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Monday, March 12, 2012

Why You Should Choose the Android Operating System?

Among the many choices of operating systems (OS) for mobile devices, Android become the fastest growing OS. Introduced on 5 November 2007, the Android OS now has entered the fourth generation, named Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android's popularity could erode the market share of Apple's IOS, BlackBerry OS from RIM, Windows Phone from Microsoft, and Symbian from Nokia. Android to quickly master the global smartphone market share, with the acquisition of 52% in the third quarter of 2011, according to data from Gartner research institute.

Android fever now it is focused into the tablet market, this one device does provide convenience and value to its users. The entire telecom vendors are competing to create a variety of tablets and technological sophistication, as well as the Android OS on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab itself was introduced in September 2010, and continues to innovate to become one of the largest manufacturers of tablet. Varying screen sizes and technology in it to make Samsung Galaxy Tab into conversation and choice of gadget lovers.

And what about the Android operating system? Well, here's some of the advantages that exist in the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab.

1. Open source
Like operating system for desktop computers, Android is Linux for the tablet. Yes, Android is an operating system kernel based on Linux. Android is an open operating system (open source). That is, Google released the source code (source code) for easy Android application developers who want to create applications for Android.

2. Google developed Android serious
As the owner of Android, Google looks so serious in developing the ecosystem of this green robot. Until 2012, Android has been developed to the fourth generation or so-called Ice Cream Sandwich. From generation to generation, Android continues to experience significant progress. Starting from the technical performance, until the display interface.

3. Availability of qualified applications

Because Android is open source, programmers and application developers to create applications were enthusiastic. Application developers do not have to deal with the procedure paid OS platform, because they made the application freely distributed with open source licenses, shareware or even freeware.

In addition to Android Market, specifically for users of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, you'll be spoiled with Samsung Apps, an exclusive application for users of Android based Samsung handset. Where applications on Samsung Apps allows you to optimize your Samsung Tablet.

There are many free applications, but still qualified categories ranging from games, social media, chat, entertainment, up office applications.

4. Diligent developers upgrade applications
Android application developers to upgrade the diligent application they have made. This proves the seriousness and consistency in their application so that developers do not lose customers.

5. The selection diversity
Android is not only produced by one vendor only. Google let any vendor who wants to adopt Android. Google believes that Android is about choice.

6. At affordable prices
Android smartphone options diversity creates a strong trade competition among the vendors. This will stimulate the vendor to create Android devices, aimed at the low end segment to the high end. So that all people can try out the sensation of Android.

7. Free to customize the ROM for those who like mengoprek

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. ROM to customize Android called rooting. Rooting is not something that is illegal in the Android ecosystem. Rooting function actually used third parties to develop applications. As for the individual, they can find and access the file system Android.

It takes the technical ability to do the rooting, such as flashing techniques, restore, recovery, and so forth. One advantage of rooting is to save battery power to improve the performance of the smartphone, because you can remove the standard applications that are found to be necessary.

8. Connected with all Google services
For those of you who are very familiar with the Google service, then Android is the right choice. Android is designed to support the service GMail, Google Docs, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Talk, Google +, and of course the Google search engine.

In addition to the above seven Android excellence, there is one important thing which is actually the key to the success of Android is none other leading vendors support on Android.

Android is supported by an alliance called the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), which was set right when Google introduced Android, 5 November 2007. OHA is a consortium led by Google, and to date has consisted OHA 84 companies engaged in the hardware, software, telecommunications, and semiconductors from around the world.

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