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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best Android Game of the Year 2011

Soon coming to an end in 2011. A variety of interesting things have happened in the year 2011. Starting from Muammar Khaddafi, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, Opera Mini 6.5, until a new programming language, Dart. Not only that, in the year 2011 also circulated dangerous viruses, such as BitCoinMiner / Dorkbot up with the Android virus. But here we will not discuss all these things. Here we will discuss about the Android game. Year 2011 could be the year Android operating system. With open source that carried Android, a variety of applications could be available in the Android mobile devices. Ease of this makes Android has the second largest number of applications after the IOS. The following are some of the best Android game in 2011.

1. Where's My Water 

Disney enter a physical puzzle game into mobile gaming, where players are challenged to get the water to a swamp. Design puzzles are varied and clever puzzles make this game interesting. Animation is also very good swamp in this game, and make the player curious to try more than 140 puzzles included in this game. Plus the prices are cheap (0.99 U.S. dollars), this game is worthy of occupying the first place.

2. Muffin Knight 

Departure from the PC game Super Crate Box, coupled with the layer-style RPG for the development of character, this game became exciting action games. Variations in levels and weapons are fun to navigate. Each session is very short, great for casual gamers who only have occasional time to play games on mobile phones. Wireless multiplayer allows players could be held against other players that use different operating systems, such as Android with IOS.

3. Star Legends 

This game uses a futuristic MMORPG where players will easily adapt themselves to do battle. It's easy to join in a single mission and fight with others at random. This game is also cross platform so it can be played with fellow Android users, as well as with the IOS and the users web browser Chrome.

4. Plants Vs. Zombies

PopCap brings the best game since the beginning of 2011 for Android. This game is a strategy game that combines elements of bastion and tower defense. New elements are introduced in a simple way so easily adapted by casual gamers though.

5. Reckless Getaway
The advantages of this game instead rely on the potential destruction caused by police chases. Driving skills and destroy the other cars are selectively challenge of this game.

6. Robotek 

The core of this game is that we control the robot. Players will be able to control its robots to fight to save the world from monsters. Warfare involving the use of strategies to strengthen the defense or release a devastating attack. With a fantastic atmosphere, this game is more fun than those games plantations.

7. Sonic CD 

This is the classic Sonic games on the PC that was brought to the mobile platform. Like the original version, Sonic Games just got an update on some of the features for mobile devices. This game can be played on smart phones and tablets, with Japanese and American soundtracks as well as an improved technical capabilities.

8. Age of Zombies 

This game is quite exciting because the players have to escape the hordes of zombies that keep popping up. Zombies can be destroyed with dual stick weapon developed by the creators of Fruit Ninja game.

9. Cut The Rope

 ZeptoLab's physical puzzle game makes the transition to be used in Android. This game dikreasikan of various levels that have been developed in the version of IOS. Om Nom protagonist is still annoying and becomes animated sellau there.

10. PewPew2

 This game uses a dual stick shooter. Besides offering a challenging levels, this game offers endless variations of fashion. The combination of two factors, namely the effective control of vector-based graphics and the style is the attraction of this game.

How Buddy Blogger? Interested to try? You can buy it in the Android Market and there are also some free ones like Star Legends and Robotek.


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Van-Tech.Blogspot said...

Makasih Sob atas infonya, kalau sempat mampir blog saya juga ya...

Riefz said...

kayaknya keren keren tuh game nya! tapi syang ane gax punya ponsel android! hehe

Cora Duke's SnapShots! said...

Happy New Year!

CahNdeso said...

Infonya sangat menggiurkan, sayang daku anak desa yang miskin dan hidup serba pas-pasan. Salam sahabat, happy new year 2012, success and goodluck, Guys

Asis Sugianto said...

info yg menarik tentang android sobat...

Obat Sakit 2011 said...

Android hebat gan.
Selamat tahun baru 2012 gan ya

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Euis Ryan said...

Interesting article, I am satisfied smpai read out. I am looking forward to visit my friend behind my blog & join the followers. Thank you.

carrinhos telecomandados said...

There were couple of games announced in 2011. It is tough to make favorite lists of games because almost games were amazing and deserved to list in top 2011 game lists.

Wildcard SSL said...

Great informative post and i really likes your information, most of the peoples are likes your blog because it is having the good knowledge. Thanks for your good informative post.

Jurnal Rachmat said...

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salam kenal dari blogger banyuwangi :D

Riefz said...

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Sarung tenun pemalang said...

game nya keren-keren sob. Mantap nih infonya. ^_^

YUIloverz said...

Wah infonya menarik sekalii... assyyik tuh :)

septiaji said...

makasih sob infonya, nampaknya gamenya enak nih bro.

wildcard ssl said...

it was really excellent and we really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it with us their features and advantages.

alvina said...

I really like to play puzzle game. I always play puzzle game in my mobile. ZeptoLab's physical puzzle game and i will try on it. Thanks for provide list of Android game of 2011.

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