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Monday, May 28, 2012

Now, No Need Graphics Card For playing Weight "Game"

Although it has been available since a long time, the technology on-board graphics are graphics processors together with the motherboard or processor unit is often underestimated.

You see, on-board graphics cards are usually more sluggish than a separate graphics card. Let alone to play the game, running Windows was sometimes still faltered.

Trying to change that view through the Intel-powered embedded graphics processors in the Core-i "Third Generation" known popularly as "Ivy Bridge".

On processors from families "Ivy Bridge" there are HD 4000 graphics processor and Intel's HD 2500 has a claimed speed of up to two times higher than the previous generation.

Intel also said that the Core's integrated graphics processor-i "Third Generation" is already sufficient to play complex 3D games though.

To prove this, Intel Channel Platform Manager David Tjahjadi HD 4000 Intel demonstrated the ability to run the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in HD resolution (1280x720) in a discussion of media in Jakarta, Monday (05/28/2012).

Based on the observation KompasTekno, the corresponding game can run smoothly without jerky although some advanced graphics features such as anti-aliasing also activated.

"Instead of just playing the game, also has the Intel integrated graphics acceleration capabilities QuickSync that can accelerate certain tasks, like encoding video with Cyberlink Espresso applications," explained David.

According to him, the acceleration of Intel's QuickSync can now be used in a number of applications, "As in the form of plug-ins for Adobe Premier video editing applications and Cyberlink."

Furthermore, David said that Intel was approached by software developers to use the acceleration QuickSync in their artificial applications. "By distributing Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers, such as OpenCL HandBrake with her."

Intel is not the only manufacturers that provide the processor with a powerful integrated graphics processors. Its rival, AMD, also has equipped CPU with integrated graphics Radeon homemade is even mentioned having a higher speed than its competitors.

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