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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Corsair Vengeance M90, Mouse for Game Lovers

Vengence Corsair M90, a mouse designed specifically for gamers MMORPG or game strategies. Nevertheless FPS, and other game lovers can also taste their reliability.

Features offered by these products is similar to other gaming mouse. High levels of sensitivity, customizable function buttons, and more. But there is something quite special about this product. What is it?

Look Fierce

Not a gamer mouse name if only to have a 'face' normal. Even so with a Vengence Corsair M90. Dominance of the color black, light blue and the Corsair logo that lights up brightly lit to make it look so charming.

About looks, although predominantly of plastic materials, but the bottom of this product completely using silver-colored aluminum. So in addition to the weight that feels Corsair Vengence mantab M90 in hand, the combination of colors used also looks compact.

But unfortunately Vengence Corsair M90 adjustable weights. Though several similar products already use a ballast that can be mixed in accordance with the wishes of the user.

Apart from looking unsightly, Corsair also made the right decision to use a textured plastic Vengence both sides of M90. So even though this product is still mantab sweaty grip.

Button placement was arranged neatly. Although the total to 15, is secured, the user will not be difficult to use all features.

Software support

Vengence Corsair M90 also require additional software to make this. But remember, the user must download it directly on the Corsair site because it did not include in the sales package.

The installation is very easy and fast, but there are times when the last mouse could not be used for a while. Natural thing to do, because at the time the application is trying to communicate with the mouse.

After intalasi process is complete, users are faced with a complicated interface. Yes, it does look complex at first and it takes a bit of adaptation before used.

Through this application users can do some adjustments. From managing the functions of each button, to adjust the mouse sensitivity. Ranging from 100dpi to 5700dpi.

Features of the application is also quite comprehensive. In addition to doing the above settings, there is also penujian surface quality. Quite helpful for users who enjoy mutually mousepad.

Darting performance

When used at maximum dpi, this mouse can quickly dashed with just a touch small. Even so sensitive, sometimes the cursor can be moved very wild. Fortunately there is a rubber mat under the Corsair M90 Vengence that can help control it.
Each configuration is set up can be stored directly into memory mouse. Yes, Vengence M90 has its own memory that is embedded in it. As a result, users can activate the saved settings on the fly, aka no need to open the application again. Just click it activated immediately.

Overall Corsair M90 Vengence is very alluring. In addition to a lot of features, products worth USD 655 thousand is also easy on the eyes.

The basic material used product also includes a premium, this can be felt when the user starts to hold it for a while. So many buttons that give meaning to itself for the MMORPG game lovers, because a lot of settings that can be used here.

The quality of materials + ok
+ Many of the
+ Features a variety of

- Weight could not be adjusted
- Interface application is somewhat confusing

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