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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

You know the BlackBerry? Or maybe you're one Blackerry user? If you're a BlackBerry user, have you ever felt your BlackBerry have a virus?
"Well, it looks like the BlackBerry I got a virus. Her memory could not be detected," said a BlackBerry user. Such complaints often heard it. However, what really is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

So far it seems there is no virus that infects the OS that play on the device made by Research In Motion (RIM) that. That there is a virus that attacks the media card (external memory) on the Blackberry.

How does the virus work? At the time of the Blackberry is connected to the computer using a USB cable, then when the virus can get into the media card for Blackberry converted to USB storage.

The following characteristics of the memory card file that was infected with the virus:

1. There are some files that have the same size
2. There is a folder that seems to be lost (hidden virus) and the shortcut will appear with the same name as the folder that is hidden virus.
3. There is a file that has more than one extension, for example:

So how do we eradicate the virus?

1. Find a computer anti virus always update. Can also use locally-made anti-virus, now many are good, because usually the computers in Indonesia infected with a virus most local alias made in Indonesia.
2. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer and when the pop up menu appears, select the Blackberry as a USB storage
3. Scan the memory card in your BlackBerry by using anti-virus on your computer
4. Sort files by size / file size and some of the same size and is indicated as a better virus removed.
5. If there are files with the extension over more than one, immediately delete the file.
6. The most important thing is, after the media net card not haphazardly copy files into the media card using a computer that does not have an updated anti virus.

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Hzndi said...

heheh sayangnya ane ga punya BB gan jadi ga ada virusnya :P

sweethy amore said...

I don't have blackbaerry. It's so expensive for me.

Search ilmu said...

Whats virus ???

bazokawap said...

berkinjung malam

lina@home sweet home said...

Kebetulan belum punya BB nih :)

azznie said...

nice blog..follow ,support you

anie said...

belum punya BB

A Mom said...

hi visit here! happy weekend!

bursaobatherbal said...

nice info nuantab sib hpnya,,,,

My Text Book said...

selama ini bb ku ga pernah kena virus, tp sering nge hand juga. jd sama ajah sob hahahahaha...