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Friday, March 9, 2012

Take a picture trick with the iPhone

Like to take pictures with the iPhone? Do not just snap and snap it. With a number of tips, activities of shooting this could actually be more fun. Here are a few tricks to maximize your iPhone's camera, as reported by Cnet, Monday (27/02/2012).

1. Snap a photo with headphones
IOS 5 introduces the convenience snapped photos using the volume button up. With this feature, users can plug in and use it as a remote headphonenya camera shutter.

This action allows the image to the more stable and flexible. With the option to put the iPhone on a tripod and use headphones to enable the shutter, photographing action would be more fun.

2. Key focus and exposure
If users do tap on the screen, the iPhone will automatically determine the focus and exposure. However, problems occur when users make a move too much. Will seek to focus the camera back and searched for lighting levels.

To lock the focus on the object, do the tap and hold until 'AE / AF Lock' appears. With this, if the user did excess motion to change the composition of the picture, then the focus and exposure will remain locked.

3. Use the grid and rule 'rule of thirds'
Capture photos with the rules of 'rule of thirds' is more easily done by using the existing grid. Do this with a pulled-tap 'Options'> Grid ON> Done.

4. cropping
Cropping is usually done to change the composition of the photograph and the iPhone now has a cropping tool is built-in. And use the following quick steps.

Open the photo from photo gallery, then zoom and move the picture to be in the desired composition. Now hold down the home button and press the lock button to take a screenshot. Photos that have been dicrop will appear next to the original photo in the camera roll.

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