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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Super Expensive and Luxurious Cell Phone

Porsche Blackberry launch in Indonesia last week warned that as the super luxurious mobile phone is still there and continue to exist.

Why? Unlike high-tech consumer who wants advanced features versatile, most millionaires do not care about technology and more interested in the diamond-studded posel only used for calling.

Nonetheless, it remains available product that combines sophistication with luxury smartphone display. Ten of them can be seen below:

1. BlackBerry P'9981 Porsche Design

As the name suggests, this smartphone is designed by Porsche Design is a lot of the accessories manufactures high-end for a man. Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry has been released in Indonesia and can be obtained at a price of Rp 18,888,888.

2. Lamborghini TL700

Android is a smartphone released by the Italian luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini. Even if only carrying the 3.7-inch screen, 5 megapixel camera, and Android 2.3 operating system, smartphone and gold plated alligator is priced at 2750 dollars, or about 25 million rupiah.

3. Tag Heuer Link

Android Smartphone with the same name with one of the products made by Tag Heuer watches are decorated with 1007 diamonds of 2.53 carat pieces. Not only that, Tag Heuer also add features anti-shock and anti-air to protect the 3.5-inch screen size following a 5 megapixel camera. The price to order, from 6700 U.S. dollars, or about 61 million dollars for a model without diamonds.

4.Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin

One another Android smartphone that carries the name of the famous car manufacturer. Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin is a true smartphone Nexus expensive S-coated material that can be selected according to buyer tastes. Want gilded brass, ebony, or pearl? The final price depends on order.

5. Vertu Constellation T

New products from old players in the luxury mobile phone business. Constellation T is the first touchscreen smartphone from Vertu. Layarya 3.5 inches wide and uses Symbian operating system for smartphones was released by Vertu which is still owned by Nokia.

6. Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S

This super-deluxe version of Apple's latest smartphone. Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S decorated with diamonds are hand assembled and coated smooth titanium metal. It cost 10 900 dollars, or about 100 million dollars.

7. Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S

Goldgenie is a company that has specialized decorating products gadgets with precious metals. The result, among others, can be seen in the 4S iPhone product, which is coated with gold, rose gold, or platinum with diamonds added. Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S mention is made of purest gold that can be produced. The price? 29 500 U.S. dollars, or about 271 million rupiah.

8. Gresso Lady Blanche iPhone 4

Gresso iPhone to design specific to women's super elite. In addition to white diamonds, the back is decorated with three Swiss clock that shows time in three different cities: New York, Paris, and Moscow. No wonder the price tag at 30,000 U.S. dollars or about 276 million rupiah.

9. Dior Reveries Haute Couture
Brand whose existence has been very classy in the fashion world this release Android phone made by LG. Haute Couture Reveries of diamonds, pearls, and various other expensive materials is reportedly only made as many as 99 pieces. It costs 107 000 U.S. dollars, or about 984 million rupiah.

10.Ulysse Nardin Chairman diamond edition
This is one of the most expensive smartphone can be purchased. The author chose the Android operating system, with a number of precious stones that many reach 3,000 pieces or 17 karat.

Technical specifications are relatively "normal" with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 8 megapixel camera, 32 GB of disk space, and a fingerprint scanner. Which is fantastic value, 129 000 U.S. dollars, or about USD 1.2 billion!

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