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Monday, March 26, 2012

Instagram Alternative for Android Users

While waiting for the arrival of Instagram on Android devices, it's worth trying a few alternatives if the application of other photos that are not less interesting.

Yes, since people infatuated with via instant photo editing applications, as developers compete to create applications with a variety of filters and features.

Indeed, many photo applications intended for Android, and the fifth application below are some of them as reported by Mashable, Monday (3/26/2012):

1. Pixlr-O-Matic
When compared with Instagram, richer application filter. He presents a selection of 68 filters, lighting effects have not added the 73 and 193 border.

Together with other applications that allow users to share photos on other social platforms, users Pixlr-O-Matic can also share pictures or menguploadya in The application is available free for both IOS and Android.

2. Hispter
He has in common with Instagram to filter and combination of border affairs. But here Hipster users add text over a photo, so it looks like the postcard. After add modifiers in doing things, users can send it via email and show it off on networking sites or in the community Hipster.

In addition to working on the Android operating system, it is also available for IOS for free.

3. Photos Lightbox
This application gives you the option on each photo users, will be made private, can only be friends only or open to everyone.

In addition to mutual memfollow Lightbox fellow users, users also can connect to it to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. With this, they can see photos of his friends even if they do not have an account Lightbox.

4. Streamzoo
Filters, and effects are presented border Streamzoo touted almost like Instagram. Not only can upload photos, users can also upload video here. Again, it can be downloaded free of charge to users of IOS and Android.

5. Vignette
Applications that dbanderol USD 3.99 features 76 effects and 57 frames. Style retro / vintage served by Vignette seingga users are able to make the photo more beautiful.

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