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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster League: Can the Monster Become Legendary footballer?

Local game developers, Agate Studio, has just released a new game titled Monster League. Tells of a world filled with monsters where football is everything.

This football themed game simulation can also treat the players longing Tamagotchi, except that here the players train to become a footballer legendary monster. This game can be played for free in chat applications Mig33.

Monster League captured the attention of more than 10,000 users chat applications Mig33 which 70% came from Indonesia, 30% comes from foreign countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Mozambique and so forth.

The game itself is simple, players will get a monster that must be practiced. Uniquely, the monster that the player will get adjusted to the personality of the player based on the answers to the questions that arise early in the game.

There are six types of monsters with different abilities. There are expert in running, kicking, carrying the ball, jumping, feeding or mentekel opponent.

Players will train the monster to be the best footballer in the world of Monster League by completing various missions. Players can also challenge the pet monster of his friends who also joined the world of Monster League.

Players will get a reward in the form of silver star that can be used to purchase equipment that can support monsters in the game of football such as soccer shoes or other accessories.

The ability of players to determine the decision will be tested in a match in the Monster League. Does he have to attack or defend? Break through the opponent, or shift gears to a friend? The decisions taken will determine the winning player.

Besides the new features we'll be forming a team with monster our friends, could be recruited into the team and challenge other teams through the features of Match.

To play the Monster League, make sure the mig33 application version 4.2 or 4.6 already installed on your phone and enter the Mig33 application click on the tab 'My Games', find 'Monster League' and you can play free on the phone. Waiting for, Let's be the Legendary Monster League Trainer!

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