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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Appoint Sheryl Sandberg as a New Director

Facebook appointed Sheryl Sandberg as a director. Sheryl currently serves as Chief Operating Officer becomes first woman on the board of directors before coming up which consisted of seven men.

The appointment of women as directors quite rare in the United States technology companies or the comparison too far with the number of male directors. So that the appointment of Sandberg welcomed by the business community there.

Join on Facebook since 2008, Sheryl became an important figure in the world's most popular networking site. Graduate of Harvard Business School has become a key figure in the future of Facebook is now getting into the stock market.

Last year, Sheryl has been named by Forbes magazine as the fifth most powerful woman in the world. Even so busy with business affairs at Facebook, Sheryl still have time to raise two children with her husband.

"Sheryl has become my partner in running up and became a central figure in the growth and success in recent years. His experience in public company up and make it fit on our board," said Zuckerberg was quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (26/06/2012).

Prior to working at Facebook, Sandberg was Vice President of Online Sales Google. In this online search engine giant, beautiful women also excel in making money from advertising.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Most Scary Game

Game players are capable of triggering diverse reactions. Feel proud when successfully defended the fort with his adrenaline racing, or maybe when racing at high speed. However, nothing is able to provoke emotion as powerful as a horror game.

Have hair-raising goose bumps when you play the game? Or maybe feel something moving behind you? All that can happen when playing a horror game.

Here are the five most terrifying game that is sure to be able to challenge your courage.

5. Resident Evil (1996)

If you think Resident Evil movie, starring Milla Jovovich has been terrible, do not let you play this game. Called a survival horror game is able to make the players are always alert.

When you feel safe walking the halls, zombie dogs jumped through the glass and pounce on you! Many gamers who claim to spontaneously throw their PlayStation controller when the dog appears.

4. F.E.A.R (2005)

At first this game looks like a regular shooter action game. The enemy came and bullets flying. However, it is not mistaken for a shadow flashed past the hallway in front of you.

When you get there, but to no one. When you look back, a bloody girl pounce on you! This is a psychological horror owned this game. Throughout the game you will continue to be haunted by the "appearances" terrifying.

3. Silent Hill (1999)

Silent Hill movie ever produced by Hoywood can not compare this game is terrible. When you are in the middle of a thick fog covered the dead and the only sign of any enemy near your radio is the voice distortion, would you calm? Frankly, the voice that just made it even more terrifying! Not to mention the sound of sirens that turns into bloody city!

2. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (2003)

Imagine yourself in a remote village untouched by technology. No vehicles, road asphalt, and even electricity. Later, the village was hit by the curse that makes the ghost haunts. That's what happens in Fatal Frame II.

You will pass a full night of horror through the eyes of a little girl named Mio. He could not kill a ghost with any weapon except an old camera. Yes, old cameras. Mio have photographed a ghost to go away. Sounds funny? You would not think so when playing it straight.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)
Horror game above all have one thing in common - the enemy can be attacked with weapons. Unfortunately, not so with Amnesia. This game does not give you any one weapon to defend yourself! You only have one lantern that illuminates the area around it. More horrible yet, you're always being chased by something bloodthirsty.

Darkness, helplessness, terror, and a tense voice will continue to follow your journey. Many gamers who give up on the road as a result can not stand playing with gripping horror continues.

BlackBerry 10 Comes Without Physical Keyboard

BlackBerry 10 comes without physical keyboard. Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry as the producer explained that the first device with the BlackBerry operating system 10 (BB 10) will be present without physical buttons.

As quoted from CBC News, Rebecca Freiburger RIM spokesman confirms that the BB device 10 will not have a physical QWERTY keypad. But in the future, RIM will continue to maintain the BB device 10 with the physical keyboard.

"We are prioritizing the virtual QWERTY keypad. But we also will not leave a physical QWERTY keypad which is now known by the public," says Freiburger.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has also been explained at a press conference in Orlando last month that RIM will not abandon the popularity of the physical keyboard.

BlackBerry manufacturer is currently preparing a BB device 10 to be released later this year, although no launch schedule.

The news about RIM will continue to maintain a physical QWERTY keyboard has also been described by the Senior Manager of Content Strategy South East Asia RIM Ben Gillenwater. The reason is simple, physical Qwerty keypad on the BlackBerry device is still in demand by the market.

Sources of News For BlackBerry (N4BB) has received word that the BlackBerry device will be given 10 BB OS will first be released in early September 2012. The plan, a device with virtual QWERTY BlackBerry will be named Nevada.

Previously, we had mentioned that BB devices with OS 10 is the first BlackBerry London. But until now also no news yet again.

Currently, BlackBerry Nevada reportedly is in final production stages. That is, for BlackBerry fans who like the physical QWERTY keypad, the device with the latest BB OS 10 will be present soon after the inaugural BB 10 was released.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Sharing 'Kernel'

Operating system Windows Phone 8 (WP8) will have a core program (kernel) is equal to 8 for Windows desktop and tablet computers. The goal is to unite the Windows operating system franchise of any type of device.

That way, users can have the choice of device (smartphone, tablet) are more numerous and can more easily use the same application on several different devices.

Microsoft hopes to use the same core program of the Windows operating system on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablet will facilitate developers in creating applications that can run on any platform with minimal adjustments apply.

The move is intended as a strategy in the face of IOS and the Android platform is more mature in the mobile device industry.

Until now, Windows Phone platform that only has about 100,000 applications are still lagging behind compared to Apple and Android devices that provide a number of combined application of approximately 500,000

Wednesday (6/20/2012) yesterday, Windows Phone 8 for smartphone has been officially announced by Microsoft. The operating system uses the user interface "Metro" is the same as the desktop version of Windows 8 and tablet.

Windows 8 desktop version will be released in October.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars-including cooperation agreements with Nokia, the world's efforts to penetrate the smartphone market. Until now, Microsoft has managed to grab global market share by 2 percent, compared to Android which has a mastery of 56 percent and Apple with 23 percent.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heavyweight Players Snap by Facebook

Gamers used to play Diablo III, World of Warcraft or the like simply can not be satisfied with the game offered up. Seeing this social network was ready to clean up the game to bring more quality and challenging.

Yes, as long as it does only offer up dozens of casual games, call it the Mafia Wars, Poker, Angry Birds, Farmville and the like. Number of users who play the game already menyetuh number millions, but unfortunately not the majority of gamers who love to play the game heavyweight.

Heavyweight game in question is, who attended the game with stunning graphics quality, the storyline is a little complicated, but interesting, and able to present a challenging game. Well, Facebook was reportedly soon to bring the game like that.

To create a game that Facebook has been collaborating with Wooga and Kixeye, both companies claimed to be able to bring a class game Diablo III or World of Warcraft in the Facebook platform.

"This team (Wooga and Kixeye) will focus on developing a hardcore game, a game that actually encourages itensitas quality so that it can play is amazing," said Matt Wyndowe, Games Product Manager for Facebook, as quoted from the Game Industry, Saturday (23/6 / 2012).

In addition Wyndowe also informed that the game will be more types of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) with the best quality in Facebook. Of course with the added social element style social networking site.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Desire VC, First Android "Dual SIM" from HTC

HTC has released HTC T328d VC, which supports dual SIM phones. Desire VC is the first HTC smartphone with dual network SIM (GSM-CDMA).

Head of Product Marketing Indonesia Samudro Seto explained HTC phones HTC is a continuation of the Raider who had only put on CDMA networks.

"There is demand from operators and consumers to deliver a smartphone that supports dual SIM cards (GSM-CDMA). Phone also become an alternative phone dual SIM card which has been dominated by China mobile phone," said Samudro at Media Roundtable at HTC's office Semanggi Plaza Jakarta , Thursday (21/06/2012).

This phone is running in single band CDMA 2000 Rev A 800 MHz 1x/EVDO/EVDO. CDMA card is not locked (lock) but it supports the concept of RUIM. With this network, the speed to access data faster. As for the GSM network runs on GSM / GPRS 900/1800/1900 Mhz.

According Samudro, this phone only supports 2G/GSM network. With hope, VC Desire users will be utilizing the data packets using CDMA network.

"Actually, this could be an internal debate on the HTC. Phone does not support 3G networks to its GSM. More data packets are routed to CDMA. While the phone and sms directed to GSM," he added.

Although there is a little short on the network, because it was made for the upper middle market, HTC cell phone was also awarded the VC features the latest technology. Call it the Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 1 GHz processor, GPS, motion G sensor, 5MP camera with LED flash up to WVGA Camcorder.

In addition, the phone also has been equipped with Google Maps and the maps created by the Self HTC, HTC Locations. Such features can be seen in applications HTC Car with a menu containing the HTC Locations, music, internet radio (local and international) and dial.

"HTC Locations can be used to find the favorite places in Indonesia, good restaurants, offices and even the building is also obvious. Maps are more advanced than Google Maps," he said.

HTC Car application is provided free by HTC. But for paid applications, these applications will be added to designate the direction of the sound in HTC Locations.

Unlike other phones, the phone body is complemented by the anti flip cover on the back side. So this feature makes it easy to grip the phone and do not easily fall. Display screen is also relieved that the device supports touch screen display measuring 4 inches.

These specs HTC phones T328d VC:
Dimensions: 119.5 x 62.3 x 9.42 mm
Weight: 118 grams
Screen: touch screean 4 inch 480 x 800 pixels
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense
Processor: 1 GHz single core
RAM: 512 MB
Memory: 4GB internal (external memory support)
Network: GSM 900/1800/1900, CDMA 2000 1x/EVDO/EVDO single band 800 MHz Rev A
Features: Internal GPS, Bluetooth, A2DP, WiFi, 5MP camera, camcorder WVGA, HTC Car, Google Maps
Battery: 1650 mAh
Color: black
Price: $ 2.99 million
Availability: July 2012

Duo Desire Different Generations
In addition to introducing VC HTC, the Taiwanese vendor also released two series of Desire but different generations. The one for the lower middle series (low end), one for secondary (middle up).

For the lower classes, preparing HTC HTC Desire C A320e. This phone has specifications similar to the HTC Desire VC, but the network has only one GSM SIM card.

While the high side, setting up HTC HTC Desire V T328w. The phone also has a similar specification to the HTC Desire VC. However, this phone supports dual SIM cards (GSM-GSM).

"If the SIM card in VC Desire to be active both, HTC Desire V is only active one," said Samudro.

HTC phones already support the connection V is 3.5 G. But the card only supports GSM only GSM network connection. So this phone is very appropriate to be used for packet data and packet call or sms.

These specs HTC Desire C A320e:
Dimensions: 102 x 56.6 x 11.95 mm
Weight: 98 grams
Screen: touch screean 4 inch 320 x 480 pixels
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor: 600 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Memory: 4GB internal (external memory support)
Network: GSM 900/1800/1900, HSPA / WCDMA 900/2100 MHz
Features: Internal GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 5MP camera, VGA camcorder, HTC Car, Google Maps, Motion G Sensor
Battery: 1230 mAh
Color: black, red, white
Price: $ 2.399 million
Availability: July 2012

These specs HTC Desire V T328w:

Dimensions: 118 x 62.3 x 9.32 mm
Weight: 114 grams
Screen: touch screean 4 inch 480 x 800 pixels
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense
Processor: 1 GHz single core
RAM: 512 MB
Memory: 4GB internal (external memory support)
Network: dual band HSPA / WCDMA 900/2100 MHz, Tri-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE 900/1800/1900 MHz
Features: Internal GPS, Bluetooth, A2DP, WiFi, 5MP camera, camcorder WVGA, HTC Car, Google Maps
Battery: 1650 mAh
Colors: black, white
Price: USD 3.5 million
Availability: July 2012

New Features in Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has introduced its latest smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, which will be released in late 2012. Microsoft also took four vendors as a special partner who is ready to produce Windows Phone 8, namely Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC.

This giant software company promised much better in Windows Phone 8, ready to cover the shortfall Phone version of windows 7.

Here are the new features that will come in Windows Phone 8.

1. Supports multi-core processors

Windows Phone 8 is now open to receive hardware devices (hardware) multi-core processors. He will support dual-core, quad-core, and theoretically also supports 64-core. Microsoft is also preparing for its operating system is stable in terms of performance and battery life.

2. Support three screen resolutions

Windows Phone 8 support three screen resolution technology, the WVGA (800x480 pixel), WXVGA (1280x768 pixel) and True 720p (1280x720 pixels).

3. Browser Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft said the browser application (browser) Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) in Windows Phone 8, their code is very similar to the IE 10 for personal computers (PCs). This brings with it a security feature that can detect the theft of data online and SmartScreen filter, which is ready to warn users not to visit a malicious site.

4. Supports addition of external memory MicroSD

So far, Windows Phone 7 smartphone users are always complaining because they can not add data storage space. In Windows Phone 8, smartphones will provide a MicroSD slot for adding storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, and even supports up to 64GB.

MicroSD will help users when they want to transfer data from your smartphone into a personal computer.

5. Display the new Metro

Windows Phone 8 Metro maintains a distinctive user interface with the features of the boxes, like on the ground. However, there was little change in the look of Windows Phone 8. First. display boxes will fill the entire screen. Secondly, display boxes and smaller size can be enlarged.

6. NFC and 'mobile wallet'

Windows Phone 8 will support Near Field Communication could provide their own online wallet services, as well as offering the experience of buying an object with a smartphone.

7. Windows software to bring Windows Phone

Microsoft will use a single software platform to bring Windows to Windows Phone. This is done so that the Windows application developers will create applications for Windows Phone. Development of an application for Windows Phone 8 can be done using the programming language C / C + +.

Microsoft will share many of the programming code used in versions of Windows, including file system, network stack, security model, the pipeline media, networking and graphics code.

8. Digital map

Bing Maps digital map services that were previously used in Windows Phone version 7, will be replaced with Nokia Maps. This decision suggests an intimate relationship between Microsoft and Nokia, as Nokia Maps will still exist on other smartphones out Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 8.

9. Full support for Skype

Microsoft will integrate Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make calls or answer calls from Skype video call applications.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apple Open Jobs in Indonesia

Whether you are looking for work? What if you work for the best technology companies in the world?

We recently discovered information that Apple is expanding into Indonesia and is currently a job opening for Indonesia. The outstanding job on LinkedIn and Apple's corporate page for positions related to Apple's retail business in Jakarta.

Currently Apple is looking for Human Resource Manager, and now these jobs are very popular on LinkedIn. And if you look at Apple's official careers page for Singapore, also found three open positions in Singapore for 3-6 months before being formally placed in Jakarta.

Apple on a career site, an open vacancy for iPhone Channel Manager, CES (Consumer Electronic Stores) Manager, and Account Manager foriPhone / iPad Carrier in Jakarta. To some extent this is a confirmation of the rumor that we found some time ago about Apple that is working with Indosat for billing App Store using the pulse.

Open positions that are highly oriented to the retailer, and has long been speculation that Apple is bolstering its global expansion, especially to potential markets in Asia Pacific. And even Apple has expressed his concern to the Indonesian market with the support of local smelly stuff in the latest release of iTunes.

This strategic move is interesting, especially if we look at the fact that Indonesia as one of the world's largest mobile market, has the lowest rate to the growth of adoption for IOS devices.

According to the research institute Effective Measure, IOS largest market in Indonesia is only 10% owned by iPad from 10.06%-owned niche market products in Indonesia IOS. In neighboring countries like Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, IOS has a penetration rate of more than 50%.

From the other hand, Apple could have seen the catch compared to competitors such as Android and BlackBerry are first entered in cooperation with the operator to obtain a larger market niche.

Cooperation with the operator is of exceptional importance to Apple, especially to come out with the financing structure for the upper class of Apple product, too high for most mobile consumers in Indonesia.

Let's see which comes first obtain a larger market niche and also memonetize Indonesia mobile market, because whoever it is (Apple / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry) can change many things in the mobile industry in Indonesia.

In a different topic but related, Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) will travel to Jakarta to speak at seminars on creativity and innovation.

source : detik

Microsoft's mystery Tablet Surface

Microsoft has just announced the presence of homemade tablet Windows 8, the Tablet Surface. However, Microsoft still keep the "innards" of the tablet before it officially on sale.

Of the specifications have been released, the giant software company was still hides some of the specifications. Among other RAM size, camera resolution, screen resolution, Bluetooth connectivity and 4G, accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope, digital compass or a GPS. So is the price.

Here are 10 things that remains a mystery of the Microsoft Tablet Surface:

1. Price
Microsoft does not explain the price of the newest devices. But reportedly, Surface tablet will have a price that is comparable to tablets or ultrabook. As an illustration, the average tablet typically sells for 500 dollars. While cheap Ultrabook sold for about 800 dollars.

Microsoft released two models of Tablet Surface, namely Windows RT and Windows 8. Microsoft Surface tablets prices are not expected to be far from 400 dollars (for Windows RT) and 1,000 U.S. dollars (for Windows 8).

With these prices, is expected to directly compete with Apple iPad which is still sold from 500 U.S. dollars.

When confirmed, the President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro also declined to comment about the price of these devices. He submitted fully to the global Microsoft.

"I do not want to mention the price, especially in the global release schedule as well as Indonesia," he said.

2. Availability in the market
Because it uses Windows 8, the tablet is expected to be released at the official launch of Windows OS 8, scheduled to be launched in October or November.

3. Vendor partners
Until now not known which companies are producing Microsoft Surface. This is different from Apple that has begun a partnership with Samsung.

4. Reaction partner
The introduction of Microsoft Surface tablets are not coincided with the launch of Windows 8 is going to openly satirical partners. That is because the vendor that works with Microsoft's new tablet will release Windows 8, after the OS is officially released.

Registered vendor Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lenovo and even Samsung are also interested in releasing a tablet with Windows 8. However, Microsoft also needs to convince the vendor partners to continue to cooperate, especially for Windows tablet RT.

5. Is able to beat the iPad?
Of course not. Apple is still leading the tablet market share. It is impossible when this tablet will get rid of Microsoft as the manufacturer of Apple tablet with the most sales in the world.

These tablets appear to represent Microsoft's vision for the future of computing. It is also one of Microsoft's long-term effort in making the devices, especially tablets.

6. Is able to compete with Android tablet?
Google may be uneasy at the presence of this Surface tablet. Although many vendors have made a tablet with Android OS, but it turns out these vendors also have not been shown to have significant advantages.

But if Microsoft can provide a special experience for users, especially the experience of wearing the same as using a tablet PC, then it might be able to shift the trend of the Android OS users to switch to Windows 8 tablet.

7. Xbox Component
The tablet is rumored Xbox will get the content, the same as content offered by Xbox to the device with another OS Windows 8. Likewise with technology adaptation SmartGlass.

8. 4G connection

These tablets are not yet clear if the network connection using 3G, 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE). This could be because Microsoft has yet to get a partner operator.

9. Battery life
Battery life for Windows Surface RT about 31.5 hours. While Surface Windows 8 about 42 hours.

Battery life is nearing the latest iPad approximately 42.5 hours. However, the iPad battery capacity is intended for high-resolution screen that requires a great battery life.

10. Why be in LA?
This device was introduced at Microsoft's activities in Los Angeles. But the public and the media really had to ask why the activity is done in LA.

Even at the last minute before the introduction of the rumored tablet was not clear where the implementation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trigger, Keyboard Game from Cooler Master

Trigger, Keyboard Game from Cooler Master was launched in market. Not only supported a variety of special features for gamers, keyboard Trigger made by Cooler Master also has the unsightly appearance. Like what?

CM Storm Trigger, is part of the Cooler Master line of products that are designed for gaming enthusiast. So it is appropriate that this product does have the features and stylish appearance gamer.

Components used are also fairly slick product, in every instance the keys are already carrying the most lasting Cherry switches appeal. So each key will not be easily dislodged or damaged while in the extreme to use while playing.

This product is also increasingly seen as good back-lit decorated red itensitasnya level can be adjusted up to 5 stages. But unfortunately, to do this would require an additional adapter which is not included in the sale.

Shown Cool

Black doff color combined with red-colored back-lit was successful to give the impression of cool. On the plus again it looks very solid product with a thickness on the keyboard in general.

At the bottom there is a lever Trigger buffer to be operated comfortably. But in addition also included a rubber pads so that the product is not easy to shift when in use. Understandably, this product is intended for gamers, so it needed more protection than ordinary products.

But one of the CM Storm Trigger is unique, the product comes with a micro USB cable that can be removed. Yes, unlike the keyboard in general where the cable attaches to the body and can not be removed.

Cable that was included in the sales package is equally fierce. Clad in a black color as well as both ends of the gold-colored USB interface. Quite interesting. Besides this keyboard also has two USB ports and an additional port for the adapter.

Typical Product Features Gamer

Because it is intended for game lovers, CM Storm Trigger rightly sustains all the needs during play, one of whom use the macro.

In total there are 5 buttons which are all placed at the left. Besides being easily accessible, all the function keys can also be tailored to user desires.

As with other mechanical keyboard, when used for typing CM Storm Trigger also issued a voice loud enough. But do not worry, it's very normal and did not interfere with the comfort while wearing them.

CM Storm Trigger also been equipped with special application to maximize his ability. Memalui these tools can be downloaded gamers can also store up to 5 different profiles.

Overall CM Storm Trigger is quite attractive as a gaming keyboard, especially from the map. Although not the most sophisticated, but the features offered by this product also quite capable of spoiling the gamers.

Only minimal sales package that looks as if it costs less compared with the pegged around USD 119.


High durability gold-plated Cherry switches are rated for over 50 million key strokes
Available with Cherry MX-series switches: Black, Red, Blue, Brown
Multi-media control keys for convenient sound control
5 macro keys with profile management
18K gold plated USB plugs ultra low latency
Anti-ghosting 6 key rollover
64KB on-board memory for profile storage
Storm tactics key for deactivation of the Windows key
Driverless 1000Hz polling / 1ms response time
Two port USB 2.0 hub enhanced
Detachable wrist rest
Braided cable for durability
Non-slip rubber coating
That MCU allows the keyboard to playback macros without delay

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surface, Superhero Tablet from Microsoft

Surface, Superhero Tablet from Microsoft was launched. Microsoft has finally announced a tablet device operating system Windows 8, Monday (6/18/2012), the Los Angeles, United States. Tablet Tablet Surface named it is predicted to challenge Apple's iPad.

To counter Apple's success with iPad, Microsoft started as a manufacturer of tablet itself, as well as create a special operating system Windows 8 tablet, which is named Windows 8 RT.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the Windows operating system that runs the 8 RT Surface tablet, has the same look with Windows 8 that runs on personal computer (PC).

As is known, the Windows PC operating system is the most widely used in the world. Microsoft wanted to bring the same experience when users run Windows 8 on the tablet and the PC and laptop computers.

According to analyst Sarah Rotman Epps from Forrester research firm, he did not see that Surface will kill the iPad. "I do not see the Surface as an iPad killer. But Surface has a lot of potential," he said.

He added that the announcement yesterday in Microsoft berfokusi on hardware innovation, but do not talk about service. "Microsoft is unique assets makes Surface a great product," added Sarah.

Surface will slide in two versions and is available in a choice of internal memory capacity. First, the ARM processor architecture, the so-called lighter and thinner. Surface with ARM processors come with internal memory capacity of 32GB and 64GB. Will slide into the market first, scheduled for the Christmas holiday season this year.

The second version, Tablet Surface with Intel architecture processor. Tablet version of this form is heavier and thicker, but equipped with a larger internal memory capacity, the 64GB and 128GB. The plan, Surface with Intel Ivy Bridge will be available three months after its launch Surface ARM version.

To attack the weaknesses of the other Apple, Microsoft Surface provide a cover that serves as a cover as well as keyboard (keyboard). Not only that, there is also available touchpad to navigate with a finger, just like when you use a laptop.

Microsoft has yet to give pricing details Surface.Namun tablet version of the ARM Surface prices will be competitive with the popular portable computer ultrabook Intel.

AndroMax, CDMA with Android 'Ice Cream'

AndroMax, CDMA with Android 'Ice Cream', now is available. Smartfren increasingly keen to peddle his own brand mobile phones. This new champ is AndroMax CDMA operator that has been embedded with the operating system Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

The device is actually made by Hisense and positioned to compete in the lower middle class. Automatic price is also priced quite cheap, but its performance does not mean cheap.


AndroMax carries a fairly ergonomic design. He was wrapped with a capacitive touch screen that is multitouch response.

When tested, the sweep hand is so easily recognizable and goes at will. As a result, this screen can be relied upon for navigational matters. Including when asked to type through the virtual keyboard, easy and responsive.

It's just the screen that carried AndroMax not too big, and uses only 3.5 inch TFT LED type, HVGA (480x320). In fact, if equipped with a larger screen, the user must have experience with the touch screen can be more nampol.

Turning to the back, there is the plastic casing that has a texture. This is actually a plus, because it so make the handle more mantab and not slippery.

At the rear is also a place to bury a 3-megapixel camera is powered. The camera in this device is just one, not available at the front of the camera.

As for the affairs there are two physical buttons are mounted. On the left for the on-off and lock, while in the kana for the volume. At the bottom of the screen there are touch keys for home, back, and search.


With the price of USD 1.2 million for the official price and $ 880 thousand for the promotion, you certainly can not expect the ability AndroMax class III or HTC Galaxy S One X. But when juxtaposed with the Galaxy Pocket or LG L3, may still be on my level.

Display shown AndroMax admittedly not too sharp, but when invited to watch the video a heavy, mobile phone with a 800 MHz processor is able to eat it quite fluently.

Back to the camera. Fairly decent shots with the power of 3 megapixels. Including for the affairs of video recording.

The special performance is considered sufficient in terms of OS, which has been equipped with Android 4.0. Of course it is still rarely seen in Indonesia CDMA handset that carries the OS 'ice cream'.

The resulting user interface like a premium phone that carries the same OS. But it must be recognized if the picture is less sharp beam. Fortunately this can be covered with a smooth touch-screen capabilities while taking surfing fingers.

Other more value in terms of connectivity. AndroMax comes with the CDMA 2000 1x EVDO Rev A, where the connection is on paper ciamik enough to bring the user is surfing.

Even so, still, it is still dependent on network conditions Smartfren around you. If that is capable of this will be very significant, but otherwise it remains useless.

Smartfren himself had proclaimed that the active center service sales data. So they should really think about the quality of service will be used by the data user to surf.

In conclusion, a fairly decent AndroMax ogled for smart phone users in the medium segment down. Moreover, it costs less than $ 1 million when the promotion, it was already equipped with the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich. The performance is fairly decent.

In the benchmark calculations performed, recorded AndroMax value when using the application Quadrant 1187. While the AnTuTu carve score 2429.


CDMA 2000 1x EVDO Rev A 800 Mhz
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
800 Mhz Qualco,, MSM7625A processor
Adreno 200 GPU
512 MB RAM, expand up to 2GB
3.5 "TFT LED, HVGA 480 x 320 pixels
Multitouch capacitive screen
Internal Storage 1GB Nand Flash
Lithium Ion Battery 1200 mAh
WiFi hotspots Capability
Google Apps
Built in GPS
3MP Camera
Bluetooth 2.1
RUIM Enabled

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ASUS U36SD, Sexy Laptop with Great Power

ASUS U36SD, Sexy Laptop with Great Power has long been on the market. Thin laptop with kitchen implanted a second generation of Intel processors is promoting mobility and powerful performance. Instead of using ultra low voltage processor, the notebook section, Asus chose to embed the standard-voltage processors. However, it does not interfere with its performance when used to do various things.
Indonesia on the market that Asus only provides U36SD adopt Intel i3. There are several versions, which use 2310 processors priced at USD659 i3, i3 2330 i3 4G priced at USD699 and USD679 priced 2G 2330.

Cover for Asus U36SD casing made of magnesium alloy and allumunium-looks like plastic. But the cover looks solid, and when held, does not easily stick to a fingerprint. The cover also has anti-dust coating that makes it easy to get dirty.

In the notebook section, Asus also pinned island-style keyboard. The distance between letters seem tenuous thus helping to minimize typos. When used untukmengetik also feels soft buttons. However, the enter key is created with a size that was smaller than most so it takes a while to get used to.

Touch pad (touchpad) on this notebook does not support multi-touch so it can not act as a shortcut zoom in and out. Touch the button board is divided into two, with the fingerprint scanner is located in the center. Unfortunately, the touch board is a little stiff when pressed, although this does not much affect the performance and only a matter of habit.

Asus menyematka third generation of Intel processors that are equipped with a graphics processor. However, the graphics processor in the application processor is not the article is still there all by himself bekera graphics chip Nvidia GeForce GT 520M form embedded in this notebook. Nvidia graphics chip is ready to boost performance when users need extra graphics power. The system will automatically activate when needed.

Technology in the heat shock U36SD make palm rest area does not feel hot when used for typing in a long time. However, the bottom of this notebook which was quite hot when used for a long time. It's good for notebook users this section provides a cooling pad.

Compared to the MacBook Air or Samsung Series 9, Asus U36SD was narrowly defeated. However, the laptop uses a series of low voltage processor. Asus U36SD itself using standard voltage processors that have more power to shape the body still sexy.

Asus also has buried the software Power 4 Gear Hybrid. This software allows users to choose the performance as needed. There are four options, namely Quiet Office mode is intended to streamline the typing, Entertainment Mode to streamline the power to enjoy entertainment via a notebook, Battery Saving governing power savings, and High Performance are intended to boost performance, but simply spending power.

Legal attempting to use this notebook for typing, run multiple multimedia applications, surf the internet and chat via instant messaging service with WiFi connection. Power Gear is set to High Performance. From a fully charged battery condition, it is able to accompany the section until approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes.

We used to play music the sound will come out of the vents on the underside of the touchpad. Speaker built-in Asus U36SD able to voice tinkling gamelan and various ethnic instruments and modern (contemporary music) with a clear and loud. The sound of gongs which are usually difficult to hear clearly can be heard well.


Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz
Graphics: Intel Graphics HD 3000 and Nvidia GeForce GT 520M
Resolution: 1366 x 768
Hard Drive: 600GB
Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
Weight: 1.44 Kg / 1.66 Kg (4/8 cell battery)
Ports: VGA, HDMI, 1 x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, LAN, Audio, Card Reader
Audio: Altec Lansing speakers

Final Fantasy Now Available on Windows Phone

For those of you owners of smart phones based on Windows Phone are pleased to play adventure role playing game (RPG), Final Fantasy is a game that may be suitable for you. The gameplay is quite popular and has been present in various platforms have been available in Windows Phone.

Reported by Joystiq, Sunday (6/17/2012), an application that dibesut game by Japanese game developer studio, Square Enix, the landing on Windows Phone with a tag of $ 6, 99, or approximately Rp63 thousand. Games that appear on the mobile platform that supports up to four languages ​​including English, French, China and Japan.

Final Fantasy game is the game's first series that have appeared since 1987. With a presence in the Windows phone platform, expected improvements in graphics and gameplay side view on the game.

By more than two decades since Square Enix launches first Final Fantasy game series, has published a sequel to a game that comes in a variety of game consoles, including PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and Game Boy Advance. Game works of Hironobu Sakaguchi was performed with the accompaniment of music arranged by renowned composer cherry country of origin, such as Nobue Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano, and Tsuyoshi Sekito.

From Wikipedia, about the battle system in the game, Final Fantasy was originally using a turn-based system and a simple menu. However the titles of the newer series such as Final Fantasy X to XII, has turned to the elements of a more real-time or semi real-time.

Although the stories in each of the Final Fantasy series stands alone, many themes and elements of the game that is repeated throughout the series. Each sequel brings the unique characteristics of different and there are also monsters that appear repeatedly, for example Cactuar (a monster that resembles a cactus plant).

Opera 12 Shown with New Customization Options

For those of you who like to browse the Internet via desktop, Opera 12 is now present a show with new customization options. New releases were developed by Opera Software that presents a new transformation browser applications required by users.

Reported by Geekzone on Sunday (6/17/2012), free download software that comes with the theme, easy way to customize the look of the browser user. Company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the presents to hundreds of themes available as well as additional new themes every day.

The latest version of browser software that allows developers to create applications that use the webcam device's users. Applications such as Photo Booth, Polaroid, FaceKat trying to make it more enjoyable use of the browser as a platform for entertainment and games.

In addition, Opera 12 comes with new security badges that allows users regarding security and privacy of sites to be visited. Users can quickly see if the site uses the location information or want to enable the user's webcam.

The presence of Opera 12 does not only show interesting features, but also an increase in speed. The company said that users can surf in cyberspace with a fast loading pages, accelerate the start-up process and support for HTML5 than previous versions.

64-bit support on Windows and Mac operating systems, providing better performance on the machine. Popular browser software that also features hardware accelerated graphics was performed with 60 languages ​​and additional support for text read from right to left and five new languages ​​such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu and Kazahk.

Super Expensive and Luxurious Cell Phone

Porsche Blackberry launch in Indonesia last week warned that as the super luxurious mobile phone is still there and continue to exist.

Why? Unlike high-tech consumer who wants advanced features versatile, most millionaires do not care about technology and more interested in the diamond-studded posel only used for calling.

Nonetheless, it remains available product that combines sophistication with luxury smartphone display. Ten of them can be seen below:

1. BlackBerry P'9981 Porsche Design

As the name suggests, this smartphone is designed by Porsche Design is a lot of the accessories manufactures high-end for a man. Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry has been released in Indonesia and can be obtained at a price of Rp 18,888,888.

2. Lamborghini TL700

Android is a smartphone released by the Italian luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini. Even if only carrying the 3.7-inch screen, 5 megapixel camera, and Android 2.3 operating system, smartphone and gold plated alligator is priced at 2750 dollars, or about 25 million rupiah.

3. Tag Heuer Link

Android Smartphone with the same name with one of the products made by Tag Heuer watches are decorated with 1007 diamonds of 2.53 carat pieces. Not only that, Tag Heuer also add features anti-shock and anti-air to protect the 3.5-inch screen size following a 5 megapixel camera. The price to order, from 6700 U.S. dollars, or about 61 million dollars for a model without diamonds.

4.Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin

One another Android smartphone that carries the name of the famous car manufacturer. Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin is a true smartphone Nexus expensive S-coated material that can be selected according to buyer tastes. Want gilded brass, ebony, or pearl? The final price depends on order.

5. Vertu Constellation T

New products from old players in the luxury mobile phone business. Constellation T is the first touchscreen smartphone from Vertu. Layarya 3.5 inches wide and uses Symbian operating system for smartphones was released by Vertu which is still owned by Nokia.

6. Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S

This super-deluxe version of Apple's latest smartphone. Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S decorated with diamonds are hand assembled and coated smooth titanium metal. It cost 10 900 dollars, or about 100 million dollars.

7. Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S

Goldgenie is a company that has specialized decorating products gadgets with precious metals. The result, among others, can be seen in the 4S iPhone product, which is coated with gold, rose gold, or platinum with diamonds added. Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S mention is made of purest gold that can be produced. The price? 29 500 U.S. dollars, or about 271 million rupiah.

8. Gresso Lady Blanche iPhone 4

Gresso iPhone to design specific to women's super elite. In addition to white diamonds, the back is decorated with three Swiss clock that shows time in three different cities: New York, Paris, and Moscow. No wonder the price tag at 30,000 U.S. dollars or about 276 million rupiah.

9. Dior Reveries Haute Couture
Brand whose existence has been very classy in the fashion world this release Android phone made by LG. Haute Couture Reveries of diamonds, pearls, and various other expensive materials is reportedly only made as many as 99 pieces. It costs 107 000 U.S. dollars, or about 984 million rupiah.

10.Ulysse Nardin Chairman diamond edition
This is one of the most expensive smartphone can be purchased. The author chose the Android operating system, with a number of precious stones that many reach 3,000 pieces or 17 karat.

Technical specifications are relatively "normal" with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 8 megapixel camera, 32 GB of disk space, and a fingerprint scanner. Which is fantastic value, 129 000 U.S. dollars, or about USD 1.2 billion!

Xperia P, Premium Android Phone Made from Aluminum

Sony adds to the ranks of the Android smartphone to Indonesia, this is the Xperia P, which began to be marketed in June 2012. He became the second smartphone under the trademark Sony coming into Indonesia, after the Xperia's are on sale in April.

This smartphone aimed at the premium segment. That means, Xperia P also promises the ability of the premium. How hebatkah Xperia P, consider the following KompasTekno review.


Purchases worth USD 4.299 million Xperia P, accompanied by a data cable, charger, earphone, manual, and warranty card.

When it comes to the Xperia P KompasTekno editorial desk, there is one thing that feels quite disturbing, which means the battery charger or charger. Besides its size is quite large in the era of mobile, Xperia charger plug P using standard English (3 eyes shaped flat plugs).

If you are a highly mobile people and always carry a charger everywhere, you should always carry a UK converter plug to a standard plug Indonesia (2 eyes are round plugs).

NXT series of iconic design

In 2012, Sony released three smartphone Xperia is incorporated in the NXT series. All three are S Xperia, Xperia and Xperia U. P What is the difference between NXT series with other smartphone Xperia family?

The answers are at the bottom of the smartphone. In the three NXT series smartphones, the line stretched transparent called Sony as iconic design NXT series.

In the line of the transparent icons back, home and menu. The icons were also visible from the back of the smartphone. Line that will turn transparent when the screen is in the active position, giving rise to the impression of elegance.

Although Sony has been displaying their logo on the front, but Sony Ericsson is famous logo was still in the back.

4-inch screen feels comfortable, because you can navigate with just one hand. Adult thumb can reach all parts of the screen.

Unlike the Xperia S which uses a plastic material to the rear panel, Xperia P using a metal / aluminum bergestur so it is not slippery when held.

Slots, ports, and buttons

There is one thing that distinguishes the Xperia Xperia P S of the design. The rear panel Xperia P could not be opened. Then, where the SIM card slot and external memory slot? Xperia P using the Micro SIM card type, which is located on the left side of the smartphone. While the external memory slot is not provided, because this smartphone has an internal memory capacity is large enough, the 16GB.

There is a 3.5 mm audio jack port on the side of the Xperia P. The left side is available microSIM card slot, and microUSB port microHDMI.

Physical buttons on the Xperia P all centered on the right side. There is a shutter button to take pictures, control volume, and power. This smartphone speaker hole on the right side.


Not Xperia name if not equipped with a quality camera. Xperia P is able to produce a fairly good picture thanks to 8MP camera and sensor Exmor R. LED flash is quite bright smartphone, able to accommodate the needs of light when used in a dark room.

Camera features offered Xperia P rich enough. You can do the touch focus, panorama, 3D panorama, white balance, smile detection, exposure value, to set the ISO.

When the pictures were viewed from P Xperia screen, the colors are very sharp and impressive. Unfortunately, when the image is transferred to the computer, then it's not as good as a color photo is displayed on-screen smartphone. The colors seemed to come down.

P Xperia reliable camera to take pictures during the day. But for taking pictures at night in the open, and use the help of LED flash, noise is still visible in the photo.

When the smartphone in stand-by position, you can take pictures by simply pressing and holding the shutter button. Indeed, the time needed to take photos of the Xperia P stand-by position is not as fast Xperia S which only takes 1.5 seconds. Xperia P takes about 3 seconds.

When this feature is used, KompasTekno Xperia P noted that the camera adjusts the white balance has not been perfect. Photos will be more perfect if not using this feature, because the camera was given square off to adjust the white balance.

Video recordings from cameras behind Xperia P is able to record 1080p HD video quality. The camera is able to minimize the time frame skip is used to record video with fast motion. While the front camera can record video with 720p HD quality.


Xperia P using a dual core processor 1GHz U8500 NovaThor. This is more than sufficient, since it can respond to navigate in a hurry. Xperia lag does not occur when P is used to play popular games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja Space.

P Xperia sharp screen quality because it uses Mobile Bravia Engine, a technology also used in Sony's Bravia televisions. Sony is also pinned on the Xperia P WhiteMagic technology, which is able to block the glare on the screen when the smartphone is used in the hot sun. KompasTekno justify the claim, found no trouble reading the text in the sun.

The resulting audio quality of the loud speaker Xperia P pretty good and loud, bass-element was also quite pronounced.

Xperia P still use the Android operating system 2.3 (Gingerbread). P Xperia Sony promises will have to upgrade Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) at the end of June 2012.

Battery life

When the battery is 100%, KompasTekno durability test by activating the service GMail, Facebook and Twitter and use it intensely. The result, the capacity of 1305mAH battery can last for 6.5 hours.

Please note, battery life is very dependent on the carrier signal that you are using. If the signal does not reach the location you are, the faster the battery runs out.



+ Elegant design
+ Satisfactory performance for multimedia activities
+ Quality camera, LED flash light is able to accommodate the needs
+ Bright display using the Mobile Bravia Engine

- There is no external memory slot
- Size large enough charger and use the British standard plug, making you have to bring the connector anywhere
- Battery

Specifications Sony Xperia P

- 1GHz Processor U8500 NovaThor
- Gingerbread Android 2.3 operating system (Android upgrade to 4.0)
- Internal memory 16GB
- 4-inch screen 540 x 960 pixel resolution
- 8MP camera with LED flash, VGA front camera
- Battery 1305mAh
- Connectivity GSM microSIM card, 3.5 mm audio jack, microHDMI, MicroUSD, 3G, HSPA, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC support, DLNA
- Choice of red, silver, and black
- Price Rp 4.299 million

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Features

BlackBerry Curve 9220 released in the market with cheaper rates than most other 7.1 OS, Rp1, 999 million alone. Manufacturer BlackBerry, RIM's latest feature emphasizes the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on the left side of this smartphone. Fuel service is still the strongest features in this smartphone.

By design, this phone is not impressive luxury mobile middle class. Curve 9220 with OS sells novelty of 7.1., But the ability of the OS is limited to hardware. Not all OS 7.1 promises pleasure to be here.

Smartphone users can respond to service needs fuel. This low price is also capable of embracing adolescence to young adulthood. In fact, new users who want to move from feature phones to smartphones. It could be to you who have friends who always ask you BB PIN number.


This smartphone look like RIM standards are difficult to change. Candybar design with QWERTY keyboard, small screen, and the trackpad.

Layers of plastic wrap was slippery in the hand. If you're careless, Curve 9220 tegelincir easier than when your hands are busy BBM's. Rubber parts on the side does not help. This shiny plastic casing "show off" fingerprint impressions and oil. For hands that are sweaty, the outer portion will be easy to look dirty.

Differences in the design of the line with his brother, or the BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini smartphone 2G seen from the top. Section features links to the media to play music removed, replaced with the switching on and off the device.

This decision is very unfortunate given the music lovers can not get quick access. One power button did not consume a lot of space.

The specificity of the Curve 9220 on fuel that is written clearly on the side with the caption, "fuel". But, the instant access this fuel can be moved from left to right side. You only need to open the Settings option to change the Convenience Key.

QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry is still the leading part. Curve 9220 has a soft keyboard. In fact, much more easily reduced than the BlackBerry Bold 9790. The distance between the keyboard give two thumbs up space movement that included relief. However, the plastic material around it to make a quick keyboard slippery.


Small size of 2.44 inches does not make the quality of the image on the screen and downs. With a resolution of 320x240 pixels, the Curve 9220 is capable of displaying images are brighter than the Curve 8520. Application icons and features looked sharp.

Similarly when watching video. Screen with 65K color video display with bright colors.

OS 7.1

BlackBerry OS 7.1 provides a promising new development, began to pursue the Android OS. Although it still too late. The desire to taste a la Android v2.2 WiFi tethering can not be realized. In fact, cheap Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y is around Rp1, 3 million have been able to enjoy it.

Curve 9220 does not include Mobile Hotspot. BlackBerry Tag to share content and data with the power of NFC technology was not there. WiFi Calling is also not supported here. Similarly with discount offers via BlackBerry Maps.

Excellence Curve 9220 OS 7.1 is given by the presence of FM radio and battery saver, Battery Saver. It feels like a consolation prize.

The interface is neat OS 7.1 by grouping the applications and features. There are five choices that all applications and features, favorites, media, downloaded, and the most frequently used.


Access to physical buttons to quickly access the camera interface, just 1.4 seconds. When you look at the interesting object, you can just spontaneously photographed.

For the results, do not expect much. This time the camera shutter in response to moving objects, especially in dim lighting and indoor. Without the help of flash, you have to hold the smartphone with two hands to shake.

Color saturation is shown quite adequate to capture the colors of light when shooting the concert stage. However, the image is less sharp display detail.

Entertainment and Current Information

Launcher YouTube and social networking applications already invested since the beginning. To open the YouTube Mobile, the Curve 9220 takes 6.5 seconds. While to start streaming, you just have to wait 7.4 seconds. Also include faster browsing. VIVAnews the page takes 3.4 seconds. The better your internet connection, would be influential.

Music services are not provided Curve 9220 has increased. However, built-in speaker on the bottom can take a song with a clear voice to a variety of musical genres. Now you do not need streaming radio online. Curve 9220 already contains features an FM radio. Play video clips with the 720p format can be.

Music Store application gives snippets of songs. You can buy songs digitally with account.

Official Facebook and Twitter applications pre-installed. You can replace it with a more convenient to use by downloading via the BlackBerry App World. If too much lazy to install the application, you can centralize all the latest news from the communication and social networks through the application of Social Needs.

BlackBerry Messenger

Superior features that led to the popular BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) opens integration with 100 applications from App World. This step allows you to organize your contacts and share with co-fuel.


Work can be facilitated by the application Documents to Go. You can read data items from the office. BlackBerry Protect will protect your office data, especially when the BlackBerry is lost.


-Material plastic casing
Connection-2G, not 3G
OS 7.1 Feature-limited
-The quality of images

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reasons BlackBerry Still Needed

BlackBerry reportedly increasingly losing market share amid the dominance of Android and iPhone. Nevertheless, the presence of the device made by Research In Motion (RIM) is still much needed and is projected to still be last.

In the last financial statement, RIM reported a loss of USD 125 million or around Rp 1.1 trillion. However, RIM is still predicted to rise because it has advantages over the iPhone and Android.

"They provide solutions in terms of security and reliability that can not be touched by them (iPhone & Android-red)," said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at the Linley Group technology.

"They have some unique assets and a solid customer base in which some competitors do not have it. BlackBerry is still a very strong brand. There are a lot of people feel like the BlackBerry. RIM can still use it," he added.

However, RIM does need to move fast or get run over. They still have great power, speed and security such as sending email through RIM's internal data center. And messaging services BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

"Email on the phone the other flying at random on the internet, only God knows. What does RIM from the beginning was to build a reliable network security," said Gwennap.

In the construction sector cell phone, BlackBerry is still winning in the keyboard. "RIM is still the best keyboard in the business smoothly. BlackBerry in general have long-lasting batteries," said Sascha from PCMag Reluctant.

However, RIM still has not been able to meet consumers' desire for a touch screen phone. "Consumers today seem to want a large screen and full-color, which always made RIM badly," added the Reluctant.

The presence of the BlackBerry OS 10 was expected to change the fortunes of RIM in the fight against the dominance of the iPhone and Android. Similarly, as reported by FoxNews and quoted on Wednesday (16/05/2012).

Nvidia Create a Graphics to Game Based Cloud

Nvidia announced it will launch the GeForce Grid processor. The graphics processor is designed specifically for game based cloud. The plan, later this year the latest technologies Nvidia GPU Technology Conference will be launching a graphics processor that works with Gaikai streaming game.

Reported by Digital Spy (5/17/2012), GeForce Grid will use dual GPUs features a total of 3072 Kepler CUDA cores. Processor architecture is able to compress the data stream in parallel. With that system, Nvidia claims can reduce the input lag to 30 milliseconds, the same in response to play a non-streaming game console.

No special equipment is required the user to play streaming from GeForce GPU Grid. This game will be compatible with a device capable of running the video on YouTube.

This proficiency level will provide greater flexibility of game based cloud. Because users can play graphics-intensive games on the computer desktop and continue on the notebook, tablet or smartphone without worry specifications of each device.

Nvidia says the GeForce GPU Grid can make cloud-based games such as renting movies online. Until now, Gaikai has announced it will update on all the server data. Updates server is expected to run GPU GeForce Grid in August 2012.

Advantages Working at Google

Those selected to work at Google can be successful. First, they never had to join the great people in the world of the internet giant that is also touted as a dream.

Secondly, after they were given a lot of Google's knowledge and experience to apply, though no longer working at Google. The company even has a line of 'unwritten rules' that have to do all of their employees before leaving Google.

Not to burden the employees, but Google wants to make sure they are out have a stock knowledge and experience to be great. Here are some things to be done before the employee resigned, and a distinct advantage for them.

Be a 'badass coder'
Google invested quite a bit for business education in the fields of engineering and producing codelab detail that makes the people in it have to study hard.

Behind it, Google wants its employees in this area into a 'badass coder', thus the term for people who are good at coding. They are expected to become a better software engineer after leaving Google. Thus, employees are required to make the best use of all the learning facilities provided.

Chat with Celebrities

Working at Google, you will meet many famous people either from celebrities like Lady Gaga, politicians such as U.S. President Barack Obama or his genius in the field of technology.

Google's famous people routinely bring to the campus. The goal is that employees are active in these meetings and can learn many things from their experiences.

Eat a lot
Rule this one sounds unique. Before someone resign, Google should make sure their employees are already taste all the food at the Google cafeteria. That is, Google provides a lot of free food and health. All employees may not refuse to taste it.

Trying it out of your comfort zone

Any Google employees are encouraged to do the like, but it is outside your comfort zone. Google will rotate employees working for the platform or program that may be uncomfortable for them. But the benefits, they can try to work with different teams with different projects.

Simply put, Google asks employees to try new projects and teams. Such a routine rotation of Google so that employees do not get bored.

If the employee housing is not too far away from the office, Google recommends them for cycling. In fact there are many Google employees who cycle to work. Perhaps tiring, but the grueling cycling trip gives employees the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the streets of the office complex. Obviously, making the body more healthy as well right?

Google works in various countries

This is the most anticipated Google employees. Internet giant will offer employees the opportunity to work on Google all over the world. Such rotation is routinely done at Google, including Google's office in New York, Mountain View and Sydney.

Google project to figure out the next

Google invited people to discover what is being worked on Google to launch. The company is fairly open and there are many products available information on their internal wiki.

source : detik

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mozilla Firefox Beta Version Launched for Android Devices

Beta version of Firefox beta has been available for Android devices. These applications highlight the new look comes with a user interface for Android. In addition, Firefox also improve its performance, and provide better support for Flash and third-party plugins.

Mozilla said the party launched beta version of Firefox is to improve the quality before sliding to Android devices through the help of users. "We need your help to refine the beta version and can launch a new Firefox to Android. Please download the Beta version of our website and if you have a bug report problem. "Thus was launched It Pro Portal.

Mozilla announced through the blog, the latest version of Firefox Beta for Android devices has been pinned sync features such as Firefox, add-ons and tabbed browsing. Launched the beta version for Android will provide a new interface experience with the "Awesome Screen". Not only that, support for Adobe Flash to make loading pages faster.

Firefox for Android Beta is supported by various Android operating system, from Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich', until the earlier version of Android Froyo '2 .2. Mozilla claims to have to fix some problems on the new version of Firefox Beta for Android. Problems that are fixed include: session tab and reload the page accidentally change zoom.

HTC One X Review

HTC X One, put forward the unmatched ability of the camera, as well as kitchen runway that claimed the fastest in its class. Multimedia features on this phone is also fairly interesting with the sound setup ala Dr Dre by Beats Audio.

Yes, HTC claims it could have been so. The following Media Kita have prepared a review.

Teasing Design

Design issues are absolutely depends on your taste, but according to Media Kita HTC One X is one of the phones with a display that is quite alluring. The combination of the colors look right, the button layout and size that was proportional.

Big screen with 4.7-inch size makes it difficult not grasped, coupled with a very light weight. One body HTC X is made slightly curved, with the volume buttons on the right and the micro USB port on the left.

At the top there is a water-resistant speakers, 1.3 MP camera, power button, and a hole 3.5 mm jack for listening to audio through the headset. Then there are behind the 8 MP camera lens protrudes to the outside, a unit of LED lights to take photos in the dark, external speakers, and a slot for a micro SIM card.

In the material is nothing special about this phone. The entire body is made of plastic, but still impressed because of the premium and wear sturdy unibody form factor.

Matter of taste when used, although this is still great but the phone can be operated easily. The screen with almost no edge to make this phone quite comfortably held in one fist. But still need a bit of adaptation before the user can type smoothly with just one hand.

One X providing 3 HTC touch panel for navigation. From the left there is a Back button, and then Home, then a button to bring up a list of recently opened applications. Very different from the previous HTC Android phones that always comes with 4 buttons with different functions.

Expansion Beats Audio

Like the previous HTC phones on board, at the One X also embedded voice suits the style of Dr. Dre, but this time slightly expanded functionality Beats Audio.

There are some differences than ever before. For example, it beats the sound effects can be used on all earphones, not exclusive only to the output of Dr. Dre.

Then the sound effects can also be obtained when the user plug in to external speakers, then this feature can also be active when you were watching a movie.

HTC itself had claimed that the Beats sound effects embedded in the smartphone is a combination of chipset with software. But the claim is now broken, when the effects can be inserted into another phone.

HTC beats in no more than an equalizer matched with Dr Dre headphones sound character. Thus, the feature is indeed only be maximized when used together.

So what if paired with another earphone or external speakers? Character of the Beats is likely hardware equalizer with bass domination. So for the love songs jedag jedug hear this effect must be highly favored, it is different for those who prefer the sound detailed and crisp.

Unfortunately, the Beats and the music player application congenital One X does not support music format Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC). Though this format is used more audio lovers are concerned with the quality of sound.

Stunning camera capabilities

The camera is a feature-‘favored’ at One HTC X. Even claimed this phone is a smartphone with the best camera to outperform the iPhone 4S, both in quality and capability of capturing images.

Of technical data can be seen that the lens is used by 8 MP with the ability to capture images at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Among other enhancements, touch focus, face and smile detection, and take pictures simultaneously without stopping. This is rarely found in other phones.

In this mobile phone users can be snapped without stopping simply by holding down the picture taker, then the user can choose which of the best photos you want to keep. Fun is not it? It reminded Burts mode which usually is in top class digital cameras.

When tested, the camera is pretty impressive. Especially beginning with the lens aperture F2.0. This feature will be felt when the user wants to snap in low light conditions.

Because it can absorb more light from the phone in its class, then the resulting picture look better too. Even very good for a camera phone, with an average size of 2 MB per photo in JPEG format.

Beyond quality, other features was carried no less compelling. For example, the ability to record HD video 1920 X 1080 pixels and takes 3264 x 2448 pixel images at the same time. Wow, as if in disbelief, but this feature is indeed real.

Fun again, the camera X One can focus instantly when the camera application is opened. But obstacles arise when trying to take close-up photographs, macro alias. In the camera automatically setting the focus is very difficult, so it should be moved to a close-up mode to get more leverage.

Talk about shooting mode, the phone there are several types that can be used, Panorama, HDR, Portrait, Landscape, Close up, Low Light, as well as other modes. The process of taking pictures in all modes is also very fast without any lag symptoms at all.

Super Clear Screen

One X have the HTC touch screen Super sized 4.7-inch IPS LCD2 that appear very charming. With a resolution of 1280 X 720 and the pixel densities reach 312 ppi, then the resulting image was incredibly beautiful.

Very detail coupled with a color that looks so natural. Fun again, the screen has a fairly wide viewing angle. So even if viewed from the left or right, the image quality will not go down. Even at some point it looks like looking at paintings affixed to the phone.

When used outdoors in direct sunlight conditions, the screen One X also managed to show his strength. Although very hot, but users can still read text messages, browsing, or email without being distracted from the glare of the sun.

Overall, Super IPS display LCD2 used this phone is very intriguing. Up to now the quality is still difficult to surpass that offered by the phone in its class.

Strong Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3

For the kitchen runway, HTC X One reinforced 4 core processor and 1 additional core Nvidia Tegra chip is packaged in 3. Yes, you could say this is one fastest chip in the market today.

Each of its clock can be driven up to 1.5 GHz, supported by Nvidia GPU is already famous concoction of his prowess. To save power products are equipped with processor speeds up the struggle at 51 Mhz.

About the performance was no doubt. To maximize its ability, has provided a special game can be downloaded at TegraZone Games, one game Dark Meadow, but if you want to know how my voice when tested with the benchmark application, detikINET already feel it.

On the application of One Quadrant Standard score HTC X 4321 see-through point, and reached approximately 10 724 Benchmark AnTuTu. You could say that this is a fastest smartphone ever tested by detikinet. So, if you want to play HD movies or playing games is definitely a heavyweight phone is able to eat it with ease.

But it is definitely frightening specification will require a power supply large enough, this also applies in X. One

Battery Li-Po 1800 mAh was carry could only 'provide for' the savage Nvidia Tegra 3 for 4 hours while playing the game nonstop. But when used for normal use like browsing, email, social media, the battery still can last up to 7 hours. But still, it depends on how the use of user

In conclusion, HTC One X does offer something new to Android users, especially those who are hungry for features and powerful performance. But to make up for this phone, prospective buyers have to spend quite deep, it was not included earphones Beast.

Nan brilliant large screen, music blaring and frightening performance as if a value of more HTC One X is still difficult to surpass its competitors. But the price of USD 6.6 million if the phone is worth buying? It all back to you as a prospective user's hand.


+ The quality of the camera okay
+ Bright display
Performance + fierce
+ Lightweight and comfortable to use


- Price is quite high
- Battery pretty wasteful

Specification of HTC X One
• Dimensions: 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm
• Weight: 130 grams
• Display: Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches coated Corning Gorilla Glass
• Operating system: Android 4.0
• Chipset: Nvidia Tegra 3, Quad Core 1.5 GHz
• GPU: ULP GeForce
• Memory: 1 GB RAM, ROM 32 GB (26 GB which can be used)
• Main Camera: 8 MP, touchfocus, LED Flash.
• Second camera: 1.3 MP
• Battery: Li-Po 1800 mAh
• Price range: USD 6.6 million

Friday, June 8, 2012

HTC One X or Galaxy S III, which one???

Homeland gadget enthusiast who wants to woo upscale may be Android phones had to wonder, which is better between the HTC One X or Galaxy S III. Both also have their respective advantages are difficult to surpass.

One either X or Galaxy S III is the best product of the two vendors are the best Android manufacturers. No wonder if they both have very loyal users.

One X is present in HTC in May 2012 and then, faster than the new Galaxy S III went on sale last week. This of course has a distinct advantage for a vendor HTC launched the first mobile quad core in Indonesia.

But does that mean HTC One X will be more in demand than the Galaxy S III? Not guarantee it, because so many variables that affect whether or not selling a product.

Well, as a reference, Media Kita are going a little compare some excellent features that exist in the Galaxy One X and S III. What are they?

Just Slender Body
About the design, it is absolutely a matter of taste and the results can vary. But no doubt these two phones on board has been able to attract at first sight.

Galaxy S III and X One brought together a solid plastic material polycarbote. The difference is, mobile phones made by HTC made the unibody package, so it looks more sturdy and solid.
While the Galaxy S III, the materials used are the same, but the back cover feels very thin. Only about as thick as two sheets of HVS, so it seemed fragile when removed. But when the phone is held in the hand feels mantab.

Media Kita compared coincidence that both of them are white. But Samsung chose the easy shiny white scar on his hands and smooth, while the HTC wearing a pretty white ivory sticks in hand.

About the weight and dimensions of the latter is also not far adrift. One 4.7-inch X using the screen, while the Galaxy S III is slightly larger by 4.8 inches. Automatic, the phone made by HTC is a little lighter than a Samsung. But only 3 grams so not too pronounced.

Same clarity screen, but ..

Galaxy S III carries the super AMOLED screen which does have the most 'daring' than any other screen. But Super IPS LCD display that carried two X One is equally great.

Media Kita
experience when comparing the two products are, Galaxy S III does have better color depth. Even the video display and the image looks more colorful even on the phone.

While HTC One X excels at several types of uses, such as the two mobile phones used in the hot sun Jakarta. Although both are still clearly legible, but the One X is superior to an adequate level of information. For the record, both are already set at the maximum light level.

Even so about the view angle, aka the point of view. One X screen has a wider angle. So the screen is still pretty sight to a certain angle without reducing quality.

Duel 8 MP Camera
Incidentally both have the same great camera, the same 8 MP, so it is fair to be matched.

Galaxy S III shots outdoors is very good. The color is sharp, with decent lighting combination of raised thumbs. But while in the room One X is appropriate because it has superior aperture F2.0 lens, so it can absorb more light.

Both cameras can also direct the focus quickly, and both have supported the touch focus. And when pressed 'shutter button', each captured image was stored in a flash.

Well, armed with a camera other than a very good quality, they are also equipped with a myriad of features are good. Start of the burst mode, panorama, HDR, macro, and others.

But it must be admitted that the burst mode X One more comfortable than the Galaxy S III. To use the user simply pressing the shutter button for as long as desired, but if the Galaxy S III process is a bit complicated.

Users must first activate the burst mode on the application used, then the new camera can be used to quickly snap. But that was only limited to 20 frames.

But when it comes to macros, aka take close-up photographs, X One must bow the knee before the Galaxy S III.

Samsung-made phone that is capable of capturing images up to a distance that is very close, the detail was good enough for the size of the phone. Unlike the One X is very difficult to focus when targeting objects at close range. And when taken of the results are erratic.

Processor 4 'Brain' Powerful
Indeed, both are armed by the processor core 4 which is very powerful. But HTC chose Nvidia Tegra 3, and Samsung use a homemade chip Exynos 4212 Quad. How it performs in comparison?

The resulting overall energy level Exynos 4212 Quad on Tegra 3 is faster 100 MHz. These results are not absolute and depends on each application penujian.

In the benchmark application Quadrant for example, the Galaxy managed to outperform the S III One X with a score that far adrift. While in AnTuTu and NenaMark 2 results were also similar, Galaxy S III proved superior.

Even so Nvidia Tegra 3 still offers a number of advantages, upamanya processors 'reserve' that makes it more power efficient. Not to mention the support of dozens of games that can be downloaded on the Tegra Zone.

Much-Most Features
Lots of features embedded in both the phones are expensive, and each has exclusive features that no dipesaingnya. Voice call it the S-selling Galaxy S III.

This feature works similarly to the iPhone Siri 4S but with slight differences. With S Voice users can open the application, meeting schedule, see the weather forecast and so on. Stay command.

In addition to the Galaxy S III also had a lot of features, there is that makes the phone Stay Smart stay awake when viewed. Then Play Pop Pop-ups that can be used to display videos overlap with the application being used.
Meanwhile HTC have Beats Audio is held. Here Beats functions can be activated on all types of headset, and with these features mengatifkan then heard the sound track that will be felt more 'kick'.

So, Better Where?

Which is better is difficult to determine. Galaxy S III which has many outstanding features and power, and priced around $ 7 million. While HTC One X is no less sophisticated the most expensive sold Rp 6.6 million.

Both also have unique characteristics, so the choice is still falling under each of the needs of prospective users. Want a great power pnya, abundant features, may be meilirk Samsung Galaxy S III.

While you are concerned with the camera, the awesome beauty of the screen and booming sound can taste HTC One X at a price slightly cheaper. Thus, it can determine which one?