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Sunday, May 27, 2012

NVidia Ready to Take out the 30 Phone Tegra 3

NVidia's performance could be considered quite classy in 2012 thanks to the presence of Tegra 3. These results will be more encouraged to fill the mobile phone market by 30 smartphone that is equipped with the faster processor.

As stated by General Manager Mike Rayfield delivering this vision for the year 2012. For comparison, the Tegra chip 2 has been used by the device 15 in 2011.

As we know, NVidia has made a 'drama' manarik by adding LTE modem for their chipset. When they announced the first LTE modem Icera 410, certification is also available from AT & T's LTE network

Rayfield continued that Icera Icera 500 will eventually replace the 410. Icera 500 has a speed of LTE and future generations will be bundled with the next of the series NVidia Tegra Tegra are going to be 'Grey'.

While we will still see Icera 410 later this year, and Grey himself was about to make her debut in 2013.

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