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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi ( Muammar Khadafi )

The last few days, the event on television and on radio stations, and do not miss the print and electronic media also reported about the death of dictator Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader who has been in power for decades, which eventually killed by their own people. Actually Gaddafi's Who? Abu Muammar al-Qaddafi Minyar or better known by Muammar Gaddafi, was born in Surt, Tripolitania on June 7, 1942. He was born and raised in the harsh desert.
Gaddafi grow when the Arab world is experiencing turmoil. In Palestine, the conflict dragged on after the Jewish state of Israel established in 1948. He also dissolved in a surge of Arab nationalism, the leader shouted Gammal Abdul Nasser of Egypt, in 1952. It is then inspired him at a later date. From these events, created an inference that the military is the greatest weapon to gain power. Starting from this, Gaddafi immediately went into the military after completing their education. He entered the military academy in 1961 and graduated five years later. Gaddafi later was chosen to participate advanced military education for several months in the British Academy, Sandhurst. He also received military training in Athens, Greece. As a young officer Khadafi embarrassed to see Arab states like Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, who lost three wars with Israel in battle in 1967. He was even angrier when King Idris I of Libya just stay quiet fellow Arabs see Israel humiliated in the Six Day War.
On 1 September 1969 the long-awaited opportunity finally came. At the time of King Idris was out Greece for treatment. Because often sick, came word that he would meyerahkan power to Sayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahdi as-Sanusi, or better known as Hasan al-Sanusi. He is the nephew of King Idris, who had become crown prince. Surrender the throne took place on 2 September 1969. However, the day before the submission of the throne, while King Idris was abroad, Gaddafi announced that Libya was on the radio in the hands of the Revolutionary Council which will save the state of a power vacuum. Gaddafi led military junta then arrested the military chief of staff and chief of security, which is loyal to King Idris. BBC news station tells how Gaddafi, officer 27 years but has held the rank of colonel, brilliantly perform bloodless coup. "The coup was just spewing some of the bullet," writes the BBC.
On the other hand, the fate of Hasan al-Sanusi, candidate kings are worse off. He is under house arrest and was imprisoned in 1971. In 1984, Hasan and his family evicted from home and have wandered the beach. Until finally Hasan died in London, England, while being treated for a stroke that attacked her. He was later buried beside the tomb of King Idris, in Medina.
at the beginning of his rule, Gaddafi make major changes. Kingdom of Libya was dissolved. Instead, later founded the Arab Socialist Republic with the official name of the Great Socialist People's Republic Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah. Not only that, Gaddafi also replace the national flag. National flag was a combination of red, black, and green with a crescent moon and star symbol in the middle, changed to plain green. However, Gaddafi did not claim to be president or king. He menasbihkan himself as a "brother leader", and the guide of the revolution. In 1970-1972 he had served as prime minister.

Libyan government system overhauled. According to the study of the Library of Congress in 1987 entitled "Government and Politics of Libya", Libya chaired the two main pillars, called sectors. One of the pillars, namely "Revolutionary Sector," composed of Gaddafi as leader of the Revolution, the Revolutionary Committee, and the Revolutionary Command Council, which consists of 12 people. They are the core of power in Libya because of its committees and councils are not elected, but appointed, and no term of office.

Another pillar is the "Jamahiriyah Sector", is the 1500 People's Congress represents the area, and 32 members of the People's Congress Sha'biyat. They are viewed as a legislative institution. Its members are elected every four years. Since 1972, Gaddafi's regime banned political parties. National media were shackled so as not to "mislead" the people by preaching critical to the government. In 1975 Gaddafi has published a guidebook for the official ideology and the Libyan people. He cites as the "Green Book" (Green Book). The book describes three basic understanding of "democracy based on popular government," "Economic Socialism" and "Third International Theory."
Gaddafi is known with his anti-Western attitude is thick. He became a sponsor of the anti imperialism and Zionism. In the 70s until the 90s Libya even become a training ground for radical groups like the Red Brigades of Japan, "Black September" of Palestine, the MILF from the Philippines, and the IRA of Northern Ireland.

His dream of Arab unity Nasser influenced ideas. However, several times his efforts to unify the Arab nation has always failed. Perhaps it is also influenced by the nature of Gaddafi who quarrel with a neighbor. During his reign, Gaddafi has several times fought against neighbor. Until around 2003, Gaddafi relations with neighbors and also the western world began to improve. However, it is actually a boomerang for his administration. The good relations with the West make the information flow into Libya without control. Finally comes the peak around the month of February 2011 ago. Libyans who had eaten at the instigation of outside demands a revolution. Gaddafi is considered too long in power. People's Libyan leader calls for new changes. But the Libyan people's demands are not met by Gaddafi. Eventually arise rebellion by the revolutionaries. Battle happening everywhere. Until the end date of October 20, 2011 yesterday, Gaddafi was shot dead by rebel soldiers. From the video is outstanding, in fact Khadafi caught in the living conditions. He had requested that no dbunuh. But then he got beat by a rebel soldier until he was killed with a bullet wound in his body. It is ironic, a leader who died at the hands of its own people pathetic. Many regretted it, because according to the laws of war an enemy who was caught in the living conditions should not be killed, because he is accountable for his actions before the law.
Bloggers, this little story of life's journey Moammar Gaddafi. Hope can add to our knowledge together.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Topographic Map of Earth's Most Complete

Ministry of Economy, trade and Industry in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has successfully released the latest update of the most complete topographic map of Earth ever collected. In other words, there has never been before the earth topographic maps are more complete than that now. This new topographic maps are generated from the data transmitter terra, NASA's space vehicles. The data shown on these maps represent the most complete topographic data. In addition, this map also has a high resolution. The data can be seen on this map covers 99 percent of Earth's landmass. Extraordinary is not it?!

As quoted from PopSci, October 19, 2011, a global digital elevation model is the result of the instrument drawings collected by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) of Japan.

ASTER is an instrument that flew Terra. He is tasked to collect images in the appearance of long wavelength thermal infrared in two dimensions, but by combining two slightly offset 2-D image as a stereo pair.

Images are able to create 3-D visual effects that accurately convey the elevation data around the world.

Actually, in June of 2009 has been released before the global elevation of the original model. However, this latest version there are several additions over the previous version, including adding more than a quarter million new stereo pair for setting data, improved spatial resolution and vertical accuracy of the expanded coverage with a diameter of 0.6 million. In addition, this latest version is capable of supporting all the earth's surface, ranging from 83 degrees north latitude to 83 degrees south latitude.
Dala data maps can be utilized all the people for a variety of applications, ranging from urban planning techniques m. ekspkorasi environmental studies or mineral. For those of you gentlemen who want to get the whole model can be downloaded from the USGS site.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What is Captcha?

I am very confident that Buddy Blogger might have heard or seen / read the word "CAPTCHA". Maybe between Buddy Blogger there wondering, What is CAPTCHA?
CAPTCHA stands for Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The term was coined by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford in 2000. CHAPTCHA is the type of response test used in the computing world that aims to ensure that the user is human or a human, and not a robot. The process usually involves a server that asks the user to complete a simple test that has been identified by the server. In this case, the other computer is assumed not to be able to solve the test in question, so that every user who enters the right solution suspected as a human being. A common type of CAPTCHA requires the user to type letters and or numbers of the distorted image that appears on the screen.
There may be among the bloggers who are wondering, why must use a CAPTCHA? Actually what CAPTCHA fungi? Here are some of the functions of the CAPTCHA.
Preventing Spam Comments on Blog
As we all know, there are some who like to send comments Blogger false. This is done using a program. Usually the goal is to increase rankings on search engines. This is called comment spam. Here, the role CAPTCHA is required. By using CAPTCHA, only humans can enter comments on the blog. No need to make users register before they enter comments.
Protecting Registration Site
Some companies (Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) offers a free email service. Until a few years ago, most of these services suffer from certain types of attack: "bots" that would apply to thousands of email accounts every minute. The solution to this problem is to use a CAPTCHA to ensure that only people who will get an email account. In general, free services should be protected with a CAPTCHA to prevent abuse by automated programs.
Preventing Dictionary Attacks
In addition to the above, the CAPTCHA can also be used to prevent dictionary attacks in password systems. The idea is simple: prevent a computer from being able to iterate through the entire space of passwords by requiring to solve a CAPTCHA after a failed login.
Search Engine Bot.
Worms and Spam
CAPTCHAs also offer a reasonable solution against email worms and spam: ". I will only receive emails if I knew there was another man behind a computer" Some companies are already marketing this idea.
Once we know the function, now we will discuss how the application of a CAPTCHA to the website.
If your website needs protection from spammers, you can use the CAPTCHA. But in its use, there are some guidelines is highly recommended, among other things:
Must be accessible CAPTCHA, CAPTCHAs based solely on reading text - or a visual-perception tasks - prevent the robot or machine from accessing the protected resource. In addition to visual form, now also exist in the form of CAPTCHAs audio. This is done to make it easier for visually impaired users.
Security Image Image
From the text should be distorted randomly before being presented to the user. Many implementations of CAPTCHA using distorted text, or text with only minor distortion. This implementation is vulnerable to simple automated attacks.
Security Script
Building a secure CAPTCHA is not easy. In addition to making images unreadable by computers, the system must ensure that there is no easy way around it at the script level.
While it seems safe, a CAPTCHA still have gaps that may still be penetrated, including:
Exploiting bugs in the implementation that allows an attacker to completely bypass the CAPTCHA
Increasing character recognition software, or
Using cheap manpower to process the test.

Blogger pal, we have discussed about the function, installation guidelines, until the gap is probably impenetrable. Hopefully a little and ugly graffiti could be useful for us all. Please be corrected, and do not forget to leave a comment.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Latest version of Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 5.11

Opera, one of the giant web browser has launched two of their latest products in event titled "Up North Web" 2011 in Holkenkollen, Oslo Norway, on October 11, 2011 yesterday. Two of these new products is the latest version of mobile browser, Opera Mini is Opera Mobile 6.5 and 11.5. Both of these browsers can be downloaded for free. Android for mobile users, can download via, whereas for the other platforms will be coming soon in the next few days.

Actually what differentiates the two versions of this with an earlier version? One is the feature usage data. With the data usage, the user can track the amount of data usage when opening a site. Users can see how much data is saved by the Opera server from the original web page. As we all know, business-saving data saving is one of the advantages offered by mobile and opera mini. Maybe this is not important for you to browse at home, but this will be felt for users with a SIM card or make a foreign travel and no roaming feature options are cheap.

In addition to the feature usage data, this latest version also has some improvements compared with previous versions. Among them is the latest version of the Presto rendering engine, improved networking capabilities, support for HTML5 micro data and memory savings for the use of JavaScript. In addition, for the latest Opera Mobile already supports inline video on Honeycomb. Especially for your Android users, this latest version will be spoiling you. Both the latest version is more integrated with the operating system Android. Users can import "bookmarks" from the default browser and Android make a "shortcut" with just one step only.

How is Buddy? Interested? Please download HERE.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to Dart, Goodbye JavaScript ...

Google finally released a new programming language, that is predicted as a replacement for JavaScript. The program is called the Dart. Announcement of the launch of a new programming language that is done by a Google software engineer, Lars Bak, in his blog on October 10, 2011 yesterday. The launch of this Dart will be very beneficial for web developers. Why? Because Dart is object-oriented programming language that is specifically designed by Google to facilitate the work of our role in building a web developer web-based applications. As I mentioned above, the mission that carried the Google for this new programming language is replaced by the javascript that Google considered to be less flexible for web programming.
Language structure owned by Dart does not vary much with javascript, therefore, believed to be the developers who are already accustomed to using javascript coding will not be familiar with Dart. Excess of the Dart is the language code can be compiled into Java language code. Thus, applications built on the Dart can be run on almost any browser, without exception car device that supports javascript. How my friend? Attracted to move to the Dart?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Be Careful When Using Smartphone ...

It may be true the statement that nothing is perfect in this world. Everything must have its shortcomings. System or any current technology is not free from shortcomings, in other words is not perfect. Likewise, the technology is arguably easier for us in various fields were also not free from drawbacks. This also happens on a smartphone. Who does not know the smartphone? Who would not want it? No we know, technology has given us the convenience it can also cause illness or disorder on its users. This is often times more often caused people bowed their heads when using a mobile phone, computer screen or tablet. Interference of pain around the neck or neck often referred text. This is caused by stretching of the neck in a long time that causes arthritis permanent damage if not treated. When the condition is severe, the muscles will be flexed. As a result, when it will be straightened to the correct position will be a painful feeling. This could occur because tissues and joints in the neck is not built to withstand a bent position in a long time. This resulted in pain if the neck is too much to withstand the pressure. This could spread to other parts of the body, such as head, arms, shoulders, and can also cause wrist pain.
If this happens continuously will cause the body to adjust to this situation gradually. This will cause more severe damage. Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association says children are more at risk of developing the disorder. This is because the weight of their heads is greater than the body so that when the head bent forward so the muscle is more widely used.
But take it easy, bloggers need not fear. There are several ways you can do to avoid the above. The trick with a break every 10 minutes, sitting straight ahead with holding the tablets or telephone so that a higher level with the eye. And of course do not forget to exercise regularly and get into the habit of healthy living and do not ignore the pain that arises so that diseases can be prevented from the start.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

National Tax Census

Some time ago, the government through the Directorate General of Taxation Ministry of Finance has launched the National Tax Census. Unlike the other censuses are normally conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Census was conducted by the National Tax Directorate General of Taxes ranks. The purpose of the National Tax Census is in the framework of the intensification and extensification of taxation. What is meant by the intensification of taxation is the potential for extracting taxes from taxpayers who are registered or already have a Taxpayer Identification Number that still untapped optimally. While the definition of the tax extension is an extension of data bases of taxation by granting tax registration number to them-they or parties that should already have a Taxpayer Identification Number but do not have a Taxpayer Identification Number. Director General of Taxes, Fuad Rahmany, stating that the target of the National Tax Census is the major shopping centers and business centers. Currently, many businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have a Taxpayer Identification Number so that shopping centers and is a target of economic census. Fuad also said that the census will take place later this tax until 2012. Section, Directorate General of Taxation should conduct follow-up of the data obtained in the field. Fuad hoped that the National Tax Census could increase public awareness of their obligations to the State.
Buddy bloggers, let's wait how the results of the National Tax Census. Hopefully this program can actually improve the welfare of the people, especially the little people as the jargon of the Directorate General of Taxation that the taxes for the prosperity of the people. Hopefully this program unlike previous programs that only benefit some people, such as tax subsidies that actually enjoyed by wealthy businessmen. JAYALAH INDONESIAKU, MAKMURLAH NEGERIKU !!!!!

Hari gini gak bayar pajak???? Apa kata dunia????