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Friday, June 8, 2012

HTC One X or Galaxy S III, which one???

Homeland gadget enthusiast who wants to woo upscale may be Android phones had to wonder, which is better between the HTC One X or Galaxy S III. Both also have their respective advantages are difficult to surpass.

One either X or Galaxy S III is the best product of the two vendors are the best Android manufacturers. No wonder if they both have very loyal users.

One X is present in HTC in May 2012 and then, faster than the new Galaxy S III went on sale last week. This of course has a distinct advantage for a vendor HTC launched the first mobile quad core in Indonesia.

But does that mean HTC One X will be more in demand than the Galaxy S III? Not guarantee it, because so many variables that affect whether or not selling a product.

Well, as a reference, Media Kita are going a little compare some excellent features that exist in the Galaxy One X and S III. What are they?

Just Slender Body
About the design, it is absolutely a matter of taste and the results can vary. But no doubt these two phones on board has been able to attract at first sight.

Galaxy S III and X One brought together a solid plastic material polycarbote. The difference is, mobile phones made by HTC made the unibody package, so it looks more sturdy and solid.
While the Galaxy S III, the materials used are the same, but the back cover feels very thin. Only about as thick as two sheets of HVS, so it seemed fragile when removed. But when the phone is held in the hand feels mantab.

Media Kita compared coincidence that both of them are white. But Samsung chose the easy shiny white scar on his hands and smooth, while the HTC wearing a pretty white ivory sticks in hand.

About the weight and dimensions of the latter is also not far adrift. One 4.7-inch X using the screen, while the Galaxy S III is slightly larger by 4.8 inches. Automatic, the phone made by HTC is a little lighter than a Samsung. But only 3 grams so not too pronounced.

Same clarity screen, but ..

Galaxy S III carries the super AMOLED screen which does have the most 'daring' than any other screen. But Super IPS LCD display that carried two X One is equally great.

Media Kita
experience when comparing the two products are, Galaxy S III does have better color depth. Even the video display and the image looks more colorful even on the phone.

While HTC One X excels at several types of uses, such as the two mobile phones used in the hot sun Jakarta. Although both are still clearly legible, but the One X is superior to an adequate level of information. For the record, both are already set at the maximum light level.

Even so about the view angle, aka the point of view. One X screen has a wider angle. So the screen is still pretty sight to a certain angle without reducing quality.

Duel 8 MP Camera
Incidentally both have the same great camera, the same 8 MP, so it is fair to be matched.

Galaxy S III shots outdoors is very good. The color is sharp, with decent lighting combination of raised thumbs. But while in the room One X is appropriate because it has superior aperture F2.0 lens, so it can absorb more light.

Both cameras can also direct the focus quickly, and both have supported the touch focus. And when pressed 'shutter button', each captured image was stored in a flash.

Well, armed with a camera other than a very good quality, they are also equipped with a myriad of features are good. Start of the burst mode, panorama, HDR, macro, and others.

But it must be admitted that the burst mode X One more comfortable than the Galaxy S III. To use the user simply pressing the shutter button for as long as desired, but if the Galaxy S III process is a bit complicated.

Users must first activate the burst mode on the application used, then the new camera can be used to quickly snap. But that was only limited to 20 frames.

But when it comes to macros, aka take close-up photographs, X One must bow the knee before the Galaxy S III.

Samsung-made phone that is capable of capturing images up to a distance that is very close, the detail was good enough for the size of the phone. Unlike the One X is very difficult to focus when targeting objects at close range. And when taken of the results are erratic.

Processor 4 'Brain' Powerful
Indeed, both are armed by the processor core 4 which is very powerful. But HTC chose Nvidia Tegra 3, and Samsung use a homemade chip Exynos 4212 Quad. How it performs in comparison?

The resulting overall energy level Exynos 4212 Quad on Tegra 3 is faster 100 MHz. These results are not absolute and depends on each application penujian.

In the benchmark application Quadrant for example, the Galaxy managed to outperform the S III One X with a score that far adrift. While in AnTuTu and NenaMark 2 results were also similar, Galaxy S III proved superior.

Even so Nvidia Tegra 3 still offers a number of advantages, upamanya processors 'reserve' that makes it more power efficient. Not to mention the support of dozens of games that can be downloaded on the Tegra Zone.

Much-Most Features
Lots of features embedded in both the phones are expensive, and each has exclusive features that no dipesaingnya. Voice call it the S-selling Galaxy S III.

This feature works similarly to the iPhone Siri 4S but with slight differences. With S Voice users can open the application, meeting schedule, see the weather forecast and so on. Stay command.

In addition to the Galaxy S III also had a lot of features, there is that makes the phone Stay Smart stay awake when viewed. Then Play Pop Pop-ups that can be used to display videos overlap with the application being used.
Meanwhile HTC have Beats Audio is held. Here Beats functions can be activated on all types of headset, and with these features mengatifkan then heard the sound track that will be felt more 'kick'.

So, Better Where?

Which is better is difficult to determine. Galaxy S III which has many outstanding features and power, and priced around $ 7 million. While HTC One X is no less sophisticated the most expensive sold Rp 6.6 million.

Both also have unique characteristics, so the choice is still falling under each of the needs of prospective users. Want a great power pnya, abundant features, may be meilirk Samsung Galaxy S III.

While you are concerned with the camera, the awesome beauty of the screen and booming sound can taste HTC One X at a price slightly cheaper. Thus, it can determine which one?

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