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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trigger, Keyboard Game from Cooler Master

Trigger, Keyboard Game from Cooler Master was launched in market. Not only supported a variety of special features for gamers, keyboard Trigger made by Cooler Master also has the unsightly appearance. Like what?

CM Storm Trigger, is part of the Cooler Master line of products that are designed for gaming enthusiast. So it is appropriate that this product does have the features and stylish appearance gamer.

Components used are also fairly slick product, in every instance the keys are already carrying the most lasting Cherry switches appeal. So each key will not be easily dislodged or damaged while in the extreme to use while playing.

This product is also increasingly seen as good back-lit decorated red itensitasnya level can be adjusted up to 5 stages. But unfortunately, to do this would require an additional adapter which is not included in the sale.

Shown Cool

Black doff color combined with red-colored back-lit was successful to give the impression of cool. On the plus again it looks very solid product with a thickness on the keyboard in general.

At the bottom there is a lever Trigger buffer to be operated comfortably. But in addition also included a rubber pads so that the product is not easy to shift when in use. Understandably, this product is intended for gamers, so it needed more protection than ordinary products.

But one of the CM Storm Trigger is unique, the product comes with a micro USB cable that can be removed. Yes, unlike the keyboard in general where the cable attaches to the body and can not be removed.

Cable that was included in the sales package is equally fierce. Clad in a black color as well as both ends of the gold-colored USB interface. Quite interesting. Besides this keyboard also has two USB ports and an additional port for the adapter.

Typical Product Features Gamer

Because it is intended for game lovers, CM Storm Trigger rightly sustains all the needs during play, one of whom use the macro.

In total there are 5 buttons which are all placed at the left. Besides being easily accessible, all the function keys can also be tailored to user desires.

As with other mechanical keyboard, when used for typing CM Storm Trigger also issued a voice loud enough. But do not worry, it's very normal and did not interfere with the comfort while wearing them.

CM Storm Trigger also been equipped with special application to maximize his ability. Memalui these tools can be downloaded gamers can also store up to 5 different profiles.

Overall CM Storm Trigger is quite attractive as a gaming keyboard, especially from the map. Although not the most sophisticated, but the features offered by this product also quite capable of spoiling the gamers.

Only minimal sales package that looks as if it costs less compared with the pegged around USD 119.


High durability gold-plated Cherry switches are rated for over 50 million key strokes
Available with Cherry MX-series switches: Black, Red, Blue, Brown
Multi-media control keys for convenient sound control
5 macro keys with profile management
18K gold plated USB plugs ultra low latency
Anti-ghosting 6 key rollover
64KB on-board memory for profile storage
Storm tactics key for deactivation of the Windows key
Driverless 1000Hz polling / 1ms response time
Two port USB 2.0 hub enhanced
Detachable wrist rest
Braided cable for durability
Non-slip rubber coating
That MCU allows the keyboard to playback macros without delay

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