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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Norton Mobile Security Ready to Keep Android Devices

Information technology security company Symantec launches security application for a long time Norton Mobile Security. This application is made to anticipate the theft of data and information users of smartphones and tablets.

Security issues in these devices can not be ignored because the number of malicious programs (malware) that is intended for mobile operating systems continue to grow in number. This is triggered by the penetration of mobile device users continues to increase.

According to Effendy Ibrahim, Symantec's Consumer Business Director for Asia, at least 300 malicious programs that target the kinds of Android mobile operating system, IOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

The program was dominated by evil trojan horse that can steal data and information users.

He continued, from 33 million users in the world of smartphones and tablets are 10% of users who have been infected with malicious programs. And protect users of its mobile devices with only 12% of security applications.

Android is a Trojan horse in the highest compared to other mobile operating systems. "This is because Android is open source," Effendy said in a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (05/04/2012).

Symantec party claims, Norton Mobile Security can protect data theft attempts from Trojan horse that is in Android. There are anti-theft security features on the website. When the user goes to a fake site, the application automatically mmblokirnya.

Norton Mobile Security is able to detect and remove malware on the storage media with regular checks carried out.

One feature that is superior than Norton Mobile Security, according to Effendy, the application can lock the device or delete all data when a user loses their device.

To help find the missing, the application is able to transmit the GPS coordinates that tell the location where the device was located.

"All that can be done by going to the Symantec web site and log-in with the email listed in Norton Mobile Security," said Effendy. Users can follow the instructions on the Symantec web site.

Norton Mobile Security One license is priced at Rp 150,000. This price includes the services for a year and update protection.

Currently, Norton Mobile Security is available for Android, but it is being developed for the iPhone and the iPad.

source : kompas

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