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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Virus Flame is a Weapon "Cyber​​" A Country

Cyber ​​war has gone further. Equipment "war" is even more diverse and sophisticated. One is a virus or malware. In fact, now emerging viruses / malware is very sophisticated and complex in the form of attack toolkit.

It is a dangerous virus is the "Flame". Virus found Kaspersky Lab team is specifically designed to spy on computer users who are infected with a variety of ways.

As malware Stuxnet and Duqu who had made a mess of Iran's nuclear reactor project, Flame was allegedly a "cyber weapons" that had been launched by a country to achieve specific goals.

"Malware Flame seems to be the next stage of the war (cyber). It is important to note is that the cyber weapon of this kind can be used to attack any country," said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab, said in a statement quoted by Wired.

If Stuxnet has a specific target of the industry, Flame specifically targeted businesses and universities, and only infect no more than 5,000 personal computers around the world, allegedly over a network or USB stick.

Limited deployment is alleged to have a goal to avoid detection as long as possible. Flame is estimated to have been circulating since 2010, adjacent to the discovery that caught Stuxnet because spreads are too wild. Kaspersky Lab Flame recently discovered two weeks ago.

"In terms of sophistication and the area surrounding the spreading of certain countries in the Middle East, no doubt, is (Flame) sponsored by a state," said Alexander Gostev, Head of Global Research and Analysis Kaspersky in his blog.

Gostev malware makers to categorize into three groups based on the complexity and characteristics of the attack, the hacktivist, cyber criminals, and the state (nation-state). According to him, Flame into the latter category. Gostev also said the Flame to give a new direction for digital warfare and espionage.

Flame infect a number of computers in certain countries in the Middle East, including Iran, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Malware authors are not known.

Unlike the Stuxnet which are also classified as "cyber weapons", Flame seems designed not to damage the system, but to collect data in a way to spy on the infected user's computer.

Currently active on the computer, Flame detecting and intercepting network traffic audio conversations, whether done through software, like Skype, or by activating a computer microphone.

This malware is also able to record keyboard keystrokes, take screenshots, intercept e-mail, and even detect and steal data from a bluetooth device.

Stolen data collected Flame then encrypted and sent to a number of domain "Command and Control" maker's spread all over the world and can be changed to another address at any time if the domain in question is closed or abandoned.

Flame is so sophisticated functions, the experts estimated it took years to learn what things can-and will-made malware.

Rumors that the recent cyber attack weapon appears to be intended to pressure Iran in its nuclear program negotiations. Flame was first discovered in the Iranian Oil Ministry's computer.

In addition to Flame, also found another malware named "Viper" is trying to erase the data from the server.

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