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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tips Optimizing Your Skype

Before we discuss the title above, it would not hurt me first explain the meaning of 'skype'. Skype is a communications program with a P2P technology (peer to peer). This program is a free program (downloadable free) and made with the purpose of providing means of voice communication (voice) based low-cost high-quality Internet for all people in various parts of the world. In other words, this program allows the user to make calls from PC to PC at no cost with the help of the internet. After knowing what it means skype, now I will present some tips for maximizing the utilization of this skype program. Following these tips:

1. Tests Your Device First

The first thing to do is check the sound quality on your device. The first step click 'check your sound works', then click buttonnya to test each of the devices such as microphones, speakers, and video. If this test fails, you need not worry because skype will provide basic direction to resolve it. In addition, Skype will also help the user make a test call. Users can click on the dial in a number, then he will listen to the voice of women and re-record it for later listening. The aim is to check the quality of the microphone and volume. In addition to the above, to fix problems that arise, you can also do it in the tools-settings, audio settings and then click 'show advanced options'.

2. Start with Windows

By default, Skype immediately start when Windows opens. It is easier for users who really want to use Skype, but it becomes a bit annoying for those who do not. You can set Skype to be active only when you open it by clicking 'Tools-Options-General Settings' and clean the box marked 'Start Skype When I start Windows'.

3. Try Bluetooth

We need to know, Skype is able to work at all microphones, speakers atapun headphones, including a Bluetooth headset. But condition your computer must have Bluetooth receivers. When the bluetooth receiver on your PC is active and your headset in pairing condition, click 2x on the Bluetooth icon and then click 'Add' under the 'Device'. Navigate ke'My device is set up and ready to be found ', then click' Next 'until Windwos locate the headset and the connected.

4. Instant Messaging

Like Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger, Skype could work as short messaging programs. Users can move from phone calls to a text message or do it at the same time. Just choose which contacts to send a message and click 'Send' to start the conversation. In addition, you can also set Skype to only accept messages from people in the contact list and choose to save only the history of all conversations.

5. Extras

With the extras, you'll get more Skype functionality via plugins. In the latest version of Skype Extra Manager is disabled by default. In this case, you need to uninstall and mereinstallnya. Download the version provided Skype Extras page. This is the old version. When the software is installed, click 'Options' on page Hello and check the "Install Skype Extras Manager' and click 'I agree - Install'. If so, sign back into Skype and select 'Tools-Extras-Get extras'. Some extra allows users to share a whiteboard or play games with friends in the contact list.

6. Voice Mail

You can set the voice mail at work when you are offline. Click 'Tools, Options-Calls-Show advanced options' and select 'Voicemail'. Check box 'Send unanswered calls to voicemail' and click the 'Record' and use your microphone.

7. Skype button

You can add a Skype button on your site or blog so that visitors know when you are online. If they have Skype installed on the PC, then they can make calls on you with one click. You also can also add a button in your email signature so that email recipients can click it and instantly communicate via Skype. Visit the Skype button page and enter your username. Choose a button style you want to use. After all the details entered, the preview will appear next to the embed code. Copy and paste this code as HTML source on the site or email signature.

Blogger Buddy, that was a few tips that can be done to maximize the skype. May be useful for us.


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