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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Careful Before Download

There are many applications in the Android market, an attractive and of course tempting to download. There is one example of an interesting story to be known. For example, in our minds are already planning to decide to download this application. However, because many first rate, it seems problematic applications. However, when seen again, the application has been downloaded more than 10,000 users already have 19 people who gave rating 5. Confused?

After examining it carefully, then known there was something wrong with this application. It turns out the publisher's written statement is MICROSDFT CORPORATION with website address. From there it is known that the application (may be) is a malware that will steal personal data or credit will suck too, because it automatically serves as a call premium service.

In conclusion, carefully before downloading the application on the Android Market. And if a similar application is found, you can e-mail to Android Police, Flag As Inappropriate Device In The Market, Report It On The Web, as well as the left one star review.

There are a few tips you can do to avoid dangerous malware:

1. Do not install the application apart from the Android Market.

Some time ago, android trojan was found in some third-party application service provider in China. Therefore, do not ever try to download much less to install applications that do not originate from the Android Market.

2. Be careful when an application is requesting permission to open access to personal data.

Indeed, some applications will ask for permission to open some of the current data will make the installation process. But, make sure when you do not give it permission to access private data into the data let alone a phone contact list.

3. Use the special security applications Android smartphone.

Using specialized security applications are highly recommended. In addition to providing protection from dangerous malware, security applications such as Trend Micro Mobile Secutiy will secure all mobile banking transactions that could be done.

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Accountant Melbourne said...

This is absolutely true. One must be careful on what to download for your android phone, it might be the cause of problems.

Indra said...

betul sekali info nya, sob

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

benar kawan..selalu waspada di dunia online adalah sikap yang harus dijaga :)


nice share post ^_^

sunmagicflower said...

Thank you for the information!!!

Nice blog!!