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Friday, April 20, 2012

Top iPhone 5 Concept Designs

It seems not only a geek and Apple fans are obsessed with predicting the form of iPhone 5, thus the name for the new iPhone is expected to be present before the end of this year.

The fifth-generation iPhone is also a source of inspiration for artists and designers. They imagine and describe how the iPhone being approximately 5 later.

The shape is different, there's a camera up to resemble futuristic super-slim phone. Of the many concepts that made the iPhone 5 Apple product lovers all over the world, the following five are the most popular.

Combination of smartphone-DSLR cameras

Apple is rumored to be putting 4.6 inch wide screen on the newest generation of smartphones. Reuters reports that come from Apple fans is instantly enchanting. In fact, the product was not present, and Apple has not confirmed its truth.

South Korean product designer is one who attracted by the rumors and immediately make a concept he calls the iPhone 5 'iPhone PRO'. Choi described the iPhone 5 as a combination of smartphones and DSLR cameras.

On the back of the body smartphone, there are DSLR camera lens that can be removed and reattached. When used as a camera, the iPhone version of Choi 5 can capture video and images in a 3D format. The screen will display the catch of relief lens.

Similar to the mouse

Another unique concept came from Federico Ciccarese. The Italian designer is analyzing and describing the rumor iPhone 5 iPhone 5 according to his imagination, which is like a mouse.

He said the new iPhone will back arched perfectly and feels smooth in your hand. Therefore, the iPhone will be put in reverse (face down) and people expect it as a mouse. Ciccarese iPhone version of this form is almost similar to the Magic Mouse Apple.

This design shows the possibility Apple will use aluminum body for the iPhone, just like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. What's interesting about this design, when the phone is off, the Apple logo on the back of the phone will light up the darkness.

iPhone without a SIM card

Antonio de Rosa, designer and founder of ADR Studio presents the concept of the iPhone without a SIM card, the idea that Apple is being diligently explored. So what if the phone does not use a SIM card? Antonio is not elaborate.

IPhone 5 shows the results of the design brings LED screen that covers the entire face of the phone. On the front as well, Antonio put the two panels of speakers to support the entertainment experience.

Interestingly, the phone looks sleek and perfect rectangular shape is similar to the concept of resource people who have put forward in Foxconn, the iPhone's assembly plant in China.

iPhone 'Steve Jobs'

Still of Antonio De Rosa, in ADR Studio designers have another concept design of the iPhone 5. This design is dedicated exclusively to the late Steve Jobs. Not surprisingly, the name of the concept was to include the name of the former CEO of Apple, the iPhone Steve Jobs, aka SJ.

The shape is similar to the iPhone without a SIM card. But here, the privilege of the phone screen that looks charming more highlighted. Antonio reveals the possibility of using the iPhone 5 dual-core processors A6 and brings 10-megapixel camera.

According to Antonio, he thought the concept of the iPhone without a lot of love SJ. "We will celebrate with the release of more pictures and details SJ iPhone concepts through a short video," he said.

iPhone 'Size Zero'

Designer Antonello 5 Falcone had the iPhone concept called 'Size Zero'. Custom iPhone Anotenello form showed the entire face of the phone is the 4.6 inch screen until no edges remain.

Unless the screen, there is nothing different than the current iPhone design. There are buttons at the bottom of the claimed Antonello will be more comfortable and soft when pressed.

Well, the five most popular concept of the iPhone 5. Are there any of them actually come true? The answer, we still have to be patient waiting for the Apple release a new smartphone.

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