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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Angry Birds Space: Action Grumpy Bird in Space

You know the game Angry Birds? Ever to Play It? I'm sure you know, or ever heard of it. One of the most popular games ever is coming to launch the newest version. Angry Birds will soon explore space. Yes, Rovio as the creator of the popular mobile game is ready to launch a new version, titled Angry Birds Space.

In a statement on his website, ready to launch Angry Birds Rovio Space on March 22, 2012. Angry Birds Space will likely continue the glory of this game, which many previous versions have been downloaded about 500 million times.

In addition to launching the game, Rovio also make a variety of knick knacks Angry Birds which further adds to the coffers of their money. Not long ago, Angry Birds have also been launched on the social networking site Facebook.

"What we build is an entertainment franchise. Entertainment is not just about the game, which we do business bigger than just a game," said Peter as head of marketing Vestebacka Rovio is quoted from CNN, Sunday (19/02/2012).

Unclear what kind of story that will put forward Rovio Angry Birds in Space. Almost certainly, setting the game will be in space. We'll wait.

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Monster League: Can the Monster Become Legendary footballer?

Local game developers, Agate Studio, has just released a new game titled Monster League. Tells of a world filled with monsters where football is everything.

This football themed game simulation can also treat the players longing Tamagotchi, except that here the players train to become a footballer legendary monster. This game can be played for free in chat applications Mig33.

Monster League captured the attention of more than 10,000 users chat applications Mig33 which 70% came from Indonesia, 30% comes from foreign countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Mozambique and so forth.

The game itself is simple, players will get a monster that must be practiced. Uniquely, the monster that the player will get adjusted to the personality of the player based on the answers to the questions that arise early in the game.

There are six types of monsters with different abilities. There are expert in running, kicking, carrying the ball, jumping, feeding or mentekel opponent.

Players will train the monster to be the best footballer in the world of Monster League by completing various missions. Players can also challenge the pet monster of his friends who also joined the world of Monster League.

Players will get a reward in the form of silver star that can be used to purchase equipment that can support monsters in the game of football such as soccer shoes or other accessories.

The ability of players to determine the decision will be tested in a match in the Monster League. Does he have to attack or defend? Break through the opponent, or shift gears to a friend? The decisions taken will determine the winning player.

Besides the new features we'll be forming a team with monster our friends, could be recruited into the team and challenge other teams through the features of Match.

To play the Monster League, make sure the mig33 application version 4.2 or 4.6 already installed on your phone and enter the Mig33 application click on the tab 'My Games', find 'Monster League' and you can play free on the phone. Waiting for, Let's be the Legendary Monster League Trainer!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Play Pinterest?

A matter of time to see how people are addicted Pinterest site. Although so far its use is limited to users who have earned an invitation (invitation only), but who would have thought if the traffic fairly fast.

Some time ago reported, the site is reaching 10 million unique visitors per month in America. With these figures, it became the site of the fastest growing independent than other websites.

Curious how to use social media? The following basic steps, as reported by DigitalArtsOnline, Wednesday (02/15/2012):

1. The first to know about it Pinterest is a web-based bulletin board where people share photos or other knickknacks like the marker named 'pin'.

2. So far the site is limited to those already in-invite. Ask your friends who already have an account here to invite you. Or if not, send the request and submit your email address to Pinterest directly.

3. Although no sign-in, you can also surf and admire the 'pins' that other people posted. By default, Pinterset serve to pin a collection of random surfers: food, fashion, product, sports, travel, and others. However, you can focus on specific content by clicking on a specific category listed in the top menu.

4. If you already have an account, you can do 'pin' on those items that you think are interesting, in several ways. First, click the + Add button and then click the Upload a Pin if you want to post the file from your computer. If you want to upload a file from a site, select 'Add a Pin' and enter the URL in the field provided.

5. To categorize your favorite items, you are welcome to create a board that could be titled according to the topic of the pin collection that you collect. Such as: Architecture, Food, or anything else.

6. Just as social media, it is possible to memfollow others, put a comment and sign 'like' in that there are pin.

Pinterest released in March of 2010 by a team based in Palo Alto, California. So many who access this site, it collects more referral traffic from a combination of YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The chronology of Whitney's death news on Twitter

The world lost a legendary diva Whitney Houston, who was found dead in a hotel room in Beverly Hills last weekend. As usual, the news circulated in advance Whitney's death in a social networking site Twitter rather than appear in the news.

Citing Mashable, tweet the first reported deaths came from the account @ Whitney AjaDiorNavy. In the tweet, even so-called Whitney was found dead in the bathtub (bathtub).
"Omgg, my aunt tiffany whitney houston WHO work for whitney houston just found dead in the tub. Such ashame and sad :-(," wrote an account written at about 16:15, on Saturday, February 11, 2012 U.S. time.

About 15 minutes later, another Twitter account to write about the death of Whitney. In this tweet, written location Whitney's death in a hotel room in Beverly Hills.
"My sources say Whitney Houston found dead in Beverly Hills hotel .. Not in the news yet!!," Wrote @ chilemasgrande's account.

Whitney's death had just confirmed by the media, first by the Associated Press. At that time, the news confirmed the death of one of Whitney Whitney staff, Kristen Foster.
"BREAKING: Christian Foster's publicist says the singer Whitney Houston has Died at age 48," wrote the Associated Press in an account @ AP, at around 16:57.

Confirmation is done by the AP and then spread after in-retweet of more than 10,000 times.

Saturday night, police announced the new Beverly Hills diva singer's death "I Will Always Love You" is. Police said the death of Whitney at around 15:55.

This means the death of Whitney on Twitter circulate about 20 minutes after the time of his death. Tweet on Twitter about Whitney's death had reached approximately 2.5 million tweets and retweet the first hour since the time of his death, with a record 1000 tweets per second.

Quick news

This is not the first time Twitter has become the fastest source of information. When the ambush Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, a computer programmer who lives in Abottabad even had time to live-tweet about the ambush.

But, of course, Twitter account is not the source of information has been ascertained the validity of the story. Need to obtain confirmation of the information, so users do not get stuck Twitter false news.

Because it is a news site a source of information on the most widely-retweet. Whitney's death in MSNBC recorded the most in-tweet retweet with 13,000.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Most Powerful Phone in the Freezing Temperature

Have you ever thought whether the phones sold in the market can survive in very cold conditions? A main question underlying this test 18 popular brands of mobile phones to measure resilience in extreme temperatures.

MikroPC media trial conducted in Finland, one of the countries in Europe that are experiencing extreme cold weather nan. A total of 15 best selling phones that Nokia is included in the enclosure. There are also three more models for a comparison, so a total of 18 phones.

Endurance test conducted in a laboratory that can be regulated temperature. Initial temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 9 degrees gradually lowered to a temperature at which all the phones stopped working. How did it go?

Apple iPhone 4S turned out to be the first one fails. At a temperature of -5 degrees, 4S iPhone and Nokia N9 are equally disturbed. At a temperature of -10 degrees, iPhone 4S totally dead. While N9 can withstand temperatures up to -19 degrees.

As quoted from PCWorld, Tuesday (07/02/2012), the majority of smartphone can not survive in temperatures of -15 to -20 degrees Celsius. While the phone is more durable feature where there are surviving in temperatures -25 degrees.

Samsung Galaxy S II turned out to be quite strong and the most enduring smartphone. The new Android handset is off when the temperature was lowered to -35 degrees Celsius. Galaxy S II commensurate with Samsung Xcover and Nokia C2-02.

Then the phones which are a champion? Apparently champion is cheap handset Nokia C1-01 and Nokia E65. Both are still able to function until the temperature showed a -40 degrees Celsius.

Several factors cause why the handset so that one can better survive in cold temperatures than others, such as batteries and screens in the sector. Handset with AMOLED screen is said to be cold resistant than LCD.

Here's a list of tested phones and how they survive until the temperature. The left side shows when the phone began to show symptoms of the problem at a particular temperature and the right display when the phone is turned off:

May be useful and could be one for your consideration in deciding what phone to buy.

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