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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 Android Phone with Great Durability

Mobile phones with Android operating system scattered on the market. The number of vendors that carry the OS made by Google is trying to make their own innovation by launching a variety of handsets, including a resilient.

Yes, some vendors have Android phones are designed to hold a variety of extreme conditions, such as humidity, falling even put in the water. The target market of course those who love to be outdoors or adventure activities.

In addition to hardiness, its not too disappointed because it had entered a la Android smart phone category. Here are some Android handsets are pretty resilient advanced capabilities:

Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Armed with IP67 certification, this handset is designed withstand the brunt of water, dust and dings. In the water, Galaxy Xcover can survive about 30 minutes. Wearing Android Gingerbread, Xcover had 3.65 inch Gorilla Glass screen, 800 MHz processor, 3.2 megapixel camera complete with flash lights.

Motorola Defy +
The handset is also equipped with IP67 certification. This means that to survive in such extreme conditions fell, banged, scratched or flooded with dust. Gorilla Glass screen technology to strengthen the resilience of Defy +. There are also pre-loaded applications called CardioTrainer to analyze the activity of physical smelling users. Its specification is qualified with a 1GHz processor, 5MP camera and a 3.7 inch high resolution.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
Active Xperia claimed waterproof to a depth of 1 meter within a period of half an hour and dustproof. Running Android Gingerbread, Xperia Active features a wet finger tracking to make sure the phone can still be operated as a very good user's fingers sweat. Features in Active Xperia include a 1GHz processor, a 3 inch HVGA Reality Display, GPS, barometer, compass, measuring heart rate, wrist strap, Facebook inside Xperia, and a 5MP camera with HD video recording capabilities.

Caterpillar CAT B10
Caterpillar, a company known to be involved in the construction industry also released the Android tough. CAT called B10, the phone also has IP67 certification which makes it dust and water resistant design. Left at a water depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, CAT B10 will not be damaged. Adequate specifications such as processor 800 MHz, 5MP camera and promised Android Gingerbread can be upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Casio G'zOne Commando
Just look at his form, already reflected the toughness of the Casio G'zOne Commando is. Yes, Casio Commando is guaranteed to be a loyal friend to those who enjoy outdoor activities or adventure would in the wild. It was designed to meet Military Standard 810G standards. No wonder the Casio Commando will withstand even extreme conditions. Dipped in water, the rain hit, bang, exposed to dust or moisture, Comando ready for it.

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Secret Level & Cyberbullying Resistance in Angry Birds Space

By finding the secret level in the game Angry Birds Space, gamers will participate assessed against acts of harassment and violence through the digital realm or cyberbullying. How?

In addition to collaborating with the U.S. national space agency NASA and National Geographic, Rovio true also collaborate with youth entertainment channel MTV to broaden the appeal of this game.

If cooperation with NASA and the National Geographic aims to introduce the world of science and space, along with MTV, Rovio raising campaign against cyberbullying via Angry Birds Space.

Yes, the success of open (unlock) a secret level where to find the hidden object will get better as players will also play a special level while participating in MTV campaign entitled 'A Thin Line'.

To unlock this stage, players can visit MTV Draw Your Line. Here, such as a visit on Tuesday (3/27/2012), the player will be asked about actions to be done to counter cyberbullying.

Based on the guideline that is displayed, this action could be anything. From start to regularly change the password of social networking, block or report bullies on the web, or help people find help for a friend who experienced cyberbullying.

After players post the action on Draw Your Line, MTV will show it in the 'map positive influence'. It aims to encourage everyone to take part against cyberbullying.

If completed, the player will be given a reward in the form of leaks to open up the level of 'Golden Egg'. This is where the secret level would open. Well, curious? Feel free to try!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Instagram Alternative for Android Users

While waiting for the arrival of Instagram on Android devices, it's worth trying a few alternatives if the application of other photos that are not less interesting.

Yes, since people infatuated with via instant photo editing applications, as developers compete to create applications with a variety of filters and features.

Indeed, many photo applications intended for Android, and the fifth application below are some of them as reported by Mashable, Monday (3/26/2012):

1. Pixlr-O-Matic
When compared with Instagram, richer application filter. He presents a selection of 68 filters, lighting effects have not added the 73 and 193 border.

Together with other applications that allow users to share photos on other social platforms, users Pixlr-O-Matic can also share pictures or menguploadya in The application is available free for both IOS and Android.

2. Hispter
He has in common with Instagram to filter and combination of border affairs. But here Hipster users add text over a photo, so it looks like the postcard. After add modifiers in doing things, users can send it via email and show it off on networking sites or in the community Hipster.

In addition to working on the Android operating system, it is also available for IOS for free.

3. Photos Lightbox
This application gives you the option on each photo users, will be made private, can only be friends only or open to everyone.

In addition to mutual memfollow Lightbox fellow users, users also can connect to it to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. With this, they can see photos of his friends even if they do not have an account Lightbox.

4. Streamzoo
Filters, and effects are presented border Streamzoo touted almost like Instagram. Not only can upload photos, users can also upload video here. Again, it can be downloaded free of charge to users of IOS and Android.

5. Vignette
Applications that dbanderol USD 3.99 features 76 effects and 57 frames. Style retro / vintage served by Vignette seingga users are able to make the photo more beautiful.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Most Popular Applications Category on Android

AppBrain, an Android application directory, have interesting data about the category of what the most popular applications on the Android application store, Google Play (formerly called Android Market). At Google Play, many categories of applications that are available and of the many categories of existing applications, there are some very popular among users.

Here is a list of five categories of applications that are popular in Google Play is sorted by the total number of downloaded applications with over 50,000 in that category:

This category has about 2346 individual applications downloaded over 50,000 times. Some examples of its application is Easy MP3 Music Download Pro, 9GAG (free), Movies by Flixster, Talking Puppy, and MP3 Ringtone Maker.

This category has about 2153 individual applications downloaded over 50,000 times. Some application examples are Tiny LED Flashlight +, Easy Battery Saver, Easy Task Killer Advanced, Onavo | Usage Data Monitor, Adobe Flash Player 11.

This category has about 1510 individual applications downloaded over 50,000 times. Some examples of its application is Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers, HD Wallpapers PicSpeed 170.000, ICS Launcher Ex Go Theme, Windows 7 Theme GO Launcher EX, Exodus Live Wallpaper.

Arcade & Action Game
This category has about 1347 individual applications downloaded over 50,000 times. Some examples of applications are Airport City, Ceramic Destroyer, Cartoon Wars, ZENONIA 4, My Railway.

Casual Games
This category has about 1197 individual applications downloaded over 50,000 times. Some application examples are Bubble Shoot, The Oregon Trail: Settler, Smurfs' Village, Stardom: THE A-LIST, Tap Fish.

Readers can view the complete data in / stats, and I think the available data can be used as an interesting reference material when developing applications on the Android platform.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tips for Secure Android Tablet From Virus Attacks

Android smart phone devices or tablet when frequently used for browsing or receive files from other devices it will be susceptible to a virus (malware). Moreover, users who frequently download applications or information on the virtual store.

Even the practitioners on the hardware virus has been detected three false for the update installer application for Android, which Androidos_ADSMS.A, Androidos_Dordrael.l, and Androidos_crusewin.A. So is the latest Android Malware, called Droid Dream Light (DDLight). Malware has managed to outwit 30000-120000 Android users. Outside it's still a lot of viruses or other malware.

Here are some tips for your favorite Android device safe from virus attacks or malicious malware:

1. Take advantage of standard safety features in Android device

Go to menu> Settings, then Select> Location & Security> and enter the data as no PIN and Password to lock the phone. This is useful for securing personal data when the phone is lost physically.

2. Do not select the Auto setting Connect to Wi-Fi
Go into the menu> Wireless & Network, and select> WiFi Settings, disable the function Auto Connect to Wi-Fi. Especially if you are using Internet banking.

Android devices are usually connected to wifi (especially abroad) are even more vulnerable infiltrated by hackers (hackers). Weak security as experienced by the applications using named ClientLogin authentication protocol that runs on Android OS version 2.3 to the bottom.

With ClientLogin, users only need to enter username and password required. Further application authentication process will take from the data stored on the ClientLogin. ClientLogin authentication data is stored on security that has a vulnerable system. Hackers can access data stored on the ClientLogin authentication is when a user connects to the network Unencrypted Wifi.

The solution, avoid the use of unencrypted wifi network (wifi network is open). But if the choice of open wifi networks only, it is better to use additional applications for the security of wifi connections such as SSH Tunnel. This application can create secure connections between your Android handset devices with unencrypted wifi jatingan server.

3. Avoid application installed aside from the Android Market
To avoid the Trojan Android, install only the applications in the Android Market. Recently discovered Trojan Android from a third party application service provider in China.

4. Be careful when an application for permission to open access to personal data
If the application is installed for permission to open some of the data, make sure you do not give access permission to enter personal data, such as phone contact list.

5. Use the special security applications your Android device
In addition to installing and vigilant when opening a particular link, you are advised to also install security applications for mobile phones. Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android for example, not only do we have secure passwords, but also all of our mobile banking transaction data.
And lastly, it tips over if something is missing if the mobile device or tablet-owned limited support from the technology side.

It's Time to Tab
As one of the Tablet Android market leader, Samsung proves its existence in the tablet computer with access to all segments of the existing tablets. Ranging from sailing 7-inch tablet, 10.1 inches, up to 8.9 inches.

Not strange indeed if the tablet PC Samsung is the best selling tablet computers in Indonesia. Security features that are tested, plus a charming form of the Android OS uses a lot of people chasing him.

Please visit / id or via mobile phone in / id. Also get the latest info from the family of Samsung Galaxy Tab in community.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

PayPal Expanded To Mobile Payment

Mobile payment becomes a lucrative arena for companies such as PayPal. Payment service owned by eBay swept the mobile payment arena with the release of a new device that allows users to perform mobile transactions.

Reported by Reuters on Sunday (3/18/2012), this device helps the business or company receiving the credit or debit card payments via mobile devices.

PayPal Here, the name of the new service was launched in the United States (U.S.), Canada, Australia and Hong Kong this week. Businesses, from small to large scale in the four countries can sign up for Paypal Here to subscribe and get the card reader and a triangular-shaped mobile applications for free.

Later there will be a dongle device that is inserted at the top of the consumer smartphone. And when they will make a payment, just swipe your credit card or debit to the appliance.

The approach was pioneered by Jack Dorsey mobile payment distinguishes it from other models, such as installing a chip near-field communication (NFC) in the smartphone. NFC technology allows consumers to touch the phone itself to the sensor devices will make mobile payment as payment.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

You know the BlackBerry? Or maybe you're one Blackerry user? If you're a BlackBerry user, have you ever felt your BlackBerry have a virus?
"Well, it looks like the BlackBerry I got a virus. Her memory could not be detected," said a BlackBerry user. Such complaints often heard it. However, what really is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

So far it seems there is no virus that infects the OS that play on the device made by Research In Motion (RIM) that. That there is a virus that attacks the media card (external memory) on the Blackberry.

How does the virus work? At the time of the Blackberry is connected to the computer using a USB cable, then when the virus can get into the media card for Blackberry converted to USB storage.

The following characteristics of the memory card file that was infected with the virus:

1. There are some files that have the same size
2. There is a folder that seems to be lost (hidden virus) and the shortcut will appear with the same name as the folder that is hidden virus.
3. There is a file that has more than one extension, for example:

So how do we eradicate the virus?

1. Find a computer anti virus always update. Can also use locally-made anti-virus, now many are good, because usually the computers in Indonesia infected with a virus most local alias made in Indonesia.
2. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer and when the pop up menu appears, select the Blackberry as a USB storage
3. Scan the memory card in your BlackBerry by using anti-virus on your computer
4. Sort files by size / file size and some of the same size and is indicated as a better virus removed.
5. If there are files with the extension over more than one, immediately delete the file.
6. The most important thing is, after the media net card not haphazardly copy files into the media card using a computer that does not have an updated anti virus.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Careful Before Download

There are many applications in the Android market, an attractive and of course tempting to download. There is one example of an interesting story to be known. For example, in our minds are already planning to decide to download this application. However, because many first rate, it seems problematic applications. However, when seen again, the application has been downloaded more than 10,000 users already have 19 people who gave rating 5. Confused?

After examining it carefully, then known there was something wrong with this application. It turns out the publisher's written statement is MICROSDFT CORPORATION with website address. From there it is known that the application (may be) is a malware that will steal personal data or credit will suck too, because it automatically serves as a call premium service.

In conclusion, carefully before downloading the application on the Android Market. And if a similar application is found, you can e-mail to Android Police, Flag As Inappropriate Device In The Market, Report It On The Web, as well as the left one star review.

There are a few tips you can do to avoid dangerous malware:

1. Do not install the application apart from the Android Market.

Some time ago, android trojan was found in some third-party application service provider in China. Therefore, do not ever try to download much less to install applications that do not originate from the Android Market.

2. Be careful when an application is requesting permission to open access to personal data.

Indeed, some applications will ask for permission to open some of the current data will make the installation process. But, make sure when you do not give it permission to access private data into the data let alone a phone contact list.

3. Use the special security applications Android smartphone.

Using specialized security applications are highly recommended. In addition to providing protection from dangerous malware, security applications such as Trend Micro Mobile Secutiy will secure all mobile banking transactions that could be done.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Why You Should Choose the Android Operating System?

Among the many choices of operating systems (OS) for mobile devices, Android become the fastest growing OS. Introduced on 5 November 2007, the Android OS now has entered the fourth generation, named Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android's popularity could erode the market share of Apple's IOS, BlackBerry OS from RIM, Windows Phone from Microsoft, and Symbian from Nokia. Android to quickly master the global smartphone market share, with the acquisition of 52% in the third quarter of 2011, according to data from Gartner research institute.

Android fever now it is focused into the tablet market, this one device does provide convenience and value to its users. The entire telecom vendors are competing to create a variety of tablets and technological sophistication, as well as the Android OS on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab itself was introduced in September 2010, and continues to innovate to become one of the largest manufacturers of tablet. Varying screen sizes and technology in it to make Samsung Galaxy Tab into conversation and choice of gadget lovers.

And what about the Android operating system? Well, here's some of the advantages that exist in the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab.

1. Open source
Like operating system for desktop computers, Android is Linux for the tablet. Yes, Android is an operating system kernel based on Linux. Android is an open operating system (open source). That is, Google released the source code (source code) for easy Android application developers who want to create applications for Android.

2. Google developed Android serious
As the owner of Android, Google looks so serious in developing the ecosystem of this green robot. Until 2012, Android has been developed to the fourth generation or so-called Ice Cream Sandwich. From generation to generation, Android continues to experience significant progress. Starting from the technical performance, until the display interface.

3. Availability of qualified applications

Because Android is open source, programmers and application developers to create applications were enthusiastic. Application developers do not have to deal with the procedure paid OS platform, because they made the application freely distributed with open source licenses, shareware or even freeware.

In addition to Android Market, specifically for users of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, you'll be spoiled with Samsung Apps, an exclusive application for users of Android based Samsung handset. Where applications on Samsung Apps allows you to optimize your Samsung Tablet.

There are many free applications, but still qualified categories ranging from games, social media, chat, entertainment, up office applications.

4. Diligent developers upgrade applications
Android application developers to upgrade the diligent application they have made. This proves the seriousness and consistency in their application so that developers do not lose customers.

5. The selection diversity
Android is not only produced by one vendor only. Google let any vendor who wants to adopt Android. Google believes that Android is about choice.

6. At affordable prices
Android smartphone options diversity creates a strong trade competition among the vendors. This will stimulate the vendor to create Android devices, aimed at the low end segment to the high end. So that all people can try out the sensation of Android.

7. Free to customize the ROM for those who like mengoprek

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. ROM to customize Android called rooting. Rooting is not something that is illegal in the Android ecosystem. Rooting function actually used third parties to develop applications. As for the individual, they can find and access the file system Android.

It takes the technical ability to do the rooting, such as flashing techniques, restore, recovery, and so forth. One advantage of rooting is to save battery power to improve the performance of the smartphone, because you can remove the standard applications that are found to be necessary.

8. Connected with all Google services
For those of you who are very familiar with the Google service, then Android is the right choice. Android is designed to support the service GMail, Google Docs, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Talk, Google +, and of course the Google search engine.

In addition to the above seven Android excellence, there is one important thing which is actually the key to the success of Android is none other leading vendors support on Android.

Android is supported by an alliance called the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), which was set right when Google introduced Android, 5 November 2007. OHA is a consortium led by Google, and to date has consisted OHA 84 companies engaged in the hardware, software, telecommunications, and semiconductors from around the world.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Corsair Vengeance M90, Mouse for Game Lovers

Vengence Corsair M90, a mouse designed specifically for gamers MMORPG or game strategies. Nevertheless FPS, and other game lovers can also taste their reliability.

Features offered by these products is similar to other gaming mouse. High levels of sensitivity, customizable function buttons, and more. But there is something quite special about this product. What is it?

Look Fierce

Not a gamer mouse name if only to have a 'face' normal. Even so with a Vengence Corsair M90. Dominance of the color black, light blue and the Corsair logo that lights up brightly lit to make it look so charming.

About looks, although predominantly of plastic materials, but the bottom of this product completely using silver-colored aluminum. So in addition to the weight that feels Corsair Vengence mantab M90 in hand, the combination of colors used also looks compact.

But unfortunately Vengence Corsair M90 adjustable weights. Though several similar products already use a ballast that can be mixed in accordance with the wishes of the user.

Apart from looking unsightly, Corsair also made the right decision to use a textured plastic Vengence both sides of M90. So even though this product is still mantab sweaty grip.

Button placement was arranged neatly. Although the total to 15, is secured, the user will not be difficult to use all features.

Software support

Vengence Corsair M90 also require additional software to make this. But remember, the user must download it directly on the Corsair site because it did not include in the sales package.

The installation is very easy and fast, but there are times when the last mouse could not be used for a while. Natural thing to do, because at the time the application is trying to communicate with the mouse.

After intalasi process is complete, users are faced with a complicated interface. Yes, it does look complex at first and it takes a bit of adaptation before used.

Through this application users can do some adjustments. From managing the functions of each button, to adjust the mouse sensitivity. Ranging from 100dpi to 5700dpi.

Features of the application is also quite comprehensive. In addition to doing the above settings, there is also penujian surface quality. Quite helpful for users who enjoy mutually mousepad.

Darting performance

When used at maximum dpi, this mouse can quickly dashed with just a touch small. Even so sensitive, sometimes the cursor can be moved very wild. Fortunately there is a rubber mat under the Corsair M90 Vengence that can help control it.
Each configuration is set up can be stored directly into memory mouse. Yes, Vengence M90 has its own memory that is embedded in it. As a result, users can activate the saved settings on the fly, aka no need to open the application again. Just click it activated immediately.

Overall Corsair M90 Vengence is very alluring. In addition to a lot of features, products worth USD 655 thousand is also easy on the eyes.

The basic material used product also includes a premium, this can be felt when the user starts to hold it for a while. So many buttons that give meaning to itself for the MMORPG game lovers, because a lot of settings that can be used here.

The quality of materials + ok
+ Many of the
+ Features a variety of

- Weight could not be adjusted
- Interface application is somewhat confusing

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Take a picture trick with the iPhone

Like to take pictures with the iPhone? Do not just snap and snap it. With a number of tips, activities of shooting this could actually be more fun. Here are a few tricks to maximize your iPhone's camera, as reported by Cnet, Monday (27/02/2012).

1. Snap a photo with headphones
IOS 5 introduces the convenience snapped photos using the volume button up. With this feature, users can plug in and use it as a remote headphonenya camera shutter.

This action allows the image to the more stable and flexible. With the option to put the iPhone on a tripod and use headphones to enable the shutter, photographing action would be more fun.

2. Key focus and exposure
If users do tap on the screen, the iPhone will automatically determine the focus and exposure. However, problems occur when users make a move too much. Will seek to focus the camera back and searched for lighting levels.

To lock the focus on the object, do the tap and hold until 'AE / AF Lock' appears. With this, if the user did excess motion to change the composition of the picture, then the focus and exposure will remain locked.

3. Use the grid and rule 'rule of thirds'
Capture photos with the rules of 'rule of thirds' is more easily done by using the existing grid. Do this with a pulled-tap 'Options'> Grid ON> Done.

4. cropping
Cropping is usually done to change the composition of the photograph and the iPhone now has a cropping tool is built-in. And use the following quick steps.

Open the photo from photo gallery, then zoom and move the picture to be in the desired composition. Now hold down the home button and press the lock button to take a screenshot. Photos that have been dicrop will appear next to the original photo in the camera roll.