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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tips for Secure Android Tablet From Virus Attacks

Android smart phone devices or tablet when frequently used for browsing or receive files from other devices it will be susceptible to a virus (malware). Moreover, users who frequently download applications or information on the virtual store.

Even the practitioners on the hardware virus has been detected three false for the update installer application for Android, which Androidos_ADSMS.A, Androidos_Dordrael.l, and Androidos_crusewin.A. So is the latest Android Malware, called Droid Dream Light (DDLight). Malware has managed to outwit 30000-120000 Android users. Outside it's still a lot of viruses or other malware.

Here are some tips for your favorite Android device safe from virus attacks or malicious malware:

1. Take advantage of standard safety features in Android device

Go to menu> Settings, then Select> Location & Security> and enter the data as no PIN and Password to lock the phone. This is useful for securing personal data when the phone is lost physically.

2. Do not select the Auto setting Connect to Wi-Fi
Go into the menu> Wireless & Network, and select> WiFi Settings, disable the function Auto Connect to Wi-Fi. Especially if you are using Internet banking.

Android devices are usually connected to wifi (especially abroad) are even more vulnerable infiltrated by hackers (hackers). Weak security as experienced by the applications using named ClientLogin authentication protocol that runs on Android OS version 2.3 to the bottom.

With ClientLogin, users only need to enter username and password required. Further application authentication process will take from the data stored on the ClientLogin. ClientLogin authentication data is stored on security that has a vulnerable system. Hackers can access data stored on the ClientLogin authentication is when a user connects to the network Unencrypted Wifi.

The solution, avoid the use of unencrypted wifi network (wifi network is open). But if the choice of open wifi networks only, it is better to use additional applications for the security of wifi connections such as SSH Tunnel. This application can create secure connections between your Android handset devices with unencrypted wifi jatingan server.

3. Avoid application installed aside from the Android Market
To avoid the Trojan Android, install only the applications in the Android Market. Recently discovered Trojan Android from a third party application service provider in China.

4. Be careful when an application for permission to open access to personal data
If the application is installed for permission to open some of the data, make sure you do not give access permission to enter personal data, such as phone contact list.

5. Use the special security applications your Android device
In addition to installing and vigilant when opening a particular link, you are advised to also install security applications for mobile phones. Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android for example, not only do we have secure passwords, but also all of our mobile banking transaction data.
And lastly, it tips over if something is missing if the mobile device or tablet-owned limited support from the technology side.

It's Time to Tab
As one of the Tablet Android market leader, Samsung proves its existence in the tablet computer with access to all segments of the existing tablets. Ranging from sailing 7-inch tablet, 10.1 inches, up to 8.9 inches.

Not strange indeed if the tablet PC Samsung is the best selling tablet computers in Indonesia. Security features that are tested, plus a charming form of the Android OS uses a lot of people chasing him.

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