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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sony Xperia P Features

Sony's increasingly aggressive in the world of Android. Vendors who recently split with Ericsson's handset continues menggeber new green robot.

One of the best new is Xperia P. This handset will compete with other Android phones in the price range of $ 4 million.

Japanese vendors that appear to be serious to create Xperia P. In addition to the design that looks attractive, jeroannya also qualified on paper with the presence of dual core processors.

What kind of real performance Xperia P? Consider the following brief review.

Solid Design

This phone is categorized as upper middle. The design is something like the Xperia S, handset Sony champ today. But size is slightly smaller.

Yes, at first glance, the Xperia Xperia P and S as a twin. The most obvious similarity is that there are transparent at the bottom of the screen that emits light. But the smaller size of P Xperia.

P Xperia body curved in the back that makes it ergonomic, feels solid in your hand. Does not feel slippery.

P Xperia body looks premium because of the dominant use of metal. Solid and elegant design, it seems Xperia P is one handset that makes users confident to show off.

There is little record of where the screen seems vulnerable Xperia P scratched. In testing, this handset to be treated carefully. But suddenly appeared a few small scratches on the screen is quite annoying.

Xperia P around the body is decorated with various buttons and ports. As the camera button, USB port, HDMI, and of course the volume keys on the key off.

Note again, it uses a micro SIM handset that may be quite a hassle because it has not been common. Additionally, the batteries can not be removed and no additional memory slot to add storage capacity.

Impressive display

Xperia P equipped with a display technology called WhiteMagic. The technology is claimed to increase the clarity of the screen and helps make it more visible outdoors. And it looks like it is.

An impressive display is one of the main strengths Xperia P. In addition WhiteMagic technology, was coupled with the Mobile Bravia Engine technology to improve its clarity.

Screen resolution of 540x960 pixels Xperia P (QHD). The colors displayed on screen 4 inch handset looks natural. Clear in the eyes. When viewed outside the room was still quite comfortable.

Xperia P still using the Android operating system Gingerbread promised 2.3 can be updated to Android 4.0. Sony provides its own custom interface in Xperia P with Timescape UI.

Xperia icons and P looks elegant. There are five homescreen on the main screen that can be fitted with the menus as you wish users. There is a Folder Media is organizing a camera, music player and FM radio.

It's visually very distinctive look and P Xperia attractive. Themes and wallpapers typical Sony Xperia series is quite interesting to use. There is a typical application Timescape organizing social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Not bad performance

Components Xperia P is qualified, at least on paper. The handset uses a dual core processor 1GHz U8500 NovaThor by ST Ericsson and 1 GB of RAM.

Theoretically, it should go smoothly operating cell phone. And rightly so. Although there is still a little lag symptoms, switching between screens and navigation menu running smoothly.

Similarly, when accessing a variety of applications. For example, Gallery. photos and video are displayed quickly.

To play the game also seems to be no problem. Testing is done with the game Grave Defense HD. Display the game feels very bright and pretty smooth operation. Although sometimes there are also non-responsive symptoms, although not to interfere.

This handset has 16GB of internal storage that can not be expanded because there is no microSD slot. So users should limit the data in it so not too excessive.

P Xperia cruising the Internet in support HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbps. Browsing goes well, of course depends on the strength of the network operator is used.

Cameras and other

8 megapixel camera is a mainstay on the Xperia P to take photos. Complete with flash lights to add quality images in dark environment situation.

The resulting photos look rich detail and accurate colors. Shutter lag, or period of time from the camera to produce images taken of relatively minimal as well, so make comfortable.

The handset is capable of taking full HD 1080p video. Good enough to replace the camcorder in recording a variety of precious moments.

Music or video player has an attractive visual design. As usual, bursts of sound from the speakers is less presents an interesting audio experience. But if it is put on the headphones, then his voice was clear and kicking.

To support its operations, equipped with a battery-powered Xperia P 1305 mAh. If used continuously, quite wasteful as well and only lasted about a day.


Xperia P has a variety of advantages that make it be reckoned among the rows of the Android smartphone upper-middle class. Call it an impressive screen, good camera and a capable multimedia performance. Negative note pinned partly because the screen is easily scratched, there is no microSD slot and enough trouble for wearing a micro SIM.

However, those who crave Android smartphone that could be accounted for by the quality most likely will not regret the choice Xperia P. This handset can be redeemed at the price range of IDR 4 million.

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