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Saturday, April 14, 2012

BlackBerry 7, the Most Secure Operating System?

BlackBerry OS 7 is claimed to be the most secure operating system than its competitors. It even beat Android OS 2.3, IOS 5, and Windows Phone 7.5.

As quoted from BGR, Trend Micro's research institute, reported that 7 OS BlackBerry's Research in Motion (RIM) claimed to be the safest OS for the enterprise market.

The report titled "Enterprise Readiness in Mobile Device Platform". Security that includes a built in security, application security, authentication, device removal (wipe device), device firewall, and virtualization.

The research institute released a report based on the scoring. BlackBerry OS 7 scored 2.89. Then followed IOS five (1.7), Windows Phone 7.5 (1.61), and Android 2.3 Gingerbread (1.37).

The researchers from Trend Micro, Altimeter Group, and security research institute praised Bloor BlackBerry 7 OS as the OS with the highest level of security in enterprise-class.

Research institutions also lack the IOS release that is the lack of storage memory can be added. 7.5 The performance of Windows Phone as a whole is called satisfactory.

Meanwhile, the Android OS platform judged negatively because of the fragmentation that would hinder the performance of the company.

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