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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Secret Level & Cyberbullying Resistance in Angry Birds Space

By finding the secret level in the game Angry Birds Space, gamers will participate assessed against acts of harassment and violence through the digital realm or cyberbullying. How?

In addition to collaborating with the U.S. national space agency NASA and National Geographic, Rovio true also collaborate with youth entertainment channel MTV to broaden the appeal of this game.

If cooperation with NASA and the National Geographic aims to introduce the world of science and space, along with MTV, Rovio raising campaign against cyberbullying via Angry Birds Space.

Yes, the success of open (unlock) a secret level where to find the hidden object will get better as players will also play a special level while participating in MTV campaign entitled 'A Thin Line'.

To unlock this stage, players can visit MTV Draw Your Line. Here, such as a visit on Tuesday (3/27/2012), the player will be asked about actions to be done to counter cyberbullying.

Based on the guideline that is displayed, this action could be anything. From start to regularly change the password of social networking, block or report bullies on the web, or help people find help for a friend who experienced cyberbullying.

After players post the action on Draw Your Line, MTV will show it in the 'map positive influence'. It aims to encourage everyone to take part against cyberbullying.

If completed, the player will be given a reward in the form of leaks to open up the level of 'Golden Egg'. This is where the secret level would open. Well, curious? Feel free to try!

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