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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best Android Game of the Year 2011

Soon coming to an end in 2011. A variety of interesting things have happened in the year 2011. Starting from Muammar Khaddafi, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, Opera Mini 6.5, until a new programming language, Dart. Not only that, in the year 2011 also circulated dangerous viruses, such as BitCoinMiner / Dorkbot up with the Android virus. But here we will not discuss all these things. Here we will discuss about the Android game. Year 2011 could be the year Android operating system. With open source that carried Android, a variety of applications could be available in the Android mobile devices. Ease of this makes Android has the second largest number of applications after the IOS. The following are some of the best Android game in 2011.

1. Where's My Water 

Disney enter a physical puzzle game into mobile gaming, where players are challenged to get the water to a swamp. Design puzzles are varied and clever puzzles make this game interesting. Animation is also very good swamp in this game, and make the player curious to try more than 140 puzzles included in this game. Plus the prices are cheap (0.99 U.S. dollars), this game is worthy of occupying the first place.

2. Muffin Knight 

Departure from the PC game Super Crate Box, coupled with the layer-style RPG for the development of character, this game became exciting action games. Variations in levels and weapons are fun to navigate. Each session is very short, great for casual gamers who only have occasional time to play games on mobile phones. Wireless multiplayer allows players could be held against other players that use different operating systems, such as Android with IOS.

3. Star Legends 

This game uses a futuristic MMORPG where players will easily adapt themselves to do battle. It's easy to join in a single mission and fight with others at random. This game is also cross platform so it can be played with fellow Android users, as well as with the IOS and the users web browser Chrome.

4. Plants Vs. Zombies

PopCap brings the best game since the beginning of 2011 for Android. This game is a strategy game that combines elements of bastion and tower defense. New elements are introduced in a simple way so easily adapted by casual gamers though.

5. Reckless Getaway
The advantages of this game instead rely on the potential destruction caused by police chases. Driving skills and destroy the other cars are selectively challenge of this game.

6. Robotek 

The core of this game is that we control the robot. Players will be able to control its robots to fight to save the world from monsters. Warfare involving the use of strategies to strengthen the defense or release a devastating attack. With a fantastic atmosphere, this game is more fun than those games plantations.

7. Sonic CD 

This is the classic Sonic games on the PC that was brought to the mobile platform. Like the original version, Sonic Games just got an update on some of the features for mobile devices. This game can be played on smart phones and tablets, with Japanese and American soundtracks as well as an improved technical capabilities.

8. Age of Zombies 

This game is quite exciting because the players have to escape the hordes of zombies that keep popping up. Zombies can be destroyed with dual stick weapon developed by the creators of Fruit Ninja game.

9. Cut The Rope

 ZeptoLab's physical puzzle game makes the transition to be used in Android. This game dikreasikan of various levels that have been developed in the version of IOS. Om Nom protagonist is still annoying and becomes animated sellau there.

10. PewPew2

 This game uses a dual stick shooter. Besides offering a challenging levels, this game offers endless variations of fashion. The combination of two factors, namely the effective control of vector-based graphics and the style is the attraction of this game.

How Buddy Blogger? Interested to try? You can buy it in the Android Market and there are also some free ones like Star Legends and Robotek.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in 2011

In 2011 a few days left to live again. Various events occur throughout the year. Starting from the death of Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, until the last death of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il. Technological development was not to be outdone by the big events. Windows 8, Kindle Fire, Opera Mini 6.5, until a new programming language, Dart. Along with the development of these technologies, is growing well as a range of viruses and malware which is a disease of the technology. Various types of viruses hanging around throughout 2011. Starting from Stuxnet, Rammit, Webmoner, and several other types of viruses are quite tough to eradicate. Here are some of the most dangerous type of computer virus that circulated during the year 2011

1. Ramnit, is one of the viruses that have successfully replaced the role of Sality in early 2011 in the computer and infects executable files. From January until now, have many computers have been infected with this virus. In addition Ramnit other viruses that spread in early 2011 that is Webmoner and FontAgent.

2. Stuxnet, is one of the viruses are quite excited because the effects are quite real. By making the disk space so that the victim becomes exhausted raises alert "Low Disk Space". This is because Stuxnet create large junk files that continues to swell.

3. Webmoner, this virus has similarities with Ramnit shortcut that makes 4 files, but instead trigger the virus file has the file extension sys mso.sys.

4. Kolab, a viral Facebook Chat is quite excited because it has a metamorphic abilities. Any malware that spread through the FB Chat, despite having the same size and name, but it has a different hash algorithm. Kolab also utilize techniques FakeURL (fake links) as if the computer user to download image files (JPG), when downloaded is a virus.

5. FontAgent also have a shortcut file, only to have it trigger the virus file extension font (Font files) such as setup50045.fon or setup50039.fon. Facebook Fever method of attack also penetrated virus in the year 2011. By leveraging state functions and Facebook Chat, many things happen like pishing (article pishing FB Chat), slit XSS (article XSS), scam (article Scam) to spread malware.

6. FakeAV, one of the viruses are quite famous since 2 years ago also did not want to lose this year. Recorded two articles have been published by Vaksincom to attack variants of this malware. FakeAV is a virus that uses fake security application methods (fake antivirus) to trick computer users with notifications and messages that the computer has been infected with a virus and asking computer users to activate the fake antivirus is a way to pay online.

7. Slugin, one of the variant viruses that spread spam also enliven the competition in 2011. If in previous years there Virut, so this year Slugin the culprit of the spread of spam that are not clear. By utilizing email account users infected computer, then Slugin send spam to contacts that are owned by the user's computer.

8. BitCoinMiner / DorkBot, this trojan search Zbot reliable enough money. With the digital currency, and there is also money-producing business programs by mining (mining bitcoin), the virus makers make this as one way that is practical. By doing BitCoin Mining on thousands of computers infected, it will easily generate enough money. BitCoinMiner itself has 2 variant virus that uses the first icon on the alphabet as the spread of the virus file. While the second variant uses a method of spreading the virus file Kolab with Facebook Chat. The file is any different, because it uses icons sexy women to attract attention.

9. MacSecurity, variants of this virus is quite a scene in the mid-2011 because it has 5 different variants, but the same is MacDefender, MacGuard, MacProtector, MacShield and MacSecurity. Have the same character as FakeAV that runs on Windows, MacSecurity trick computer users with notifications and messages that the computer has been infected with a virus and asking computer users to activate the fake antivirus is a way to pay online.

10. Android viruses, like replacing the role of Windows Mobile, Android this year and even fairly rocketed almost every day a lot of applications made specifically for the operating system. But instead it's a fruit simalakama among the millions of applications because it is a virus jejadian. In starting from the Android trojan. Plankton that attacks using the application name game Angry Birds, until Android.Gongfu, Android.Wukong, Android.SmsSend and Android.DreamExploid a lot of attacking applications, especially games.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

List of Popular Search on Google in 2011

Towards the turn of the year 2011 to 2012, the world's largest search engine, Google, make a list of most popular searches during the year 2011. The result is somewhat surprising, because in the search list was topped singer most popular newcomer, Rebecca Black.

Based on the ranking of Google Zeitgeist 2011, Rebecca Black is popular thanks to the single "Friday" it occupies most popular searches in general. Search "Rebbeca Black" even beat "Google +", "iPhone 5", "Adele" to "Steve Jobs".

In addition to the general category, Rebbeca Black also became the fastest search in the category of Entertainment and People. In the category Entertainment, Rebbeca beat "Ryan Dunn Dead", "Price Tag Lyrics", "Amy Winehouse Death" to "Kim Kardhasian Wedding".

While in the category People, the singer was born in 1997 defeating "Ryan Dunn", "Pippa Middleton", "Adele", "Steve Jobs" to "Osama bin Laden".

In the sports category, the fastest search available "Mayweather vs. Ortiz". Boxing match that ended with a controversial victory Mayweather beat "Soccerstar", "Pacquiao vs. Mosley" to "Marco Simoncelli".

In other categories, tablet Amazon Kindle Fire became the fastest search in the category Electronic Consumption. Kindle Fire beat the "iPhone 4S", "iPad 2", also "Samsung Nexus Prime".

Here is a list of the fastest search Google Zeitgeist 2011.

General Category:
1. Rebbeca Black
2. Google +
3. Ryan Dunn
4. Casey Anthony
5. Battlefield 3
6. iPhone 5
7. Adele
8. Fukushima Nuclear Plant
9. Steve Jobs
10. iPad 2

Entertainment categories:
1. Rebbeca Black
2. Ryan Dunn Dead
3. Price Tag Lyric
4. Amy Winehouse Death
5. Super Bass Lyriv
6. Stupid Crazy Love
7. Disney Junior
8. Kim Kardhasian Wedding
9. The Lazy Song
10. Rihanna Man Down

Sport category:
1. Mayweather Vs Ortiz
2. Soccerstar
3. And Wheldon
4. Ufc Rio
5. Marco Simoncelli
6. Troy Davis
7. India Vs England
8. (It is not clear, Japanese)
9. Hope Solo
10. Pacquiao vs Mosley

Electronics category:
1. Amazon Kindle Fire
2. iPhone 4S
3. Sidekick 4G
4. Hp Touchpad
5. SPB Shell 3d
6. IPAD 2
7. HTC Sensation
8. Samsung Nexus Prime
9. Sony NGP
10. iPad 3

Browse by category:
1. Rebbeca Black
2. Ryan Dunn
3. Pippa Middleton
4. Casey Anthony
5. Adele
6. Steve Jobs
7. Amy Winehouse
8. Osama bin Laden
9. Charlie Sheen
10. Kate Middleton

Google News Category:
1. Fukushima
2. iPhone 4S
3. Melania Rea
4. Salvatore Parolisi
5. Lamberto Sposini
6. Battlefield 3
7. DSK
8. iPhone 5
9. Gaddafi
10. Libya

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tips Optimizing Your Skype

Before we discuss the title above, it would not hurt me first explain the meaning of 'skype'. Skype is a communications program with a P2P technology (peer to peer). This program is a free program (downloadable free) and made with the purpose of providing means of voice communication (voice) based low-cost high-quality Internet for all people in various parts of the world. In other words, this program allows the user to make calls from PC to PC at no cost with the help of the internet. After knowing what it means skype, now I will present some tips for maximizing the utilization of this skype program. Following these tips:

1. Tests Your Device First

The first thing to do is check the sound quality on your device. The first step click 'check your sound works', then click buttonnya to test each of the devices such as microphones, speakers, and video. If this test fails, you need not worry because skype will provide basic direction to resolve it. In addition, Skype will also help the user make a test call. Users can click on the dial in a number, then he will listen to the voice of women and re-record it for later listening. The aim is to check the quality of the microphone and volume. In addition to the above, to fix problems that arise, you can also do it in the tools-settings, audio settings and then click 'show advanced options'.

2. Start with Windows

By default, Skype immediately start when Windows opens. It is easier for users who really want to use Skype, but it becomes a bit annoying for those who do not. You can set Skype to be active only when you open it by clicking 'Tools-Options-General Settings' and clean the box marked 'Start Skype When I start Windows'.

3. Try Bluetooth

We need to know, Skype is able to work at all microphones, speakers atapun headphones, including a Bluetooth headset. But condition your computer must have Bluetooth receivers. When the bluetooth receiver on your PC is active and your headset in pairing condition, click 2x on the Bluetooth icon and then click 'Add' under the 'Device'. Navigate ke'My device is set up and ready to be found ', then click' Next 'until Windwos locate the headset and the connected.

4. Instant Messaging

Like Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger, Skype could work as short messaging programs. Users can move from phone calls to a text message or do it at the same time. Just choose which contacts to send a message and click 'Send' to start the conversation. In addition, you can also set Skype to only accept messages from people in the contact list and choose to save only the history of all conversations.

5. Extras

With the extras, you'll get more Skype functionality via plugins. In the latest version of Skype Extra Manager is disabled by default. In this case, you need to uninstall and mereinstallnya. Download the version provided Skype Extras page. This is the old version. When the software is installed, click 'Options' on page Hello and check the "Install Skype Extras Manager' and click 'I agree - Install'. If so, sign back into Skype and select 'Tools-Extras-Get extras'. Some extra allows users to share a whiteboard or play games with friends in the contact list.

6. Voice Mail

You can set the voice mail at work when you are offline. Click 'Tools, Options-Calls-Show advanced options' and select 'Voicemail'. Check box 'Send unanswered calls to voicemail' and click the 'Record' and use your microphone.

7. Skype button

You can add a Skype button on your site or blog so that visitors know when you are online. If they have Skype installed on the PC, then they can make calls on you with one click. You also can also add a button in your email signature so that email recipients can click it and instantly communicate via Skype. Visit the Skype button page and enter your username. Choose a button style you want to use. After all the details entered, the preview will appear next to the embed code. Copy and paste this code as HTML source on the site or email signature.

Blogger Buddy, that was a few tips that can be done to maximize the skype. May be useful for us.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Secure Online Shopping Tips

Perceived technological advances increasingly indulgent man. Various obtained human convenience of technology-technology that continues to experience tremendous growth rapid. As a result of human habits were also changing. Starting from a positive change to the changes that could be considered negative. In an age that all this technology, people no longer bother to do various things. An example is the activity of shopping. It used to meet various needs, human beings must be willing to take the time to shop the market. whether it's traditional markets or supermarkets. But now has changed.
People no longer need to come to the market or supermarket to buy the goods it requires. Simply sitting at the computer and open the internet, people can buy goods needs. The payment was too easy. Can use internet banking. Easy right? We just open the internet, looking for things we want, pay via internet banking, then just wait for our groceries delivered to our home address. Shopping activity is called online shopping. Online shopping is increasingly favored by the people. The reason, of course various facilities offered earlier. Starting from the blogs, official sites, forums, until the account up so often in the virtual world of media spending.While it seems easy and fun, you should be careful when shopping online. The traffic of money large enough to attract the evil intentions of cyber criminals. Here are some tips you can do so that you can be safe and enjoy online shopping activity:
1. Bookmark the official shopping site as the information is important when trying to find stuff on the site. This minimizes the possibility of you fooled by malicious site when looking through search engines. You can record the address of the official website of their advertising in the media or other reliable information
2. Be careful with the shipment of goods and offer huge discounts via email. It seems very interesting because of the huge discounts. But be careful it could be a spam. The average spam email like this bring a false link and attachment that it can be will infect your computer
3. Check and verify shipment back if you get a bid that does not make sense through a notification SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter, before clicking a link campaign. One way you can do is to call customer service shopping site to ensure the offer or promotion is in progress
4. Check back again to the payment page. If payment through a third party (eBay or PayPal) make sure you are at the correct address, do not let your credit card data is stolen and misused.
It is better to choose a shopping site that uses a system of inter-bank transfers or direct payments (cash on delivery) with a debit or credit card.
5. If you are shopping enthusiast, there is no harm in installing security software that can block the action of the hackers and ensure you get into a secure shopping site.
Blogger Buddy, that was a few tips that we can do to avoid fraud on behalf of online shopping. Do not let our desire to make things easy even lead to fraud.