched version 2.0 for Microsoft Skydrive, cloud-based storage applications for Windows Phone.

Microsaft SkyDrive team has added support for Open Document Format (ODF) and other features, such as shortening URLs and more.

As stated in an official statement from Microsoft, some devices have been tested to run Skype properly.

Devices is the Nokia 710 Lumia, Lumia Nokia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Titan, HTC and Samsung Focus Radar S.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

NASA Challenge Indonesia

Yesterday the competition to make application to the U.S. government's space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) opened in @ America, Jakarta.

The competition was held in 24 locations across 17 countries such as India, Brazil, the United States, Britain, and Japan.

International Space Apps Challenge aims to provide a platform for people who are interested in space exploration. The event lasted for two days is challenging developers to create applications for the technology solutions that can meet the social needs of space exploration as well.

NASA provides more than 40 tasks that have been whittled down to 8 for implementation in Jakarta. The competition is divided into four categories, data visualization, knowledge of the citizens, open hardware and software. These challenges are given:

1. HTML5 applications for Earth Observation
2. Preliminary designs for the Open Data API
3. Aurora layers for Google Earth
4. Mapping the Mobile Environment
5. Hazard Mapping of Resources for Social Media
6. Information Sharing for Humanitarian Crisis Response
7. Application of Earth Day
8. Predicted sky

Space Apps competition is expected to open innovation and collaborative problem solving. Registration can be done directly on the official site of this race. The number of participants in some cities has reached capacity as in New York, Sydney and Stuttgart.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Top iPhone 5 Concept Designs

It seems not only a geek and Apple fans are obsessed with predicting the form of iPhone 5, thus the name for the new iPhone is expected to be present before the end of this year.

The fifth-generation iPhone is also a source of inspiration for artists and designers. They imagine and describe how the iPhone being approximately 5 later.

The shape is different, there's a camera up to resemble futuristic super-slim phone. Of the many concepts that made the iPhone 5 Apple product lovers all over the world, the following five are the most popular.

Combination of smartphone-DSLR cameras

Apple is rumored to be putting 4.6 inch wide screen on the newest generation of smartphones. Reuters reports that come from Apple fans is instantly enchanting. In fact, the product was not present, and Apple has not confirmed its truth.

South Korean product designer is one who attracted by the rumors and immediately make a concept he calls the iPhone 5 'iPhone PRO'. Choi described the iPhone 5 as a combination of smartphones and DSLR cameras.

On the back of the body smartphone, there are DSLR camera lens that can be removed and reattached. When used as a camera, the iPhone version of Choi 5 can capture video and images in a 3D format. The screen will display the catch of relief lens.

Similar to the mouse

Another unique concept came from Federico Ciccarese. The Italian designer is analyzing and describing the rumor iPhone 5 iPhone 5 according to his imagination, which is like a mouse.

He said the new iPhone will back arched perfectly and feels smooth in your hand. Therefore, the iPhone will be put in reverse (face down) and people expect it as a mouse. Ciccarese iPhone version of this form is almost similar to the Magic Mouse Apple.

This design shows the possibility Apple will use aluminum body for the iPhone, just like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. What's interesting about this design, when the phone is off, the Apple logo on the back of the phone will light up the darkness.

iPhone without a SIM card

Antonio de Rosa, designer and founder of ADR Studio presents the concept of the iPhone without a SIM card, the idea that Apple is being diligently explored. So what if the phone does not use a SIM card? Antonio is not elaborate.

IPhone 5 shows the results of the design brings LED screen that covers the entire face of the phone. On the front as well, Antonio put the two panels of speakers to support the entertainment experience.

Interestingly, the phone looks sleek and perfect rectangular shape is similar to the concept of resource people who have put forward in Foxconn, the iPhone's assembly plant in China.

iPhone 'Steve Jobs'

Still of Antonio De Rosa, in ADR Studio designers have another concept design of the iPhone 5. This design is dedicated exclusively to the late Steve Jobs. Not surprisingly, the name of the concept was to include the name of the former CEO of Apple, the iPhone Steve Jobs, aka SJ.

The shape is similar to the iPhone without a SIM card. But here, the privilege of the phone screen that looks charming more highlighted. Antonio reveals the possibility of using the iPhone 5 dual-core processors A6 and brings 10-megapixel camera.

According to Antonio, he thought the concept of the iPhone without a lot of love SJ. "We will celebrate with the release of more pictures and details SJ iPhone concepts through a short video," he said.

iPhone 'Size Zero'

Designer Antonello 5 Falcone had the iPhone concept called 'Size Zero'. Custom iPhone Anotenello form showed the entire face of the phone is the 4.6 inch screen until no edges remain.

Unless the screen, there is nothing different than the current iPhone design. There are buttons at the bottom of the claimed Antonello will be more comfortable and soft when pressed.

Well, the five most popular concept of the iPhone 5. Are there any of them actually come true? The answer, we still have to be patient waiting for the Apple release a new smartphone.

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There are three 'flavours' on Windows 8

Ahead of the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft announced that there will be three 'flavors' time launching different operating systems, namely Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows Pro RT.

Version offered by Microsoft is a bit different than ever before, because before Windows comes with at least 6 categories for the consumer.

Later, a version for tablets, desktops and laptops that use Intel / AMD X86 can be embedded with a version of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. While the RT is more dikhusukan Windows as an OS pre-installed software that runs with an ARM.

"We are working to empower consumers to know what the best version of Windows that can be used for his latest," wrote Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc officials, the official Windows blog, quoted by CRN, Tuesday (17/04/2012).

The following brief information about the three flavors in this Windows 8.

Windows 8

This is the standard edition of the Windows version 8, and will use most of the consumers. Features offered in this version include, optimizing for touch screen (when the device is possible), the latest update Internet Explorer, Task Manager is a new, better multi-monitor and Windows applications store Store of course.

Windows 8 Pro

In addition to existing features in Windows 8, in this Pro version there are some other additional specifically intended for technical professionals. For this version will add special features such as encryption, virtualization, domain connection and PC management tool.

Windows 8 RT

Not much different from Windows 8 standard edition, but this version is devoted to all good devices or tablet PCs are paired with ARM based processors.

It is suitable for all devices that rely on long-lasting battery power.

Google Drive, Serious Threat to Dropbox and Box

The launch of Google Drive can be called living matter of days. Online data storage service or cloud storage from Google is rumored to be release later this April.

This news was worried Dropbox and Box, because they will meet a large company with a myriad of services.

Since beginning to be developed in 2007, Dropbox is now one of the most popular cloud services. Moreover, Dropbox has accessibility across devices and different operating systems. From personal computers to smartphones. From the Mac, Windows to Android.

This value is more Dropbox, not only serves as iCloud Mac users and IOS.

Then the Box, a company pioneering Internet-based (startup) that focus on the corporate market. These companies often make innovations to facilitate users.

OneCloud is one excellent feature that lets users synchronize data third-party applications on mobile devices.

By Andrew Reichman, an analyst with Forrester, Dropbox and Box had been meeting the needs of consumers and businesses. However, he argued, they would soon meet a tough competitor.

Google insiders told technology website The Next Web, the Google Drive will provide 5GB of online storage service for free.

Box also provides a capacity of 5GB for free to users, but Dropbox, a free 2GB only.

As cloud services in general, Google will implement a freemium system, which allows users to pay some money to increase data storage capacity online.

Well, according to Reichman, herein lies the superiority of Google. "It is very difficult battle with Google about the price," he said.

Although not yet known what is the price that will be priced Google for additional storage capacity, but Google is likely to fix the price cheaper.

Moreover, Google would be integrating Google Drive with the rest of their service. For those already familiar with GMail or Google Docs, clearly tempted by Google Drive.

Reichman believes, the only weakness of Google Drive is in a closed ecosystem. "Google probably will not integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint and Exchange. Although it can be integrated with third-party applications, the Google Drive will not open," Reichman said that the opinion is based on the history of Google services.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Best Graphics Cards in 2012

Graphics cards to be an important part in the Personal Computer (PC). There are a variety of graphics cards available in the market with variations of the tag and the ability of the different performance.

For fans of the game, the graphics card is a compulsory component of the must-have to support the video game to be played. Especially the latest 3D games that require a high level graphical specifications.

Launched Gettoptens, Thursday (04/19/2012), here are five of the best graphics card present in 2012, Gettoptens version.

1. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690
Nvidia expected to launch the first graphics card based dual GPU. The graphics card is claimed to have the best features of the GPU specs Model: 2x Kepler GK 104, Stream Processors: Graphic Jam 1280 and ~ 900 MHz. Not only that, the GTX 690 graphics card also has 512-bit memory, 4096 MB GDDR5. This graphics card supports OpenGL 4.2 and DirectX 11.1

This graphics card is priced in the range of USD799.

2. AMD Radeon HD 6990
AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card is claimed to be the fastest. With superior features available, you can take advantage of the performance offered by these devices. Specification indicates, the Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Clock has ~ 830 MHz, Stream Processors: 3072 and 512-bit memory, 4096 MB GDDR5. This graphics card also supports DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2

This graphics card is priced at around USD699.

3. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590
Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 is claimed to have excellent performance. The device has the ability to control 3 monitors at once by using the DVI connector. Specifications revealed, this graphics card brings Graphics Clock: ~ 607 MHz, Stream Processors: 1024 and 768-bit memory and 3072 MB of GDDR5. This graphics card also supports DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2

This graphics card is priced at around USD699.

4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards class declared as the fastest and efficient power consumption. Furthermore, this graphics card also has the ability to be upgraded to support the extra performance. This graphics card specifications, among others, carrying the Kepler Model GK 104 GPU, Stream Processors: 640 and Graphics Clock: 1200 MHz, 256-bit memory and 2048 MB of GDDR5. This graphics card also supports OpenGL 4.2 and DirectX 11.1.

This graphics card is released at a range of USD499.

5. AMD Radeon HD 7970

This graphics card has a technology called AMD Eyefinity and has new support for 3D stereo feature to display the new configuration. Specifications are owned by the graphics card is shown, AMD Radeon HD 7970 GPU brings Tahiti Model XT, Stream Processors: 2048, Graphics Clock: 925 MHz and 384-bit memory and 3072 MB of GDDR5. This graphics card also supports DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2

This graphics card is released at a range of USD549.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Microsoft Will Adopt Kinect in Windows Phone 8

Kinect, motion-based controller and the sound of Microsoft, which has been there for the game console Xbox 360 and Windows PC, rumored to be adopted on the device based on Windows Phone 8 (Apollo).

Enterprise software giant is working to integrate Natural User Interface (NUI) Kinect to the Windows platform Phone 8. Reportedly, Kinect will be available on Windows Phone 8 update first or second.

If you later Kinect technology present in Windows Phone, the user can operate the smartphone with voice and hand gestures.

This will be one step better than the iPhone, because Apple has Siri used for voice commands. Apple has yet to have a range of features on the iPhone Kinect that can capture the motion.

However, Microsoft pointed out will find it difficult because smartphones have limited space to put the camera Kinect. Because the Xbox, Kinect using 3 sensor camera spends a lot of space.

"Kinect has three cameras, one infrared (IR) to capture the movement in the dark position. Kinda hard to put the IR camera on a smartphone. And without it, NUI will not work in the dark," said a source told the site VR-Zone technology.

According to sources, Microsoft likely will not use the IR camera on the Kinect for Windows Phone so that the feature only works in bright conditions.

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Create a Panorama Photo in Android with Application "360"

Lovers of photography must have been familiar with the term panorama photo presented with the impression of width.

How to make it is the photographer standing in one spot and take pictures in quick succession and then "stitched" with special programs.

The problem, create a panoramic picture is not as easy as the theory. Pictures taken should ensure consistency when sewn later.

Similarly, the camera settings must be considered given the image that one could have been much brighter because of his exposure settings different from the other pictures.

Some brands of cameras, including the type of compact cameras, includes a panorama feature that we can make a panoramic picture with the guidance in the camera, unfortunately the sewing process is still being done separately with its own applications on the computer.

The gap is filled by the application of "360" made by TeliportMe, a studio based in the United States. Application "360" aims to create panoramas for the owner of the Android mobile platform is easy and simple.

For those interested, applications can be downloaded for free at Google Play from this link.

Mechanism of this application in making panoramic photos simply requires the owner of the phone to expose the phone vertically, then rotate slowly clockwise.

When completed rotates 360 degrees, the application will automatically stitch all the images taken and we live to enjoy the panorama that has been made. For those who want to create a panorama of less than 360 degrees, just touch the screen when taking pictures and applications will stitch images that have been obtained.

The end result is an image panorama that can be played on the phone screen with the touch of a finger only. The result can then be distributed to social media like Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, the 360 ​​also provides a social feature that all registered users can upload their panoramas and can be seen that the other users.

As such, they can see and comment on the panorama created by users from around the world.

Rotating body

Vineet Devaiah, CEO Teliportme, in an interview with Reuters, saying that the application is made so that everyone can make a panorama yourself without having to have the ability of photography and image stitching software for existing.

Application that was launched in August 2011 has now been used 200 000 users from around the world, dominated by users from the United States. "In Indonesia there are about 10,000 registered users," he said.

When Compass tested this application, it takes time to get used to the wear. Often the panoramic image can not be consistent because when the body rotates, the camera height can be changed much less rely on hand.

In addition, when spinning too fast, the result will be a blurry picture. Taking a panoramic view of the crowd of people going to attract attention because we are holding the phone to the front and then spinning.

Vineet said, it takes practice to produce a panorama with a sharp image. He suggested to take place panoramas in a bright and relatively minimal disruption so that the user can spin comfortably.

In this application there is also a selection of high quality images or high quality. High quality requires us to turn even more slowly to produce high resolution images.

Vineet suggest, if not familiar, it's better to choose high quality because it is relatively easy for most users.

Vineet said, he wanted to create a forum that brings the person who documented the surrounding neighborhood through panoramic images.

Thus, everyone can see how the atmosphere or the environment in other places without having to go there. Panorama image could be more telling because as if the user is there and look around.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

After Instagram, Facebook Acquisition Tagtile

Facebook has just acquired a photo editing application site, Instagram. Now, Facebook is rumored to have acquired a pioneering Internet-based company (startup) others, which focus on mobile devices.

As released from Venture Beat, the social networking site made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg has been purchased from the San Francisco startup, Tagtile on Friday (13/04/2012).

Tagtile is a startup company that focuses on giving gifts to customers (customer rewards) and mobile marketing (mobile marketing).

Tagtile site will connect customers to specific stores. Here, the user (IOS and Android) should download the application Tagtile on their mobile devices.

Later, users can use their phones to get discounts, points or prizes of each particular store offered by Tagtile.

Such methods can also help stores to market their products to customers, to know whether marketing is an effective way as well as how many customers who use the services offered.

"We did not expect that Tagtile could be part of Facebook and could expand the products on Facebook. It would be far greater than our own doing," said the official release of Facebook.

Facebook does not explain the acquisition of the site Tagtile. So also about plans to integrate the platform Tagtile social networking site Facebook.

Facebook's decision to acquire and Tagtile Instagram, which are both great mobile features, shows how important mobile domain of the largest social networking is.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kinds of Technology Navigation in Mobile Phone

Smartphone is now equipped with technology to track the whereabouts of its users .. Navigation device initially serves as a complement to the services provided smartphone.

However, over time, the navigation device is despised by smartphone users as to threaten privacy.
Seth Schoen, senior technology staff at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said navigation device in the smartphone can be harmful to the safety of individuals. Privacy is wide open to increase the desire of certain parties to stalking or abduction.

But, in fact, many smartphone users who take advantage of the navigation system and do not feel bothered or threatened his life.

Navigation is used to play games, to move in social networking by demonstrating the presence of himself, or to help find an address while in the new place.

Here are 10 technologies with different systems, which have been implemented or are being developed on the smartphone.

Global Positioning System (GPS) was first built by the U.S. Department of Defense was first introduced in smartphones in the late 1990s. GPS is currently known as the best way to find a location outside the room.

GPS uses a constellation of satellites that transmit the location and time data from space to your phone. If the phone can receive signals from three satellites, then the existence of the phone will appear on a flat map, as well as showing elevation.

Some countries have started trying to create a system similar to GPS systems. For example, the Russian GLONASS and China's compass in the trial. Galileo in Europe and Japan's Quasi Zenith also make use of satellites for navigation.

Assisted GPS
GPS works well if the phone is to find three or four satellites, but menutuhkan a long time. GPS sometimes does not work when the user's smartphone in the room or a place that reflects the satellite signal. Assisted GPS provides several tools that help speed up the GPS work.

When first found the satellite, the smartphone users have to download information on where they will be in the next 4 hours. This information is required by phone to stay connected to the satellite.

If full service has been installed GPS in the phone, the startup time for the GPS will be cut, from 45 seconds to 15 seconds. Carrier can also send data using the Wi-Fi, which is faster than satellite.

Synthetic GPS
Synhethic GPS technology uses computational power to find a satellite location a few days to several weeks. This technology will facilitate GPS finds satellites when needed. Machabee of RX Roy said, with a synthetic GPS, the phone would only need 2 seconds to find the satellites when needed.

Cell ID
Mobile phone operators use this technology to find a cell phone without using GPS. Cell ID to locate the nearest cell phone towers to track a cell phone.

Operators can use the database to identify the location and phone number, from each sector and Base Tranceiver Station (BTS).

Wi-Fi technology could be faster than aware of the existence of a cell phone Cell ID technology, because the coverage of Wi-Fi which is a small bay area.

There are two ways to find a Wi-Fi phones, namely the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) and the Wireless Fingerprinting.

RSSI trace the existence of the phone by utilizing the phone's signal strength, while the Wireless Fingerprinting track down his phone to record the frequency of their wireless phone.

If a phone is often located on-site Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi system will be easier to identify the mobile phone, compared to phones that have never gone to the location of the Wi-Fi.

Inertial Sensors
If the phone is in a location that does not have a wireless system, the sensor will still record the location of mobile phones by using inertial sensors.

At least, a phone has 3 inertial sensors, ie, a compass (or magnetometer), Accelerometer and Gyroscope.

Compass (or magnetometer) is used to determine the direction, Accelerometer to report on how fast the phone moves to a direction, and rotating gyroscope to track movement. However, this sensor works only within a limited time.

Some smartphones already have a chip that can detect air pressure. To use it, the phone must pull down the local weather data or baseline figures on air teknaan and conditions in the building, such as heating or air conditioning.

Indoor conditions such as heating or air conditioning can affect sensor accuracy. Barometer can be combined with other devices such as GPS and Wi-Fi. Barometer will be useful for when the satellite signal is blocked mengelevasi building.

Some shopping centers have applied ultrasonic technology in the door of the store to detect smartphone. Shoppers are detected by these tools will earn points redeemable for a particular prize.

Previous smartphone users should install the application first so Shopkick detected by the ultrasonic.

Bluetooth Beacons
This tool can communicate with the Bluetooth 4.0 version that are on the phone. The concept is almost similar to a fingerprint, making the tool is capable of using signals and mobile phone networks to identify the presence of a smartphone.

If smartphone users approaching a particular product in a store, then the promotion of the product will be sent to your phone.

Terrestrial Transmitters
An Australian startup company, Locata, is conducting a trial to overcome the limitations of GPS. The company makes a transmitter in a location that uses the same principle with GPS.

Due to the strong signal from this transmitter, the radio can detect the presence of Locata smartphone faster than relying on the GPS satellites.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Watch out Trojan Flashback Mac Attack!

Last week came news of more than 650 thousand Macs are infected with malware Trojan called 'Flashback'. Although Apple has updated the security to prevent Trojan Flashback, but still there are thousands of infected Mac computers. So what needs to be aware of this Trojan Flashback?

Although currently only Trojan with a click fraud hijack search engine results than those in their web browser, but it has the potential to do greater damage to steal important documents such as banking or login information. If the botnet will remain connected to the computer, cyber criminals can send new malware to their system that causes the problem becomes larger.

Flashback to understand the power, it is important to note that actually a Mac OS X malware family that was first created in September 2011. Designed to impersonate the Adobe Flash Player installer uses the Flash player logo. After installing Flashback, malware looking for a user name and password are stored on the Mac.

Trojan Flashback which is a variant of the malware family, was recently used to infect a computer and are controlled and distributed through a botnet called Flashfake. A botnet or network of computers infected by malicious software that is controlled as a group and are designed to make fraudulent clicks. It's a common thing to do penjaht cyber campaign to take advantage of the 'pay-per-click' with the advertising companies.

"Flashback Versions prior to relying on malware and social engineering tricks to attempt to steal user information," said the head of security experts from antivirus software provider Kaspersky Lab, Alex Gostev as reported by Mashable, Thursday (12/04/2012).

"However, to date the most recent variant is controlled by the botnet Flashfake only be used for fraudulent clicks. The main difference is the Trojan Flashback can be installed directly into the user's computer by exploiting Java vulnerabilities," he added.

According to Kaspersky Lab, although there are no other dangerous activities of which have been infected by a Trojan, but the risk is important because it functions as a downloader malware on users' computers. This means that cyber criminals behind Flashfake can easily update the malware that can steal confidential information such as the passwrod or credit card details and install it onto the infected machine.

Meanwhile, Apple is aware of infection Trojan Flashback is going to act to develop a tool to detect and remove Trojan that has infected more than half a million Mac computers.

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Assassin's Creed (AC) III and Halo 4, the Most Expected game in 2012

There are a few game titles that will be present and circulating in 2012. According to Nielsen research, there are two of the most anticipated title game enthusiasts video game is Assassins's Creed (AC) III and Halo 4.

As reported by GameSpot, Thursday (4/12/2012), the ranking of the most anticipated game is based on several key measures such as consumer awareness and purchase interest. Then, the key measurements are compared to the assessment scores for the previous game titles have been released in the same platform.

The results of Nielsen's research shows, the percentage ranking of the top game titles that are present in the Xbox 360 this year, among others, Halo 4 (98 percent), Assassin's Creed III (94 percent), Max Payne 3 (91 percent). As for the Playstation 3 console that Assassin's Creed III (98 percent), Max Payne 3 (96 percent), and Madden NFL 13 (96 percent).

Not to forget the Nintendo Wii console, there are three of the most anticipated game titles at this year's Madden NFL 13 (96 percent), Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (94 percent) and Battleship (84 percent). Game titles Nielsen presented the plan will be shipped between April to December 2012.

Before revealing the news, game Assassin's Creed III has been exhibited in the arena of gaming festival Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), which took place in early April in Seattle and Boston, USA. The game will carry the display Heads Up Display (HUD) new.

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The Price of PlayStation 3 will be Down?

To improve their financial situation, Sony is expected to begin to change the strategy, one with a PlayStation 3 price cuts.

Huge losses suffered by the Japanese electronics giant Sony to force it to immediately make corrections business strategy. There are three areas to be focused in order to rise again to conquer the world, one of which is a console game.

Later scored the PlayStation 3's sales continue to rise, but still not able to overtake his best-selling Xbox 360 worldwide.

According to analysts from research institutes Baird, Colin Sebastian, Sony should immediately lower the price of PlayStation 3. Not just for the console outselling the Xbox 360, but also to restore the financial situation.

"Sony in a difficult position, they've lost interest in the various business lines such as television and computers and now they have to invest to develop the next game console," says Sebastian.

Previously Kazuo Hirai, Sony's new CEO, had confirmed that his company would increasingly focus on developing a range of PlayStation to master the game industry. So to achieve that goal, Sebastian suggested that Sony should cut the price of the console.

"I think the price of the PlayStation 3 needs to be reduced again, and Sony should be the first with a new generation of consoles," said Sebastian, as quoted from the Game Industry, Saturday (14/04/2012).

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BlackBerry 7, the Most Secure Operating System?

BlackBerry OS 7 is claimed to be the most secure operating system than its competitors. It even beat Android OS 2.3, IOS 5, and Windows Phone 7.5.

As quoted from BGR, Trend Micro's research institute, reported that 7 OS BlackBerry's Research in Motion (RIM) claimed to be the safest OS for the enterprise market.

The report titled "Enterprise Readiness in Mobile Device Platform". Security that includes a built in security, application security, authentication, device removal (wipe device), device firewall, and virtualization.

The research institute released a report based on the scoring. BlackBerry OS 7 scored 2.89. Then followed IOS five (1.7), Windows Phone 7.5 (1.61), and Android 2.3 Gingerbread (1.37).

The researchers from Trend Micro, Altimeter Group, and security research institute praised Bloor BlackBerry 7 OS as the OS with the highest level of security in enterprise-class.

Research institutions also lack the IOS release that is the lack of storage memory can be added. 7.5 The performance of Windows Phone as a whole is called satisfactory.

Meanwhile, the Android OS platform judged negatively because of the fragmentation that would hinder the performance of the company.

source :

Kepler Explorer, an Application to Explore the Space

Ever wondered what kind of planets orbiting the stars? Well, now there is an application that could help eliminate such curiosity.

Quoted from Mashable, Saturday (14/04/2012), this free application called Kepler Explorer for the iPhone and the iPad that allows users to explore the approximately two thousand planetary systems discovered by NASA's Kepler Mission. Kepler Mission to scan the Milky Way in the search for planets like Earth in size of the habitable zone of stars they orbit.

In short, the mission was to provide a basis of finding life on the planet. So far, the mission has found approximately 2300 candidate alien planet in the planetary system around the distant 1800.

Kepler Explorer application developed by a team at the University of California, Santa Cruz, led by professor of astronomy and astrophysics Jonathan Fortney. One of the purposes of this application, Fortney said, to keep more information on what is already known about the planet than the alleged hypothesis.

This application begins with a drop-down menu that lists all the planetary systems discovered by the Kepler Mission. Users can move a slider to see the planets orbit around the star respectively.

In addition, the zoom in and navigate the system provided, the user can provide more information about a specific planet and shows a comparison of the size of a planet to its parent star. When viewing a planet, the user can play by using elements such as iron, stone, water and hydrogen to combine it all with the findings of the Kepler Mission.

So far, the majority of planets found by Kepler Mission inhospitable to life. Even so Fortney believe this application will appeal to many people.

"Of course there are many people who are very interested in astronomy. In addition to medicine, astronomy is a science that must be kept in mind the public," he concluded.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Xperia S, Promising Start for Sony in the World of Android

Sony has acquired the full Sony Ericsson. Japanese vendors are now strolling alone in the universe bears the smartphone with its own brand. Smartphone debut waltz with the Sony brand is Xperia S. This is a phone whiz Sony is equipped with various latest technologies. What kind of ability?

Design sector worked well by Sony. As usual, they show an original and distinctive design, in the sense that people would immediately recognize that this phone is made by Sony. Xperia S rectangular strict enough.
The body is rather thick with a curved back for easy grip. And in fact, this phone is fairly steady in the hand-operated. Of particular interest is the presence of a transparent accent at the bottom of the screen.

This transparent part may shine, and there are three symbols on the top menu. But this is not a third symbol that could push buttons to operate the menu. Each menu button located just above the emblem, in the form of three points is quite small.

The handset is made of plastic that looks solid. But it is quite disappointing because it is less noticeable given the premium price of this handset over Rp 5 million.
There are various buttons and ports around the body Xperia S. Including the volume buttons, USB port, Micro HDMI and of course Tombo on / off. Fun, there are dedicated camera button making it easier for users who want to quickly take a picture.

High Definition screen

S has brought the Xperia screen HD (High Definition). With the resolution achieved 1.280x720 pixels, users can enjoy a brilliant display. Images, video and text displayed with excellence. Moreover immersed Mobile Bravia technology.
Mobile Bravia is claimed to increase the sharpness, contrast and color saturation of images and videos that appear on-screen handset Sony. In addition, it also minimizes noise digital photos. And indeed the results are quite obvious.

Highlight the operating system, the Xperia's still carrying the Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread. This handset Sony promises will be upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwcih some time to come.

Sony adds a distinctive touch on the Xperia S to distinguish the interface from handset to another Gingerbread. Such as live wallpaper presence of fog with a variety of colorful themes ala Sony.

There are five pieces of the usual homescreen widgets can be filled as the user desires. Main menu can develop applications in a variety of species, including the most widely used. Sony is also adding a lot of trademark applications in this handset.

12MP camera

One of the benefits Xperia S is a sector that has a camera 12.1 megapixel resolution. This resolution is one of the highest in the ranks of high-end smartphones are currently available, coupled with the Nokia N8.
Access the camera is running fast, in which after the application is pressed, the camera can be used directly. The camera is equipped with Exmor R technology for higher sensitivity and can take pretty good pictures in low light conditions.

Xperia's camera to take pictures with pretty good detail. But in low light conditions, Exmor R seems to lack a lot of help where scattered noise is still visible.

There are panorama mode that is functional and a wide selection of scene modes as well. Xperia S can also record full high definition 1080p video with adequate results.

Adequate performance

Armed with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor made by Qualcomm and 1GB of RAM, Xperia's performance did not disappoint. Loading applications run faster, only a fraction of a second. Users can directly access the menu favorite.

Similarly, experience in web browsing, where scrolling was smooth even handle heavy websites. Similarly, switching between screens as well hurry with no visible presence of lag.

Xperia S has relieved internal storage of 32GB. But do not look any microSD slot so users must set the content not to exceed available capacity.

Sector accounted capable audio with crystal clear sound and powerful speaker. Especially when heard through headphones, the sound of this handset can be floated more stable.

Xperia S in the category Playstation Certified, meaning able to play PlayStation games. PlayStation games can be downloaded via the Android Market with the different availability for each country.
With normal usage, the battery can last Xperia S in 8 or 9 hours. For the record, the battery in the handset can not be removed, together with the body. Another note, Xperia S uses a micro SIM to access the cellular network.

With a clear high-definition screen, 12 megapixel camera and processor speeding, Xperia S entered the ranks of Android with a high specification at this time. The design is also pretty classy and original, though not to the level of amazing. Unfortunately, the body is made of plastic and Android OS has not brought the latest version. However, phones that can be redeemed at the price range of $ 5.5 million remains in the category excellence.

- The screen is clear
- Nice camera
- Performance Tracks

- Plastic Body
- There is no microSD slot

White Space, Super Wifi from Microsoft

Infrastructure is a major challenge in the development of broadband in various countries, including in Indonesia. However, now found a solution to connect your broadband across the region in Indonesia with a White Space technology, 802.11aF.

Technology which is also called the Super Wifi utilizes empty spectrum space that is in line TV broadcasts.

"Broadband is the oxygen for digital ekomoni. For broadband it is very important," said Daniel Reed, vice president of the Technology Policy Group Microsoft, the discussion in the House Technology Policy Council of the Press, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

White Space technology is capable of detecting the blank space that is not used by broadcast TV, but use the spectrum. "If at any time, the spectrum requested by the owner, then the system can detect and then returned to their owners," added Tony Seno Hartono, National Technology Officer of Microsoft.

Tony said that the White Space is able to detect and take advantage of low frequency between 50 to 700 MHz which allows the use to rural areas with access to a wider range of wifi.

"This coverage can be up to 3 km. If my Wifi at only 100 meters away," he said.

To that he said this could be a solution to the development of broadband, rather than using Wimax is still fairly expensive. "It could be an alternative for rural internet," he said.

This technology can also be used in urban environments, considering the low frequency, he added, it can penetrate walls and buildings.

Still Discourse

Although quite helpful for the development of broadband, this technology still can not be realized in Indonesia. This is due to the spectrum in Indonesia is owned by the respective institutions.

Tony agrees this. But Microsoft will see if there are regulations related to the concept.

"It is necessary first clay regulations. In Europe and America is already known, that here was a discourse," he said.

Several large technology companies, including Microsoft, British Telecom, Nokia, Samsung, BBC intense experimented this technology in Cambridge, Inggirs Kingdom.

The company is already anticipating the next trend that every device will be more connected.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800, Fresh Wind for Windows Phone

After going through a pretty sweet couple years ago with a Pocket PC, Microsoft's name on a mobile platform which had been sunk by Apple (with its IOS), Android, Blackberry and of course by in Indonesia.

Microsoft had tried to get up with the launch of Windows Phone (the new name replaces the Pocket PC or Windows Mobile). But that does not wholeheartedly support from hardware manufacturers seem to make this new operating system as if afraid of life, did not want to die.

At the beginning of last year, Microsoft decided to cooperate with the maker of mobile phone manufacturers who would be familiar to our ears, namely Nokia.

Nokia is apparently very serious about using Windows Phone platform is certainly expected to bring fresh air to the future of Microsoft's operating system is.

About a year later, the first Nokia smartphone that comes with Windows Phone is also present. There are two series that launched the Nokia 710 and Lumia Lumia 800.

Differences in both the Nokia Lumia 710 more targeted for entry-level class (prices under $ 3 million), while the 800 is marketed to consumers Lumia high (price of about $ 5.2 million).

Design and Specifications

As an upper middle class phone, Lumia 800 certainly has its own charm. Unibody form factor make it look nice, plus a smooth curve and precision on almost all sides, including the LCD is a bit curved.

This makes it appear to be different compared with other smartphone. Three color options are available to choose from, the Black, Magenta, and Cyan. The white color is also said to be released within the next few months.

Its LCD has adopted ClearBlack AMOLED type with 3.7-inch size. As discussed earlier, its LCD design that supposedly gives a little extra curved ergonomic aspects during use.

As the name implies, AMOLED ClearBlack gives a more intense black color and better color contrast. 480x800 resolution is not the best, but it was more than enough to display images and text to fit.

Aspects of the camera is also noticed by Nokia. 8 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss lens embedded in the back of the phone.

This camera also has autofocus which can be used to take macro pictures, and equipped with dual flash. Besides taking still images, the camera can take movies with HD resolution.

Lumia 800 equipped kitchen runway Qualcomm MSM8255 processor with a speed of 1400 MHz. 512 MB RAM is perceived rather minimal, but it turns out Windows Phone operating system somewhat less resource hungry, so the 512 MB of RAM is more than enough to present the experience smooth and lag free.

Media storage is also only 16 GB, with no possibility of additional memory expansion. This may be one obstacle for users who like to save a lot of large multimedia files. Lumia 800 also does not have a front camera, so forget it if you want a video call.

Other specifications are also spelled out the maximum in its class, such as Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, WiFi, GPS, USB 2.0 High Speed, and HSUPA data access 6/HSDPA Class Class 10.

BV-capacity battery 1450 mAh 5JW felt sufficient to provide adequate durability for busy users.

Using impression Lumia 800

If this is your first time using a Lumia 800, the first step you should do is find the cutter SIM Card.

This is because Lumia 800 already use this type of Micro SIM (same as iPhone). After completion of "minimize" your SIM Card, then began a pleasant experience with Lumia 800.

Booting process takes place very quickly. Microsoft seems to realize that users do not like a cell phone or smartphone that its boot time is similar to the time to cook instant noodles.

When booting Windows Phone Lumia 800 in this case only in the range of tens of seconds.

- Setting Initial

You are required to make a Microsoft Live account or a Live ID in advance (especially for those of you who do not have a Microsoft Live account).

You can choose the country of origin when creating this Live account. This choice will affect the country or where you bought Marketplace for Windows Phone application (such as currency type, application availability, and other things).

Currently, Indonesia is still perceived Marketplace is not maximized, so you are advised to try first.

As a suggestion, maybe you can use the prefix as your Live ID. Example: for account NamaAccountID Indonesia, NamaAccountUS for the account of U.S., UK NamaAccountUK to account, and so on.

This way you can experiment with multiple accounts. Usually the choice of a common country is USA, UK, and Indonesia.

Once complete, start to import your social networking accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Arguably, the operating system is Windows Phone 'is very social', because of his support for social applications are complete and should be fairly good. The interface is smooth and nice views an added value.

If you are ever disappointed with the slow Windows Mobile, it is guaranteed you will be amazed by the smoothness of the interface of Windows Phone.

- Application
E-mail application is also very good, with the look and font settings are pretty sight. Featured Office also not be forgotten by Microsoft. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are ready to help you view important documents wherever you are.

Another advantage is the existence of the Nokia Map and Nokia Drive. Application of the guide path is very, very useful for those who love traveling or who are not so familiar with the streets of the capital.

The map is complete, both for Indonesia and other countries. Guiding voice can also be selected from a variety of languages ​​and access. In short, Nokia is one application of this well-deserved thumbs up.

- Camera
Camera quality is also somewhat above the average, the quality of the jepretannya, both macro as well as in normal conditions, spelled out very good and sharp.

- Upgrade Firmware

Some users complained about the poor quality of camera, audio quality, and battery life. For those of you who have one of these problems, we recommend upgrading the firmware to the latest version (1600.2487.8107.12070).

Currently, the latest firmware is available for several countries, including Singapore and India. Indonesia is likely to get a firmware update is in turn a matter of days.

Based on the experience Kompas Tekno already tasted the latest firmware, Nokia apparently does give quite a lot of updates. Audio quality with a very significant increase. More pronounced bass, volume is also larger and more powerful.

The camera also gets updates so the color is better (not blue). While battery life is also noted that exhibited significantly increased.

- Battery
When used in normal activities, Lumia 800 is usually already have to look for the 'infusion' added before the end of office hours. With the latest firmware, from the charger is removed in the morning, until the activity of office ends in the evening, Lumia battery 800 is still able to survive.

With a lighter activity, through the middle of the night or even until tomorrow morning again it seems not a matter of means (of course, from midnight to the next day it is relatively simply standby and occasionally pulling data from the network).

But remember, battery life is strongly influenced by the quality of the network. While in poor network conditions, battery life can go down to the very significant because the phone will keep trying to connect to the BTS and the search for signals.

Especially if the data connection is active. It's very, very affect battery life. So when the battery becomes wasteful, do not rush to assume your phone is damaged. Should make sure the network's condition was not a problem.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Glass, Fantasy or Reality?

Google has just introduced the Project Glass, a smart glasses with a variety of functions. In the video, it appears capable of sophisticated Project Glass. But there are doubts about the function of the Project Glass is fantastic.

The Google video, the glasses could be governed simply by the sound. Project Glass able to make video calls, send messages, to know the weather and the location to show the way. The device is based on augmented reality technology.

Google founders, Sergey Brin recently spotted wearing the goggles so many people believe its release to the consumer a matter of time. Media New York Times said the release of Project Glass may be the end of this year.

But some experts doubt that existing technologies in video eyewear that it can be realized. "In a simple fake video, Google created a level where the hardware is too much they may not be able to reach it," said Blair MacIntyre, director of the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech.

"The small screen is visible in the photo the sunglasses can not give experience like that shown in the video," said Pranav Mistry, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab who quoted from Computerworld, Monday (04/09/2012).

He stated that although Google is able to overcome technical obstacles, such glasses still take at least two more years to be used en masse. Another challenge is to create a transparent screen to view the content in comfort and on the other hand remains able to see the environment as well.

Google itself does not explain in detail the technology behind Project Glass. "We're not ready to provide additional information at this time," Google said.

Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5, which is more powerful?

Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will probably undergo a fierce fight this in 2012. Two that have been anticipated smartphone is said to be launched at the close.

Recent leaked Galaxy S III showed a formal invitation that may come from Samsung. Launch time is listed in the city of London on May 22, 2012. There has been no confirmation from Samsung, but once they've made sure the Galaxy S III was introduced in mid-year.

"Successor to Galaxy S II will be revealed at a separate event in the first half of Samsung this year, adjacent to the availability of commercial products," Samsung said in a statement some time ago.

Well, the iPhone 5 is said to be released shortly thereafter. A rumor blog reveals that mention the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 June. This news is getting stronger after people in Foxconn, Apple's manufacturing partners confirmed the issue.

According to sources, it is true Foxconn job opening for the workers as much as possible, which he reached 18 thousand jobs. This was done to pursue the production of iPhone 5 to be released next June.

"(A massive recruitment) was done because it will be sold in June," said the source to respond to questions about the iPhone 5, which is quoted by TV Tokyo interview.

From the specification that has been rumored tight, Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will bring the latest features. Galaxy S III for example, is rumored to use quad core processors and high-definition screen.

If it is true both released close together, presumably interesting to see who is more powerful and who is more attractive to the lovers of technology. Who will win this fight?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trojan Duqu, Advanced Trojan with Mysterious Script

Trojan Duqu successful sabotage Iran's nuclear facilities are written in a programming language that is not known. It was discovered by anti-malware experts Kaspersky Lab in a research.

Duqu a sophisticated trojan that was created by the same people who make Stuxnet. This malware has backdoor goal as a system and facilitate the theft of confidential data.

Trojan Duqu biggest mystery unsolved is how the program communicates with the server Command and Control (C & C) is now successfully infect a victim.

Duqu module whose role is to interact with the C & C is part of the payload DLL Duqu. After a comprehensive analysis of the payload DLL, Kaspersky Lab researchers found there was a special section in the payload DLL, specifically communicating with C & C, written in a programming language that is not known.

Kaspersky Lab researchers call this unknown part as "Duqu Framework".

Unlike other Duqu, Duqu Framework is written in C + + and compiled with Visual C + + 2008 Microsoft's.

Author Possible uses in-house framework to generate intermediary C code, or use a programming language that is completely different.

However, the researcher Kaspersky Lab has stated that the language is object-oriented and conducted a number of activities in accordance with the application network.

Language Framework Duqu very special and Payload DLL allows to operate independently with other Duqu module and connect it to the C & C through several channels such as Windows HTTP, network sockets and proxy server.

It also allows Payload DLL process the request HTTP server directly from the C & C, secretly move the duplicate information that was stolen from the infected to the C & C, can even distribute the payload other hazardous into other devices in the network, and creates a form of control and the latent spread infection to other computers.

"Given the scale of Duqu project, which may create its own framework Duqu is a different team than the group that created the driver and the writing system that exploited the infection," said Alexander Gostev, Chief Security Expert Kaspersky Lab.

"Given the high level of customization and exclusivity on the programming language was created, it is possible this program was created not only to prevent outsiders know the spying operations cyber and its interaction with the C & C, but also to distinguish it from internal groups Duqu others are responsible for writing the other of this program. "

According to Alexander Gostev, making its own programming language shows how high the ability of the developers working on this project in the program, and demonstrate the ability of financial and human resources are mobilized to ensure the project runs.

Kaspersky experts noted the biggest victims in Iran. Duqu generally looking for information about production management systems in various industrial sectors, as well as information about trade relations between the several companies in Iran.

Kaspersky Lab invites community of programmers or anyone who recognizes the framework, toolkit or programming language unknown to contact Duqu Trojan.

Duqu was first discovered in September 2011. However, according to Kaspersky Lab, the trace Duqu have been tracked since August 2007.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Countries with Fastest Internet Connection in the World

Which country has the world's fastest internet connection? The study of Akamai may be a picture.

Akamai is a company that collects data on Internet usage globally. Through the report "State of the Internet", Akamai signed up which countries have the fastest internet connection.

Here's a list of seven countries with the most connections in the racing world, as quoted by the Huffington Post, Thursday (05/04/2012):

European countries are known for its watch, according to Akamai has an average connection speed of 7.3 Mbps. Fast enough to support the online activity. While the number of Internet users in the range of 5.8 million.

Czech Republic
Czech Republic have internet connection speeds average 7.4 Mbps. Czech Republic is quite advanced connectivity problem in which this country has the largest Wi-Fi customers in the European Union.

Residents of a small European country is allowed to feel satisfied with the speed of internet is available in the country. According to Akamai, the connection is there an average of 8.2 Mbps.

As one of the developed countries, do not be surprised if the internet connection in the land of Windmills are quite capable. Ie in the range of 8.5 Mbps. As many as 92% of the Dutch population have internet connection at home.

With a 8.9 Mbps connection speed, the population in the State Sakura can surf in cyberspace with ease. Not surprising really since Japan is known as one of the world's technology centers.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong has recorded an average connection speed of 10.3 Mbps. China region that was once a former British colony now has about 4.9 million internet users.

South Korea
As a country with the fastest internet connection in the world, South Korea should be proud. Quite amazing really because there internet speeds in the range of 13.8 Mbps.

Was that countries with the fastest internet connection speed. What about your country?

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Flixel, iPhone Application to Make Moving Image

An animated GIF is present in an application called Flixel. IPhone application was launched to make the image move with speed and easier.

Flixel an iPhone application created by a company based in Toronto, Canada is Flixel Photos. This application allows the photographer's mobile phone to make a beautiful moving images without expensive camera equipment.

It all started when its founder, and Mark Phillippe LeBlanca Homza Cinemagraph fascinated by the photographs in a movement that was created by separating a certain movement. Cinemagraph process and its trademark was created by Kevin Burg visual graphics and Jamie Beck, a photographer at maturity Tumbrl popular blog From Me To You.

The duo caught the moment with still and video equipment, then do the editing using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Pieces of photography and video is presented in a GIF file.

"What was done by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg is to reformat the GIF format and the art form by merging the gap between photos and video. So they position themselves as a photographer with a moving element, "said Homza, as reported from Mashabel, Thursday (04/05/2012).

How it Works

As an application on the phone would not be difficult for the user. Simply put, once the application is downloaded, portrait photographs and create some images to be more 'alive' with some finger friction.

For example, users can make candles continue to burn or a strand of hair is flying in an image. This application allows users to apply custom filters.

These filters can be juxtaposed with photo effects in other applications such as Instagram and Hipstamatic. "When you serve is a photo and have one element in the movement then it is the strategic placement. Will be a story in the story. It is emphasized at one point, dig perspective drawing or highlight something. So that way you've just drawn to a point in the photography, "explains Mark Homza, one of the founders Flixel, as reported by Mashable, Thursday (04/05/2012).

Traditionally, making involving the use of GIF images uploaded to the web application. Then a series of images dair should be saved as GIF files to the desktop. But with Flixel users can skip to the series.

In this application, the user can be a variety of Twitter, Facebook, Tumbrl and email. GIF moving images or earlier will continue to 'play' back on any web image is located.

Flixel with the latest update was released yesterday (04/04/2012) and can be found in the App Store. This application can work better on iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Evernote, Application Notes to Remember Everything

Application requirements for records affairs can no longer can rely on the default application, as it is full of limitations. For business, application notes are needed to support the activities and productivity.

Fortunately, there are applications that help businesses Evernote to remember everything. This application can be run on personal computers, smartphones and tablets as well as Android-based IOS.

Evernote developed by Evernote Corp, already known as a popular recording application notes. Any text can be formatted to be typed in bold (bold), slanted (italic), and the underscore (underline). Each paragraph can be sorted by numbers and bullet points.

Not only the text notes, Evernote can be used to record all the activity in each meeting, because it can record audio and video, as well as taking photos.

In fact, Evernote can dictate what you say into text. Evernote ability is very helpful to record the great ideas.

If you are brainstorming with the team and write down your ideas and suggestions on the white board, you can take photos with a white board Evernote to remember everything later in life.

What is also interesting from Evernote, you can paint with your finger, mouse, or pen stylus. You simply download Skitch, which is an application to draw from Evernote. Its features are also quite rich.

All file notes in Evernote, including the drawing file with a finger, can be marked (tagged) with certain words to make it easier when users search for files.

What about files that are stored? Evernote storage media based on cloud computing, where you can store data on hard disk online Evernote. Thus, the user can open the file notes of any device with just one account Evernote for any internet connection.

Such as cloud-based applications in general, every note in Evernote Evernote can be distributed to other users.

Evernote can be downloaded for free at Google's Play for Android and App Store for IOS devices. And do not forget, fill you with Skitch Evernote is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Congratulations to remember everything with Evernote!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Use Facebook, Paycento Simplify How to Pay "Online"

Internet has to rest on the position of the print media, especially newspapers. Many newspapers are trying to get money from the articles that they broadcast in online media.

However, there are concerns that make visitors "run." Ask visitors to do the full registration just seems a bit difficult.

A start-up companies from Belgium, named Paycento, trying to provide solutions to the newspaper by making online payment system is just a click away.

With this system also named Paycento, Internet users can pay a single article without having to fill out a form or enter credit card details on the sites visited.

They make use of social networks Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote the sale of articles in the newspaper. The operating system if a user has Paycento accounts, which are then linked into account these three social networking sites.

So, to read an article or go to a paid online media, users no longer need to fill in the complete data. Enough with your Facebook account, Twitter or LinkedIn.

"Social networking sites have become the true identity of the provider," said Pieter Dubois Paycento founder told Reuters.

Paycento promises a cheap and easy payment. Very similar to the way internet users clicking the "Share" or "Tweet" to distribute an article to a social networking account.

"The payment is really easy, one click payments on the internet," said Dubois, who is a former IBM computer company executive.

He added that payment rates can vary depending on the provisions of the publisher and entrepreneur.

Currently, several large European publishers are testing the beta version Paycento technology. Dubois Paycento promising full version will be released in late June, or no later than July 2012.

Paycento not only used to boost newspaper sales, but also all the products are oppressed because of the existence of the Internet, such as music become slow because of illegal downloading.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Google Indonesia Open Jobs

After appointed to be the number one Google Indonesia, the first thing to do by Rudy Ramawy is complete the construction of Google's Indonesia representative office.

"For the office, currently in development. We have not been able to publish in which its place. Approximately inaugurated April 2012," Rudy said in a press conference on Cyber 2 Building, Jakarta, Friday (03/30/2012).

While waiting for the office was completed, Rudy will make Google's hiring of new employees to be placed in Jakarta.

Rudy did not mention in detail about the recruitment of new employees to Google Indonesia.

However, from observation Kompas Tekno there are five positions on offer for the Google offices in Indonesia.

The fifth position was mentioned for Advertising & Enterprise Sales division, namely:

1. Account Manager
2. Agency Relationship Manager
3. Head of Agency Relations
4. Industry Manager, Travel / Finance
5. Online Campaign Manager

Detailed information about vacancies in Google Indonesia can be seen

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