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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800, Fresh Wind for Windows Phone

After going through a pretty sweet couple years ago with a Pocket PC, Microsoft's name on a mobile platform which had been sunk by Apple (with its IOS), Android, Blackberry and of course by in Indonesia.

Microsoft had tried to get up with the launch of Windows Phone (the new name replaces the Pocket PC or Windows Mobile). But that does not wholeheartedly support from hardware manufacturers seem to make this new operating system as if afraid of life, did not want to die.

At the beginning of last year, Microsoft decided to cooperate with the maker of mobile phone manufacturers who would be familiar to our ears, namely Nokia.

Nokia is apparently very serious about using Windows Phone platform is certainly expected to bring fresh air to the future of Microsoft's operating system is.

About a year later, the first Nokia smartphone that comes with Windows Phone is also present. There are two series that launched the Nokia 710 and Lumia Lumia 800.

Differences in both the Nokia Lumia 710 more targeted for entry-level class (prices under $ 3 million), while the 800 is marketed to consumers Lumia high (price of about $ 5.2 million).

Design and Specifications

As an upper middle class phone, Lumia 800 certainly has its own charm. Unibody form factor make it look nice, plus a smooth curve and precision on almost all sides, including the LCD is a bit curved.

This makes it appear to be different compared with other smartphone. Three color options are available to choose from, the Black, Magenta, and Cyan. The white color is also said to be released within the next few months.

Its LCD has adopted ClearBlack AMOLED type with 3.7-inch size. As discussed earlier, its LCD design that supposedly gives a little extra curved ergonomic aspects during use.

As the name implies, AMOLED ClearBlack gives a more intense black color and better color contrast. 480x800 resolution is not the best, but it was more than enough to display images and text to fit.

Aspects of the camera is also noticed by Nokia. 8 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss lens embedded in the back of the phone.

This camera also has autofocus which can be used to take macro pictures, and equipped with dual flash. Besides taking still images, the camera can take movies with HD resolution.

Lumia 800 equipped kitchen runway Qualcomm MSM8255 processor with a speed of 1400 MHz. 512 MB RAM is perceived rather minimal, but it turns out Windows Phone operating system somewhat less resource hungry, so the 512 MB of RAM is more than enough to present the experience smooth and lag free.

Media storage is also only 16 GB, with no possibility of additional memory expansion. This may be one obstacle for users who like to save a lot of large multimedia files. Lumia 800 also does not have a front camera, so forget it if you want a video call.

Other specifications are also spelled out the maximum in its class, such as Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, WiFi, GPS, USB 2.0 High Speed, and HSUPA data access 6/HSDPA Class Class 10.

BV-capacity battery 1450 mAh 5JW felt sufficient to provide adequate durability for busy users.

Using impression Lumia 800

If this is your first time using a Lumia 800, the first step you should do is find the cutter SIM Card.

This is because Lumia 800 already use this type of Micro SIM (same as iPhone). After completion of "minimize" your SIM Card, then began a pleasant experience with Lumia 800.

Booting process takes place very quickly. Microsoft seems to realize that users do not like a cell phone or smartphone that its boot time is similar to the time to cook instant noodles.

When booting Windows Phone Lumia 800 in this case only in the range of tens of seconds.

- Setting Initial

You are required to make a Microsoft Live account or a Live ID in advance (especially for those of you who do not have a Microsoft Live account).

You can choose the country of origin when creating this Live account. This choice will affect the country or where you bought Marketplace for Windows Phone application (such as currency type, application availability, and other things).

Currently, Indonesia is still perceived Marketplace is not maximized, so you are advised to try first.

As a suggestion, maybe you can use the prefix as your Live ID. Example: for account NamaAccountID Indonesia, NamaAccountUS for the account of U.S., UK NamaAccountUK to account, and so on.

This way you can experiment with multiple accounts. Usually the choice of a common country is USA, UK, and Indonesia.

Once complete, start to import your social networking accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Arguably, the operating system is Windows Phone 'is very social', because of his support for social applications are complete and should be fairly good. The interface is smooth and nice views an added value.

If you are ever disappointed with the slow Windows Mobile, it is guaranteed you will be amazed by the smoothness of the interface of Windows Phone.

- Application
E-mail application is also very good, with the look and font settings are pretty sight. Featured Office also not be forgotten by Microsoft. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are ready to help you view important documents wherever you are.

Another advantage is the existence of the Nokia Map and Nokia Drive. Application of the guide path is very, very useful for those who love traveling or who are not so familiar with the streets of the capital.

The map is complete, both for Indonesia and other countries. Guiding voice can also be selected from a variety of languages ​​and access. In short, Nokia is one application of this well-deserved thumbs up.

- Camera
Camera quality is also somewhat above the average, the quality of the jepretannya, both macro as well as in normal conditions, spelled out very good and sharp.

- Upgrade Firmware

Some users complained about the poor quality of camera, audio quality, and battery life. For those of you who have one of these problems, we recommend upgrading the firmware to the latest version (1600.2487.8107.12070).

Currently, the latest firmware is available for several countries, including Singapore and India. Indonesia is likely to get a firmware update is in turn a matter of days.

Based on the experience Kompas Tekno already tasted the latest firmware, Nokia apparently does give quite a lot of updates. Audio quality with a very significant increase. More pronounced bass, volume is also larger and more powerful.

The camera also gets updates so the color is better (not blue). While battery life is also noted that exhibited significantly increased.

- Battery
When used in normal activities, Lumia 800 is usually already have to look for the 'infusion' added before the end of office hours. With the latest firmware, from the charger is removed in the morning, until the activity of office ends in the evening, Lumia battery 800 is still able to survive.

With a lighter activity, through the middle of the night or even until tomorrow morning again it seems not a matter of means (of course, from midnight to the next day it is relatively simply standby and occasionally pulling data from the network).

But remember, battery life is strongly influenced by the quality of the network. While in poor network conditions, battery life can go down to the very significant because the phone will keep trying to connect to the BTS and the search for signals.

Especially if the data connection is active. It's very, very affect battery life. So when the battery becomes wasteful, do not rush to assume your phone is damaged. Should make sure the network's condition was not a problem.

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