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Friday, May 11, 2012

The changes in Windows Phone Tango

Nokia has just released Lumia 610 in Indonesia on Thursday (5/10/2012). This is the first smartphone to use the mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.5 coded name Tango.

Tango is a refresh (refresh) of the operating system Windows Phone Mango, who are both still at version 7.5. Because the operating system is a refresher, not many new features that were presented at the Tango.

Based on the experience when tested Lumia 610, there are at least four new features that were presented.

1. Internet sharing

Windows Phone Tango provides personal hotspot feature, or popularly called tethering, which was not previously available in Mango. Microsoft calls with Internet Sharing tethering that can be activated by going into the settings menu.

2. Flip to silence
Incoming ring tone loud sometimes makes people shocked and confused what to do, especially if the user was in the middle of a meeting.

With the flip to silence, the user can stop the ring tone is annoying, for example, when she was asleep. Users simply put smartphones in the prone position to stop the ringing tone but the call was not rejected.

3. Available Indonesian

Unavailability of Indonesian language in Windows Phone Mango become a frequently asked user. Users in Indonesia is still in phase with the introduction of Windows Phone, because it is very necessary after Indonesian.

Hear the complaints, Microsoft also presents the Indonesian language version of Windows Phone Mango.

4. Nokia Music
The amount of public interest in Indonesia in enjoys music, Nokia is seen as a business strategy of its own. Nokia Music presents download free services and authorized for 6 months.

Users simply open the Nokia Music icon, select the title song or artist, and instantly download. The songs are downloaded from Nokia Music format. AAC, with an average file size of 1MB to 2MB. These music files can be stored indefinitely and can be transferred to other computer devices.

Overall, no significant feature updates on the Windows Phone Tango. Product Manager Nokia Indonesia Anvid Erdian, promising, Nokia users Lumia Lumia 710 and 800, can perform operating system upgrades Tango in the middle of this year.

source : kompas

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