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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Play Pinterest?

A matter of time to see how people are addicted Pinterest site. Although so far its use is limited to users who have earned an invitation (invitation only), but who would have thought if the traffic fairly fast.

Some time ago reported, the site is reaching 10 million unique visitors per month in America. With these figures, it became the site of the fastest growing independent than other websites.

Curious how to use social media? The following basic steps, as reported by DigitalArtsOnline, Wednesday (02/15/2012):

1. The first to know about it Pinterest is a web-based bulletin board where people share photos or other knickknacks like the marker named 'pin'.

2. So far the site is limited to those already in-invite. Ask your friends who already have an account here to invite you. Or if not, send the request and submit your email address to Pinterest directly.

3. Although no sign-in, you can also surf and admire the 'pins' that other people posted. By default, Pinterset serve to pin a collection of random surfers: food, fashion, product, sports, travel, and others. However, you can focus on specific content by clicking on a specific category listed in the top menu.

4. If you already have an account, you can do 'pin' on those items that you think are interesting, in several ways. First, click the + Add button and then click the Upload a Pin if you want to post the file from your computer. If you want to upload a file from a site, select 'Add a Pin' and enter the URL in the field provided.

5. To categorize your favorite items, you are welcome to create a board that could be titled according to the topic of the pin collection that you collect. Such as: Architecture, Food, or anything else.

6. Just as social media, it is possible to memfollow others, put a comment and sign 'like' in that there are pin.

Pinterest released in March of 2010 by a team based in Palo Alto, California. So many who access this site, it collects more referral traffic from a combination of YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn.

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