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Sunday, March 18, 2012

PayPal Expanded To Mobile Payment

Mobile payment becomes a lucrative arena for companies such as PayPal. Payment service owned by eBay swept the mobile payment arena with the release of a new device that allows users to perform mobile transactions.

Reported by Reuters on Sunday (3/18/2012), this device helps the business or company receiving the credit or debit card payments via mobile devices.

PayPal Here, the name of the new service was launched in the United States (U.S.), Canada, Australia and Hong Kong this week. Businesses, from small to large scale in the four countries can sign up for Paypal Here to subscribe and get the card reader and a triangular-shaped mobile applications for free.

Later there will be a dongle device that is inserted at the top of the consumer smartphone. And when they will make a payment, just swipe your credit card or debit to the appliance.

The approach was pioneered by Jack Dorsey mobile payment distinguishes it from other models, such as installing a chip near-field communication (NFC) in the smartphone. NFC technology allows consumers to touch the phone itself to the sensor devices will make mobile payment as payment.

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