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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Good news for all bloggers. As we know, Microsoft has introduced its latest operating system named Windows 8. Although it was launched, there are still some obstacles that must be faced. One of them is how to upgrade to the user. However, this problem can now be overcome. There are two paths to choose from users who want to upgrade the system to Windows 8 later. Two of these pathways is the pathway lay and technical lines. Given these two paths, Microsoft hopes will accelerate the time to upgrade. Especially, the line will facilitate the laity among home users which is quite difficult when trying to upgrade the operating system.

Path Layman

Gaza is arguably more easily when compared to the technical path. The line will be available to users who run software upgrades via DVD. It is also available for users who run software upgrades through the download. This software application combines the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, Windows Easy Transfer and Setup wizard into one easy view.
This wizard will detect potential problems that occur after the upgrade. Users can choose whether the problems were vital and continuing with the process of moving applications from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Users who jump from Vista could not move the application. While XP users can only choose to move your personal files.

Microsoft promised the process will be simplified in Windows 7 later. If the process of upgrading to Windows 7 it took about 60 and 4 wizard dialog box, this new process only takes 11 clicks on one application only.

Technical Path

In addition to common pathways, other pathways that are available are technical track. Upgrades can be done from a DVD or USB flash allows advanced settings such as selection of a partition to make formatting the hard disk during installation.

Microsoft estimates the time required upgrades will come down drastically. For example, when Windows 7, upgrading 'weight' which involves 430 thousand files and 90's application took 188 minutes, in Windows 8 only takes 46 minutes. Time for a clean installation will also be shorter. In Windows 7 this process takes 32 minutes, for Windows 8 is quite 21 minutes.

How can bloggers, could this promise be fulfilled? Look forward to it when Windows 8 arrives later in 2012.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Reasons Attention to Kindle Fire

Some time ago, Amazon finally officially launched the new tablet product. The product, named Kindle Fire, believed to be able to compete with the tablets and the successful production of other manufacturers in the market. This is reasonable when we look at the various advantages possessed by this product. There are many things that makes this product is predicted to be successful in the market. Here are a few reasons:

1. So the Center for Attention: From some of the events that have occurred, Android tablets only attract attention at the launch alone. But this does not happen to Kindle Fire. Since officially announced some time ago, this device has always been the center of attention and discussion among many.

2. Affordable prices: With a price tag ranging from the 199 U.S. dollars, the device is still cheaper when compared with other devices such as Apple iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 priced at U.S. $ 499 price range. There was also a Tablet Nook at $ 249 price range.

3. Harnessing the Power As we all know, is the largest online retail sites. This is very advantageous because it does not have to bother to marketing problems. Amazon certainly will display its flagship product is on the site.

4. Service Amazon: Kindle Fire One of the advantages when compared to other devices is the existence of the Amazon service. Fire in the Kindle device this will contain all Amazon services, including music stores with the MP3 format, the Kindle and other book stores.

5. Many Applications: Another thing that makes the Kindle different Fire tablets in general are a variety of leading applications already available. For this application, Amazon has had its own application store. This is in contrast with other tablets that use the Android Market to market all its applications.

6. The Right Time: Time the launch of the 'right' is supposed to put the Kindle Fire in the shopping list of many people. The definition of 'right time' here is the Fire that started selling the Kindle in the U.S. prior to and during year-end holiday season.

7. Name of Kindle: Kindle Succeed as a digital book reader device has been widely heard around the world. Many people understand that Amazon can deliver a great device. This also makes the Kindle Fire join join rose in popularity.

8. Survey Proving: Not only have many advantages, but also prove the facts on the ground. From the results of a study conducted on 2600 ChangeWave consumer mentions that there are 5 percent of respondents who had ordered the Kindle Fire and 12 percent of respondents planned to order. This is in contrast with the results of similar surveys for the iPad in 2010 showed a 4 percent (already ordered) and 9 percent (planned to order).

9. Opponent Not There: In addition to the Apple iPad, now practically no other manufacturers that success brings the tablet on the market. Especially in the price range Kindle Fire.

10. Amazon Operating System: Indeed, the operating system used is Android, but you could say this is Amazon's operating system. Because, it is said there are many improvements and changes were made to the Amazon to the operating system.

The question now is, will the things above proved to make the Amazon Kindle Fire blaring product at launch?


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do not do this after exercise ...

Health is a very valuable, may not even be considered because it is too big value. Just imagine what you can do if our bodies are sick? Eating feels uncomfortable, it feels more willing to work sick, going for a walk it feels limp body, and many others. Not only that, you try to count how many losses you can suffer when ill? Already the body hurts, you are still forced to spend some money for treatment. Maybe that's just the flu or cough money we spent is not much, but what if we had to stay in the hospital? Not to mention that until the operation.
Friend of all, that's little reason why we must always maintain our health. Many ways you can do to maintain the health of our bodies. Able to maintain a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and of course also with exercise. Sports arguably the best way to maintain the health of our bodies. Nevertheless, we still have to maintain our share of sports, because excessive exercise is also not good for our bodies. Maybe in a day we spent an hour to exercise. But what about the other 23 hours when we do not exercise? Here are some things we should not do after a workout:

1. Drink Sports Drink
When exercising, your body sweat from the body. As a result, our body will lose electrolytes. As we all know, today is a lot of ads offering body ion replacement drinks. On television, print media, electronic media, even on the radio many times we hear ad body ion replacement drinks. These drinks are often referred to as a sports drink. It must be admitted that drinking sports drinks when exercising, let alone a cold drink, it's very refreshing. But you have to be careful. Do not rush to consume sports drinks when your body is not really lost electrolytes. Why? This is because sports drinks generally contain artificial sweeteners. This is not good for our bodies. If our bodies do not really lose electrolytes, drink enough water to replace lost body fluids.

2. Do not immediately eat
After doing sports activities, especially strenuous exercise, our bodies are ready for refueling. Where do we get fuel? Of course the food. But one thing you should remember. Do not immediately take heavy foods, especially foods that contain lots of fat. but the wise with light snacks are healthy. Few foods contain protein and carbohydrates is enough to restore your muscles.

3. Evening snack
For this one you have to be careful. If you are wrong in choosing a snack, may not be healthy you can, but a disease. It is the habit of some people to eat a snack at night. Actually, the evening is a time of rest for our digestive organs. After a hard day to digest the food we eat, the night was the time he rested. Rest here does not mean she stopped working totally, but he still digest food just with a lighter intensity. In addition, eating a snack at night is also not good for the body, because this is one person's body causes obesity. Choose a light and healthy snacks in the evening. Do not let this night snack choices ruin your calorie burn during the day.

4. Sleep Deprivation
Sleep is the best breaks. With sleep, our body will come back refreshed and fit. However, sleep is not just a means of rest, but also energy recovery for the event again the next day. Sleep also produce high levels of growth hormone is believed to be a key component of muscle growth and repair. Enough sleep will provide additional energy to perform various activities.