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Saturday, July 14, 2012

LG Optimus L7 : Middle Class of Android with Luxury Taste

LG Optimus L7 is new android smartphone for middle class with luxury taste. Although less audible echo in Android phone competition, does not mean LG underestimated. Optimus at least through the presence of L7, LG wants to prove its existence.

Previous South Korean manufacturer has also launched Optimus L3 is intended as an entry level smartphone. When looking at the specs and the price is priced approximately IDR 2.999 million, L7 is for the middle segment.

Prior to the conclusion who needs LG Optimus L7. Check out what the real performance through the review below.

Design steady
Do not expect LG will stumble design issues such as 'brother', because that carried a very different design. Modern square style makes it comfortable to hold.

Although it feels solid, the only slightly annoying, plastic, this phone feels like holding a toy cell phone.

When traced further body LG L7 is, at the bottom there are three buttons for 'Home', 'Back' and 'Menu'. Very relieved with 4.3-inch landscape display, but fits in a pants pocket, because it has a 8.7mm thinness.

Another is the volume button on the left, then the power button on the top right side with 3.5 mm head jack. While at the bottom is the microUSB port that serves as a data cable and charger.

Conclusion This phone is very sturdy, slim and comfortable to grip even with one hand though. For those of you who have the fingers and palms are great.

Seamless display
LG has the technology to display the so-called IPS-LCD. It is also embedded in the LG L7 is. When tested indoors or outdoors exposed to direct sunlight is able to show results that are not too good, but not so bad.

This handset comes with a resolution of 480x800 pixels with a pixel density of 217ppi level. Expected minimum number of existing smartphone screen size.
With this capability is sufficient for the needs of applications that do not require high graphics. Although it is somewhat regrettable that price, at least consumers can get better.

One more weakness is not buried light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness - especially when outdoors.

With a single core processor 1GHz Qualcomm MSM7227A dibesut through and Adreno 200 graphics processor paired with a suitable enough Android Ice Cream Sandwich plus luggage Optimus UI interface.

From the test results with the benchmark Standard Quadrant obtained up to several times the number 1886. It's pretty smooth to run some applications that are not too heavy.

But do not expect to be able to optimize such a faster dual core or multicore processors. Due to several cases, this handset has ngelag.

Camera and the default application
LG pair the Optimus 5-megapixel camera on L7. Broadly speaking, it is not too bad to capture images with a low light situation because it has added an auto flash.

When used outdoors was also able to record objects in detail, because the handset is also embedded autofocus feature to round up the picture with a close range.

Besides the default application offered by LG is rich enough, one of which is the LG World. It is not much different from Play Store, but the application is suitable who wish to see the application of recommendation from LG.

For support of it all, complete with the LG 1700 mAh battery. Been used continuously for gaming and other applications all day just to survive more than just a rechargeable battery.

LG's big names and quality assurance in making devices at reasonable prices. With different designs, as well as the innards are implanted worth it if L7 is suitable for the first smartphone users.

For products already have other LG home appliance, it is suitable when L7 is juxtaposed with these devices for the emergency multimedia player.

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