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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The cause of the Galaxy S III Burned Successfully Revealed

Some time ago, the Samsung Galaxy S III belongs to a student reportedly burnt in Ireland. Samsung immediately to find out what causes it, and now the investigation has come out.

South Korean manufacturer that states that aided investigations prove Investigations Fire agencies, the cause of the fire was not due to malfunctions of the handset. But the burning tereskpos 'an external energy source'.

Samsung said they contacted the Fire Investigation based in the UK to investigate this case. The result, Galaxy S III burned by user error.

"The only way to produce such damage is to put the phone in the microwave," said Samsung.

The phone owners admitted that his previous Galaxy S III fell in the water. To dry it quickly, he put on a powerful heater.

Well, that's the treatment that otherwise makes S III eventually burn. It is quoted by Reuters on Sunday (08/07/2012).

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