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Thursday, May 3, 2012

HD Spywatch, Camera Camouflage in Fine Watches

More advanced age, and the development of technology there is no doubt bring a change in the behavior of human life. The emergence of a variety of computing devices, gadgets, to multimedia devices such as cameras, no doubt making the need for such devices as if it jumped like a meteor.

One camera. Miscellaneous forms of cameras currently on the market. Ranging from manual camera, digital camera, up to the camcorder that can record video.

Various forms and the development of any bemunculan camera. One example is a surveillance camera. Surveillance cameras are cameras that are placed on specific tools and functions to be disguised or dikamuflasekan certain devices, such as pens, watches, table clocks, tissue boxes, car keys, buttons, lighters, ashtrays, glasses, even a tie.

HD Technology

One that will be discussed this time is shaped at the hands of a surveillance camera. In appearance not unlike the watches in general. But what makes it special, this watch is able to record video with HD technology. The resulting image quality was inferior to the camcorder on the market. In addition to being able to record HD video, the device called HD Spywatch can also be used to capture images with jpeg output, which is capable of producing a resolution of 1600x1200.

Directions for Use

The use of HD Spywatch very easy. To turn on, you just press and hold the on / off, until the indicator light purple, and then changed to blue. At the blue indicator lights, press the on / off 1x (not on hold), the indicator light will flash 3 times then goes off, indicating that spywatch already in a state of video recording.

At the blue indicator light (video mode), press the 1x mode to move into fashion photos. The indicator light will turn red, and proceed by pressing the on / off 1x for filming.
To turn it off, you simply press the on / off, until the red indicator light flashes 3 times then goes out.

Quality video and images produced in the state space with the availability of sufficient light, the results are not inferior to other digital compact cameras. But it must be admitted, HD Spywatch not be relied upon in a low light (night), due to the absence of the flashlight in it.

USB connection
To transfer or move photos and videos that have been recorded, it can use the USB cable that automatically connect to the computer. When you want to add power, it also has features charging (Lithium batteries such as mobile phones) that do not require extra batteries to turn it on.

For those of you who are interested in the uniqueness and sophistication of this Spywatch HD, you can simply make it up with a fairly affordable price of Rp 580,000.00. Visit soon for reservations and more information.

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