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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Virus Flame is a Weapon "Cyber​​" A Country

Cyber ​​war has gone further. Equipment "war" is even more diverse and sophisticated. One is a virus or malware. In fact, now emerging viruses / malware is very sophisticated and complex in the form of attack toolkit.

It is a dangerous virus is the "Flame". Virus found Kaspersky Lab team is specifically designed to spy on computer users who are infected with a variety of ways.

As malware Stuxnet and Duqu who had made a mess of Iran's nuclear reactor project, Flame was allegedly a "cyber weapons" that had been launched by a country to achieve specific goals.

"Malware Flame seems to be the next stage of the war (cyber). It is important to note is that the cyber weapon of this kind can be used to attack any country," said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab, said in a statement quoted by Wired.

If Stuxnet has a specific target of the industry, Flame specifically targeted businesses and universities, and only infect no more than 5,000 personal computers around the world, allegedly over a network or USB stick.

Limited deployment is alleged to have a goal to avoid detection as long as possible. Flame is estimated to have been circulating since 2010, adjacent to the discovery that caught Stuxnet because spreads are too wild. Kaspersky Lab Flame recently discovered two weeks ago.

"In terms of sophistication and the area surrounding the spreading of certain countries in the Middle East, no doubt, is (Flame) sponsored by a state," said Alexander Gostev, Head of Global Research and Analysis Kaspersky in his blog.

Gostev malware makers to categorize into three groups based on the complexity and characteristics of the attack, the hacktivist, cyber criminals, and the state (nation-state). According to him, Flame into the latter category. Gostev also said the Flame to give a new direction for digital warfare and espionage.

Flame infect a number of computers in certain countries in the Middle East, including Iran, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Malware authors are not known.

Unlike the Stuxnet which are also classified as "cyber weapons", Flame seems designed not to damage the system, but to collect data in a way to spy on the infected user's computer.

Currently active on the computer, Flame detecting and intercepting network traffic audio conversations, whether done through software, like Skype, or by activating a computer microphone.

This malware is also able to record keyboard keystrokes, take screenshots, intercept e-mail, and even detect and steal data from a bluetooth device.

Stolen data collected Flame then encrypted and sent to a number of domain "Command and Control" maker's spread all over the world and can be changed to another address at any time if the domain in question is closed or abandoned.

Flame is so sophisticated functions, the experts estimated it took years to learn what things can-and will-made malware.

Rumors that the recent cyber attack weapon appears to be intended to pressure Iran in its nuclear program negotiations. Flame was first discovered in the Iranian Oil Ministry's computer.

In addition to Flame, also found another malware named "Viper" is trying to erase the data from the server.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flame: Most Advanced Computer Virus

A new computer virus that was mentioned most sophisticated found. The virus, dubbed the Flame was reportedly intended to attack Iran and several countries in the Middle East.

Tracked by anti-virus vendor Kaspersky, this otherwise very complicated virus, 20 times more powerful than other cyberwarfare programs that have been detected. Including Stuxnet, a virus that never make a scene for attacking Iran's nuclear facilities.

Therefore, this virus is almost certainly made ​​by the government of a country. Iran has repeatedly accused Western countries and Israel to make malicious programs to attack them. In addition to Stuxnet, other malicious programs that have hit Iran is Duqu.

Flame has advanced capabilities. Such as collecting confidential data, change the settings of your computer remotely, turn on a computer microphone to record conversations, take a screenshot and copy the conversation in instant messaging.

Kapsersky themselves asking for help to understand this virus. They say the virus code 20 times the size of most malicious software program. This virus actually been around since 5 years ago and infect a computer in Iran, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

"If the Flame was not found for five years, the logical conclusion is that there are other ongoing operations that we do not know," said Roel Schouwenberg, senior security researcher Kaspersky.

Alan Woodward professor of computer science department of University of Surrey confirmed the complexity of virus Flame. These malicious programs can pick up information by copying typed on the keyboard and the sound of those around.

"The virus is not made by a teenager in her room. Virus is a large, complex and intended to steal data while remaining hidden for a long time," he quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (05/29/2012).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Apple Prepare Digital Pen "iPen"

Apple has patented technology for stylus pen at the Office of Patents and Trademarks United States, Thursday (05/24/2012). Most likely, Apple's intelligent stylus will be named IPEN.

Generally do not like the stylus, stylus Apple's work could be called intelligent because it can give feedback (feed back). Stylus can feel the vibration, how much pressure a user when drawing. When the pressure of the stylus is rather strong, so he can draw a thicker line.

Stylus also can provide feedback such as vibration, when users draw out or nearly crossed the line.

Uniquely, the digital pen can also give voice to stimulate the action of the user. Stylus will make a sound that was a pencil drawing on paper, or brush that are painting on canvas.

In his patent files, Apple also promised a stylus can be used in the air, without having direct contact with the screen.

All functions can be done because of Apple's technology utilizes accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a camera embedded in the stylus.

Currently, there are some stylus for iPad made ​​by third parties. However, none of the stylus which has the same function as that patented by Apple.

This stylus patent marks a change in Apple's strategy in the business of mobile devices. Because, the late Steve Jobs had mocked the stylus in 2007 ago is widely used as an accessory. "Who wants a stylus? You have to get it, save it, and eliminate them," complained Jobs.

Now, No Need Graphics Card For playing Weight "Game"

Although it has been available since a long time, the technology on-board graphics are graphics processors together with the motherboard or processor unit is often underestimated.

You see, on-board graphics cards are usually more sluggish than a separate graphics card. Let alone to play the game, running Windows was sometimes still faltered.

Trying to change that view through the Intel-powered embedded graphics processors in the Core-i "Third Generation" known popularly as "Ivy Bridge".

On processors from families "Ivy Bridge" there are HD 4000 graphics processor and Intel's HD 2500 has a claimed speed of up to two times higher than the previous generation.

Intel also said that the Core's integrated graphics processor-i "Third Generation" is already sufficient to play complex 3D games though.

To prove this, Intel Channel Platform Manager David Tjahjadi HD 4000 Intel demonstrated the ability to run the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in HD resolution (1280x720) in a discussion of media in Jakarta, Monday (05/28/2012).

Based on the observation KompasTekno, the corresponding game can run smoothly without jerky although some advanced graphics features such as anti-aliasing also activated.

"Instead of just playing the game, also has the Intel integrated graphics acceleration capabilities QuickSync that can accelerate certain tasks, like encoding video with Cyberlink Espresso applications," explained David.

According to him, the acceleration of Intel's QuickSync can now be used in a number of applications, "As in the form of plug-ins for Adobe Premier video editing applications and Cyberlink."

Furthermore, David said that Intel was approached by software developers to use the acceleration QuickSync in their artificial applications. "By distributing Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers, such as OpenCL HandBrake with her."

Intel is not the only manufacturers that provide the processor with a powerful integrated graphics processors. Its rival, AMD, also has equipped CPU with integrated graphics Radeon homemade is even mentioned having a higher speed than its competitors.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

NVidia Ready to Take out the 30 Phone Tegra 3

NVidia's performance could be considered quite classy in 2012 thanks to the presence of Tegra 3. These results will be more encouraged to fill the mobile phone market by 30 smartphone that is equipped with the faster processor.

As stated by General Manager Mike Rayfield delivering this vision for the year 2012. For comparison, the Tegra chip 2 has been used by the device 15 in 2011.

As we know, NVidia has made a 'drama' manarik by adding LTE modem for their chipset. When they announced the first LTE modem Icera 410, certification is also available from AT & T's LTE network

Rayfield continued that Icera Icera 500 will eventually replace the 410. Icera 500 has a speed of LTE and future generations will be bundled with the next of the series NVidia Tegra Tegra are going to be 'Grey'.

While we will still see Icera 410 later this year, and Grey himself was about to make her debut in 2013.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plant a "Money Tree" in Farmville

Creators game Farm Ville, Zynga and American Express recently entered into a collaboration to provide a money tree in Farmville features.

Tree called "Serve Money Tree" is a feature associated with the credit card service from American Express Serve. So, the more the card is used, a money tree will be more fertile in Farmville.

Farmville is a new service can be enjoyed directly by the users of the Serve card. Large trees are planted in Farmville will provide a diverse amount of money in the game. The amount depends on the transactions made on the card.

"We are excited to do a partnership with American Express and discover new ways for players to engage in activities of daily Zynga," said Mark Pincus, CEO and founder of Zynga.

Mark adds this feature will provide easier ways to earn virtual money in Farmville. Simply by using a card shop owners automatically Serve and will benefit in the game.

Zynga hopes to expand this service to others his game, such as CastleVille and CityVille. The expansion is expected to occur within a period of several months.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Ways Virus Attacks

Many new ways that do hackers to spread viruses in cyberspace. Here are some new type of attack that was launched by Kaspersky.

In April 2012, reported 700 thousand Mac OS X computers worldwide are infected with Trojan Flashback. Infected computers to be combined into a botnet that was given Flashfake, allowing cybercriminals to add other malicious module into the computer.

Way is quite unique and relatively new in cyberspace. Even Flashfake attack had begun seeping into the WordPress blog in late February to early March 2012. About 85% of these blogs are in the United States.

According to Kaspersky, it's only one kind of new attacks in cyberspace. Here is another type of attack is also very dangerous.

Blackhole Exploit Kit
Kaspersky Lab reported the presence of two activities that use Spam Blackhole Exploit Kit to install malware. The first occurrence is found on Twitter, where more than 500 infected accounts.

Activity is sending spam to the users twitter link that directs them to malicious sites that have Blackhole Exploit Kit, then the site will be installing scareware into the computer in the form of fake anti-virus notification is sent to computer users scan their systems to look for infection.

Email Phishing
This method is actually quite old school, but now increasingly enhanced by various acts of deception that spit. One case in point occurred in late March when many users receive a spoofed email U.S. Airways.

The cyber criminals phishing email in an effort to deceive the people are clicking on the email sent. The link offers a 'reservation details online', including a choice of check-in flight with U.S. Airways.

If a link is clicked, the user will be redirected to a fake website which contains the Blackhole Exploit Kit contains a banking malware. Banking malware will install itself into the computer and steal confidential data online banking users.

These spam messages sent in bulk while the criminals the people who will be waiting to book flights with U.S. Airways, and directing them to click a link in the email you send.

Mobile Phone Malware
Early April, a new type of Android malware found in Japan. Unfortunately, the incidence in Japan is nearly 30 malicious applications are available on Google Play and at least 70 thousand users have downloaded one of 30 such applications.

Malware of this type can be connected to a server that has been determined. If a connection occurs, the malware will download the MP4 video file. This malware is also capable of stealing confidential information from the infected device, including contact names, email addresses and a list of telephone numbers available in the Android device. Kaspersky Mobile Security detects this malware as Trojan.AndroidOS.FakeTimer.

Another type of attack that strikes a smart phone users are TigerBot, malware is controlled via short messages are increasingly popular.

Some time ago this malware infects a number of devices found. Remarkably, these malicious programs do not perform any suspicious activity. But if there are further examined various commands allow cyber criminals to record phone conversations, stealing GPS coordinates, text or change the network configuration.

Fortunately, this malware is not up to Google meyambangi Play. However the owner of the phone should still be careful when installing the application from anywhere. Kaspersky Mobile Security detects this malware as Backdoor.AndoidOS.TigerBot.

source : detik

5 Steps of Migrating to Windows 7

Period of Windows XP will soon be over. Since Microsoft announced its intention to discontinue support for older operating systems a decade in April 2014, many companies are frantically trying to regulate migration to other operating systems.

Severity of the situation is getting worse as most of the applications and third-party program began earlier withdrew their support for Windows XP.

Microsoft urged users to do their job to start the migration by offering support for Windows 7 operating system by 2020.

Microsoft also emphasize the importance for XP users to migrate to Windows 7 before they moved to Windows 8 that has not been introduced, to ensure no gaps in support - an approach supported by research firm Gartner.

Because it takes at least one and a half years to plan and deploy the new operating system, like it or not, companies must move quickly.

Here are five steps to a successful migration.

1. Identify business priorities

Have clear command of the entire enterprise allows one to use technology to help meet business priorities.

This method should be done in conjunction with IT decision makers and representatives of several different business units within the company.

2. Set user segmentation

Set user segmentation is quick to judge all users and align their work habits and requirements, with technology providing the appropriate desktop will be useful to identify which user groups can benefit from the fastest new environment. Special segments including workers, outside workers, remote workers, and similar to it.

3. Assessing endpoint hardware

The purpose of the hardware endpoint was to assess the ability of the user's device to determine whether and how such devices could be used after migration to Windows 7 platform.

Analysis is required to view all the skills, matching them with the requirements of Windows 7, identifies the device that needs replacement, purchase of new hardware and install the operating environment and the company approved applications for productivity.

4. Managing Applications

When migrating to a new operating system, one major challenge is the validation process to ensure that existing applications can continue to serve on the new operating system.

Companies should consider investing in application management tools that can help provide information about the application portfolio, which accurately predict the behavior of applications on the new technology platform to test the compatibility and remediation applications automatically.

For example, Windows 7 requires that the applications are compatible with the operation of 32-bit or 64-bit to work. Applications built on 16-bit architecture can not work in this new operating system and a lot of old applications that are important to the company could not walk.

In addition, not all companies have the time and / or investment and to adjust their applications with the new platform.

5. Adopting desktop virtualization

Windows 7 upgrade process can be simplified by using desktop virtualization that enables companies to quickly and easily obtain a safe, cost-effective mobile and that they need.

Companies also can continue to improve the existing investment in new hardware infrastructure. Through desktop virtualization, IT can create a picture of a standardized desktop Windows 7, to identify and create an environment optimized profiles, building support resources appropriate for the user and moving data and user settings to the new virtualized environment.

Migrating to Windows 7 is often done in stages in a big company, which took many months and create repetitive downtime experienced users.

Desktop and application virtualization can reduce downtime usually lasts a long time so it becomes a short interruption.

This is the eagerly awaited by the IT team in any area, which will not face any problems with the migration to Windows 8 will or other operating systems in the future.

source : kompas

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Difference BlackBerry Curve 9320 and 9300

Research in Motion (RIM) has just announced the BlackBerry 9320 that will swing this May. By these companies, 9320 is referred to as the successor of 3G Curve 9300.

Although regarded as the successor to 3G Gemini, but true 9320 series does not have specifications that are not too far from the 'elder brother' is.

Here are a few minor differences that exist between the two series, as quoted from GSM Arena, Friday (11/05/2012).

There was no significant difference between 9320 to 9300, although 9320 when grasped a little lighter than the previous series. Series that have cited Armstrong's name carries the dimension of 109 x 60 x 12.7 mm with a weight of 103 grams, while the 3G Gemini 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm which weighs around 104 grams.

The one difference is the Curve 9320 are dedicated keys for directly connecting to the BlackBerry Messenger application. 9220 was similar to or belonging to Davis.

About memory looks quite striking differences between the two series, 9320 has been paired with 512 MB RAM, or twice that of 9300 that 'only' has 256 MB of RAM.

Subdued picture in 9320 will now be better than 9300, because this series is embedded with 3.15 megapixel resolution, including LED flash and Geo-tagging. In 9300 stuck in a 2 MP camera.

operating system
Well, when you first come, first Gemini 3G OS 5 only carry that could later be upgraded to OS 6. 9320 while the direct use of the latest operating system OS 7.1.

The difference again, fall into the first BlackBerry with embedded radio with RDS system. Radio features are not matched in the previous series, almost all of them.

Battery life
Standard batteries used in 9320 is better with Lio-Ion 1450 mAh, standby power can hold up to 432 hours.

Compared to 9300, the battery used is Li-Ion 1150 mAh, which when in standby position could be up to 348 hours (3G).

source : detik

The changes in Windows Phone Tango

Nokia has just released Lumia 610 in Indonesia on Thursday (5/10/2012). This is the first smartphone to use the mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.5 coded name Tango.

Tango is a refresh (refresh) of the operating system Windows Phone Mango, who are both still at version 7.5. Because the operating system is a refresher, not many new features that were presented at the Tango.

Based on the experience when tested Lumia 610, there are at least four new features that were presented.

1. Internet sharing

Windows Phone Tango provides personal hotspot feature, or popularly called tethering, which was not previously available in Mango. Microsoft calls with Internet Sharing tethering that can be activated by going into the settings menu.

2. Flip to silence
Incoming ring tone loud sometimes makes people shocked and confused what to do, especially if the user was in the middle of a meeting.

With the flip to silence, the user can stop the ring tone is annoying, for example, when she was asleep. Users simply put smartphones in the prone position to stop the ringing tone but the call was not rejected.

3. Available Indonesian

Unavailability of Indonesian language in Windows Phone Mango become a frequently asked user. Users in Indonesia is still in phase with the introduction of Windows Phone, because it is very necessary after Indonesian.

Hear the complaints, Microsoft also presents the Indonesian language version of Windows Phone Mango.

4. Nokia Music
The amount of public interest in Indonesia in enjoys music, Nokia is seen as a business strategy of its own. Nokia Music presents download free services and authorized for 6 months.

Users simply open the Nokia Music icon, select the title song or artist, and instantly download. The songs are downloaded from Nokia Music format. AAC, with an average file size of 1MB to 2MB. These music files can be stored indefinitely and can be transferred to other computer devices.

Overall, no significant feature updates on the Windows Phone Tango. Product Manager Nokia Indonesia Anvid Erdian, promising, Nokia users Lumia Lumia 710 and 800, can perform operating system upgrades Tango in the middle of this year.

source : kompas

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Features Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610 has been officially launched in Indonesia. There are many excellent features that provide ease of access to social networking and other features.

Nokia is adopting new products spur kitchen Single Core 800 Mhz (Qualcomm Snapdragon S1). The phone provides easy access to social networks and be able to combine mobile contacts, email, facebook and twitter at one place with a feature called PeopleHub.

"PeopleHub will keep you updated with those nearest and social environment. Not only that, this phone will give you the experience of browsing a better site with browser IE 9," said Anvid Erdian, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia, at the launch of Lumia 610 in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/10/2012).

The phone is equipped with 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 pixels, has a 5MP camera (LED flash), which also supports video recording features with MPEG-4 format (30 frames per second), 256MB RAM and 8GB of storage. There are features Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, micro-usb and 1300 mAh battery that is claimed to be able to survive up to 670 hours (standby time GSM).

Nokia Lumia 610 also has a variety of other excellent features such as Nokia Maps, Nokia and Nokia Music Drive. "Most of the people have a facebook. In the mobile phone 610 Lumia there PeopleHub feature to send a wall, find out your friends' status updates and so on," he explained.

In addition there PictureHub feature, the feature allows users to find images that have just uploaded by fellow users of social networking sites. For those of you who want to do the tasks of typing, can make use of office applications available on it.

"Lumia Nokia 610 already supports microsoft office mobile to be able to access the Word application. Another plus, it supports cloud for file sharing and others," he explained.

Built-in office application includes Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Excel Mobile to manage documents and OneNote Mobile to feature notes, ideas, images and voice memo. In addition, there is also support for SkyDrive which allows synchronization file any documents and records to be accessed and edited from a variety of devices such as PCs and mobile phones.

Nokia Maps lets users know the location of the desired place, such as shopping centers, places of worship and so on. Meanwhile, Nokia Drive could be useful as a navigator when you are in transit or driving a car.

"There is a Notification Profile feature to update its status with the option to several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live. There is a silent feature and Nokia Music to download songs for free for up to 6 months," he concluded.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Galaxy S III Competitors

Samsung has just released a new champ, Galaxy S III. This handset will get fierce opposition from some rival who had already been present.

Yes, some handsets from rival vendors have a specification or a feature that is no less violent. They are ready to present a fierce challenge to the Galaxy S III in the consumer's attention?

What smartphone to be a challenger Galaxy S III? Include the following as quoted from various sources:


One X is the best smartphone HTC today and has been marketed in several countries. He has a ferocious specifications, especially 1.5 GHz quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3.

The design is also stylish and have been using the latest Android or Ice Cream Sandwich. Other specifications such as HD IPS screen, 32GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera and Beats Audio. In addition to offering speed of 0.7 seconds of shooting, 8MP resolution camera is also equipped with aperture 2.0 and a continuous mode up to 4fps.

LG Optimus 4X HD
In addition to One X HTC, LG helped enliven the handset with quad-core kitchen implanted with Optimus 4X HD. Yes, the new flagship handset from LG is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor Tegra 3 speeding promising performance, GeForce graphics are added.

LG Optimus 4X HD comes with 16GB internal memory and equipped with 8 megapixel BSI (Backside Illumination) sensor camera with LED flash. In overall, the display device is quite elegant and attractive, with a thickness of 8.9 mm.

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S is still struggling in a dual core processor though a whiz handset Sony today. But the features remain worthy of consideration, such a nice camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

The screen is high definition resolution and reach 32GB of internal memory. The design is also an original and elegant look.

iPhone 4S
In the specifications, the iPhone 4S may seem unremarkable when compared to Android in the highest caste. Still, the device is selling well, sold 4 million units in just 3 days of marketing.

iPhone 4S has interesting features with the name of Siri. The voice command feature is quite advanced in which the user as a personal assistant who can talk. Sector was counted a great camera. Do not forget also the famous Apple gadget users loyal.

Nokia Lumia 900
Of all the series that has been released Windows Phone Nokia, Lumia 900 occupies the highest caste. In terms of appearance, Lumia 900 has a 4.3 inch wide screen ClearBlack AMOLED display. Offered only two colors, black and cyan are bluish.

From the kitchen side of the pacemaker, this device looks quite promising due to be embedded with a powerful processor 1.4 GHz, 4G LTE connectivity, 1830 mAh battery, 16 GB of internal storage, and 512MB of RAM. 8 megapixel camera capable of complete features of this phone.

BlackBerry 10
Handsets with BlackBerry OS 10 is not marketed to consumers, but RIM has recently been introduced to the developer. And it looks pretty promising. In such sectors as the camera has features like a time machine.

When you have taken a picture taken of momentum and it is not as expected, for example, the object being a blind eye. So with the BlackBerry 10 feature, user is able to rotate the time of the object and record it when he was smiling.

source :

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Specifications of Galaxy S III

Samsung finally finish curious about the new smartphone, Galaxy S III. After waiting long enough, the South Korean company has finally announced the most anticipated Android handset this year at an event in London.

These specifications Galaxy S III, as reported by the Telegraph, Friday (04/05/2012):

1. Super Screen AMOLED 4.8 inch HD: The screen size is owned by Galaxy S III makes it feel great in hand, even if the device is only 16 percent larger than its predecessor, Galaxy S II.

2. Smart Stay: This phone can 'track' your eyes, so long as to see the screen will not dim or die.

3. Social networking and integration of camera: automatic tagging images and the option to send photos directly to an identified. This feature is called Buddy Photo Share, and can display information on screen social media profiles.

4. Dropbox Storage: Galaxy S III has a 50GB Dropbox Storage for free for two years

5. S-Voice: Similar to Siri, a personal virtual assistant on the iPhone 4S but this one is for Glaxy S III. This feature allows you to control your phone with sound, for example, changing the volume and asking questions.

6. S-Beam: The speed of file transfer via WiFi between two NFC and mobile phone contact. Can operate up to 300Mbps.

7. Pop Up Play: Play video in mobile homescreen

8. Specifications: Memory: 16/32/64GB depending on model and can be upgraded with MicroSD
-Resolution: 720 x 1280 px (306ppi)
-OS: Android 4.0.4
-Processor: Quad Exynox 4 (1.4GHz)
-Battery: 2,100 mAh
-Camera: 1.9 MP 8MP rear and front
-Weight: 133g

source : okezone

Tips to Improve Mac Computer Security

There are currently more than 100 million users of Mac OS X in the entire world. This number continues to grow rapidly over the last few years. However, Mac OS X malware was also increased, including such as Mac OS X Trojan version of DNSChanger, and attacks on Mac OS X that erupted in 2011.

On September 2011, the first version of Mac OS X Trojan Flashback appears, and extends until March 2012. According to data compiled Kaspersky Lab, nearly 700 thousand users are infected by early April, and that number could continue to rise. Although Mac OS X is fairly secure system, but still, as users need to take some steps to avoid the attack.

Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Lab Expert provide recommendations on the 10 simple tips to improve the security of Mac.

1. Make a non-admin account for daily activities
Default account on Mac OS X you are a user administrator, and author of malware can take advantage of it to infect your computer. For daily activities, Kaspersky recommend you to create non-admin account and log in using an administrator account if there is any need.
To create the account, go to the option "Accounts" in "System Preferences" then make a non-administrator account. Use this account for everyday activities like email and browsing. This helps to limit the damage from zero-day threats and drive-by malware attacks.

2. Use a browser to the sandbox and have a solid track record in improving the security issues in a prompt manner.

Kaspersky recommend Google Chrome, for various reasons, one of which is that Google Chrome is more frequently updated than Apple's Safari browser. In addition to the sandbox, Chrome comes with a sandbox version of Flash Player that provides a significant barrier to malicious websites. Google Chrome also has a stable mechanism that eliminates the renewal of the fragility of the security barrier. Make sure the new browser as the primary browser.

3. Remove the stand-alone Flash Player

Unfortunately Adobe's Flash Player frequently become the target of hackers taking over your computer. Old versions of Flash Player is very risky when you are browsing on the internet. To remove Flash, you can use the two options provided by Adobe, to version 10.4 - 10.5 and 10.6 and others.

4. Fix a problem in Java
As with Flash Player, Java is also a target of hackers to embed malware in your device.
Kaspersky recommend to remove it from the computer. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow Oracle to update the Java for Mac directly. They do it themselves, usually several months later. This makes the window of exposure on a Mac requires a longer time than PC users.

Options contained in the Java Preferences / Application / Utilities; do not check the box next to the list of versions on the General tab.
If you need Java for specific applications, it is important to disable Java in Safari and other browsers. For Safari, go to the Preference> Security> Web Content and uncheck "Enable Java".

5. Run "Software Update" and add directly to the device if the update is available.
Lately a lot of attacks on Mac OS X to take advantage of older software or not renewable. Usually, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader / Acrobat, Java and Oracle, but many other applications that can be abused as well. Office for Mac 2011 better than Office for Mac 2008 security. If you are still using 2008, Kaspersky recommended to update it to 2011. Whenever you see the Apple "Software Update", make sure you do a repair and reboot the device if necessary.

6. Use a password management to address phishing attacks.
The good news is that, unlike Windows, Mac has a password management that is installed in the system "Keychain."
If possible, try to create a unique phrase, and robust to source and store them in the keychain instead of having to remember passwords that are easier. Whenever cyber criminals to attack, they will use the same password on all your accounts - Gmail, Facebook, eBay, PayPal and others. Therefore, by having a strong password and unique to each source, able to create stronger security for online security.

The other thing is there are a lot more complicated advice like having a separate keychain with 3-5 minutes of time, for an important password. What is the password that important? Such sources can create financial losses: eBay, PayPal, online banking, and others. If it happens, then you will not lose all your password.

7. Do not enable IPv6, AirPort and Bluetooth when not in use
Turn off the connection when not in use or not needed. It is intended for IPv6, AirPort and Bluetooth is a loophole for hackers in the attack. IPv6 is a new communication protocol that can be used on a Mac.

To disable it, you can choose Apple menu> System Preferences and then press the Network. If the Network Preference is locked, click on the lock icon and enter your Admin password to make changes. Select your desired service network with IPv6, such as Ethernet or AirPort. Click Advanced and click on TCP / IP. Click on Configure IPv6 menu that appears (usually set automatically) and select Off.

More info see

8. Turn on full disk encryption (Mac OS X 10.7 +) or Firevault
On Mac OS X Lion, Apple updated encryption solution (FileVault) and adds full disk encryption, known as the "FileVault 2". This gives the advantage to the security for the whole disk as compared with the home folder and can be very useful if your laptop is stolen.

More info see

9. Update Adobe Reader to version 10 or later
Adobe Reader has become the target of target for cyber criminals on the Windows platform and still be ranked among the highest in the world. Version 10 also some security that make it more secure than previous versions. Make sure you get the latest version by downloading the Adobe page - unfortunately, many of the old version is still available for download and is very confusing.

10. Attach a good security solution.
"Mac is not infected with the virus" has become a common theme we hear from ad 2006 to the image of a PC that is "sick" and the Mac is "healthy". Six years have passed and the situation has changed dramatically. In 2011, cyber criminals began pressing DNSChangers and falsified anti-virus on Mac users in an aggressive way. Trojan Flashback to appear September 2011 caused a huge buzz in March 2012 that counted half a million users around the world are infected.

Currently, security solutions are very important for Mac users. You can download and try Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac. For users of Mac OS X, options such as Little Snitch can be used to determine when the program appears to be used when an Internet connection and gives you the option to allow or deny this connection.

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Norton Mobile Security Ready to Keep Android Devices

Information technology security company Symantec launches security application for a long time Norton Mobile Security. This application is made to anticipate the theft of data and information users of smartphones and tablets.

Security issues in these devices can not be ignored because the number of malicious programs (malware) that is intended for mobile operating systems continue to grow in number. This is triggered by the penetration of mobile device users continues to increase.

According to Effendy Ibrahim, Symantec's Consumer Business Director for Asia, at least 300 malicious programs that target the kinds of Android mobile operating system, IOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

The program was dominated by evil trojan horse that can steal data and information users.

He continued, from 33 million users in the world of smartphones and tablets are 10% of users who have been infected with malicious programs. And protect users of its mobile devices with only 12% of security applications.

Android is a Trojan horse in the highest compared to other mobile operating systems. "This is because Android is open source," Effendy said in a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (05/04/2012).

Symantec party claims, Norton Mobile Security can protect data theft attempts from Trojan horse that is in Android. There are anti-theft security features on the website. When the user goes to a fake site, the application automatically mmblokirnya.

Norton Mobile Security is able to detect and remove malware on the storage media with regular checks carried out.

One feature that is superior than Norton Mobile Security, according to Effendy, the application can lock the device or delete all data when a user loses their device.

To help find the missing, the application is able to transmit the GPS coordinates that tell the location where the device was located.

"All that can be done by going to the Symantec web site and log-in with the email listed in Norton Mobile Security," said Effendy. Users can follow the instructions on the Symantec web site.

Norton Mobile Security One license is priced at Rp 150,000. This price includes the services for a year and update protection.

Currently, Norton Mobile Security is available for Android, but it is being developed for the iPhone and the iPad.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

HD Spywatch, Camera Camouflage in Fine Watches

More advanced age, and the development of technology there is no doubt bring a change in the behavior of human life. The emergence of a variety of computing devices, gadgets, to multimedia devices such as cameras, no doubt making the need for such devices as if it jumped like a meteor.

One camera. Miscellaneous forms of cameras currently on the market. Ranging from manual camera, digital camera, up to the camcorder that can record video.

Various forms and the development of any bemunculan camera. One example is a surveillance camera. Surveillance cameras are cameras that are placed on specific tools and functions to be disguised or dikamuflasekan certain devices, such as pens, watches, table clocks, tissue boxes, car keys, buttons, lighters, ashtrays, glasses, even a tie.

HD Technology

One that will be discussed this time is shaped at the hands of a surveillance camera. In appearance not unlike the watches in general. But what makes it special, this watch is able to record video with HD technology. The resulting image quality was inferior to the camcorder on the market. In addition to being able to record HD video, the device called HD Spywatch can also be used to capture images with jpeg output, which is capable of producing a resolution of 1600x1200.

Directions for Use

The use of HD Spywatch very easy. To turn on, you just press and hold the on / off, until the indicator light purple, and then changed to blue. At the blue indicator lights, press the on / off 1x (not on hold), the indicator light will flash 3 times then goes off, indicating that spywatch already in a state of video recording.

At the blue indicator light (video mode), press the 1x mode to move into fashion photos. The indicator light will turn red, and proceed by pressing the on / off 1x for filming.
To turn it off, you simply press the on / off, until the red indicator light flashes 3 times then goes out.

Quality video and images produced in the state space with the availability of sufficient light, the results are not inferior to other digital compact cameras. But it must be admitted, HD Spywatch not be relied upon in a low light (night), due to the absence of the flashlight in it.

USB connection
To transfer or move photos and videos that have been recorded, it can use the USB cable that automatically connect to the computer. When you want to add power, it also has features charging (Lithium batteries such as mobile phones) that do not require extra batteries to turn it on.

For those of you who are interested in the uniqueness and sophistication of this Spywatch HD, you can simply make it up with a fairly affordable price of Rp 580,000.00. Visit soon for reservations and more information.