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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tips for Fighting Addiction Phone

People of today many are addicted to using cell phones, especially smartphones like the BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone. The use of various devices can provide a variety of convenience and entertainment. But we must be vigilant because of excessive cell phone use can be detrimental.

That raised a professor Cary Cooper, an expert in psychology at Lancaster University, UK. He hopes that the user can limit the time to use the phone because it could have a negative impact.

"Viewing the screen constantly keep you away from people, you do not interact with the real world or face your problems," said Cooper.
Smartphones can indeed create addiction. According to Cooper, one of the cause because since the user never knows when it will get an email, SMS or a fun message that they continue to check the handset to seek pleasure.

"Being the subject of a constant stream of data or information overload presents a real risk of indifference to the information that is really necessary and makes you less control of life," he said.

Here are some tips Cooper to fight addiction to mobile phones and to live healthier:

1. Reduce the use of cell phones has gradually

Mobile phones remain a very useful thing, so it's impossible to not use it at all. Even a sudden not use smartphones than originally addiction can be more damaging psychologically. To combat addiction, Cooper advised to turn off the handset a few minutes a day, then more time on the following days.

2. Know where to use the phone

Someone must know and realize when not to use the handset. Like when you're driving because it can break the concentration and lead to accidents. Or maybe on sacred occasions.

3. Many are talking

Conversations in the real world can not be replaced with the chat via the phone or send a message. Talking face to face to give more understanding of what the other person feels and how the appropriate response. According to Cooper, many communication involves body language and a real relationship will not occur just by conversation via cell phone.

4. Many exercise

Get plenty of exercise and leave your handset. Sport can create feelings of pleasure and can treat the depression that may occur due to excessive use of smartphones. In addition, our bodies will also be healthier.

5. Measure the use of mobile phones

A mobile phone users may not realize how much time they used to use it and what they missed. Yet the moment the best moments happen in the real world, like the first kiss or a pleasant chat with the people closest together.

6. Use it wisely

Mobile phones can not be denied useful for life. For example, many useful applications to help life be better or as a means of communicating with distant colleagues. But according to Cooper, it would be nice to use the handset with the wise to the extent of social life does not interfere with the user.

That was a few tips that we can try to reduce addiction to mobile phones. Please try and hopefully useful.

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