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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Microsoft's mystery Tablet Surface

Microsoft has just announced the presence of homemade tablet Windows 8, the Tablet Surface. However, Microsoft still keep the "innards" of the tablet before it officially on sale.

Of the specifications have been released, the giant software company was still hides some of the specifications. Among other RAM size, camera resolution, screen resolution, Bluetooth connectivity and 4G, accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope, digital compass or a GPS. So is the price.

Here are 10 things that remains a mystery of the Microsoft Tablet Surface:

1. Price
Microsoft does not explain the price of the newest devices. But reportedly, Surface tablet will have a price that is comparable to tablets or ultrabook. As an illustration, the average tablet typically sells for 500 dollars. While cheap Ultrabook sold for about 800 dollars.

Microsoft released two models of Tablet Surface, namely Windows RT and Windows 8. Microsoft Surface tablets prices are not expected to be far from 400 dollars (for Windows RT) and 1,000 U.S. dollars (for Windows 8).

With these prices, is expected to directly compete with Apple iPad which is still sold from 500 U.S. dollars.

When confirmed, the President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro also declined to comment about the price of these devices. He submitted fully to the global Microsoft.

"I do not want to mention the price, especially in the global release schedule as well as Indonesia," he said.

2. Availability in the market
Because it uses Windows 8, the tablet is expected to be released at the official launch of Windows OS 8, scheduled to be launched in October or November.

3. Vendor partners
Until now not known which companies are producing Microsoft Surface. This is different from Apple that has begun a partnership with Samsung.

4. Reaction partner
The introduction of Microsoft Surface tablets are not coincided with the launch of Windows 8 is going to openly satirical partners. That is because the vendor that works with Microsoft's new tablet will release Windows 8, after the OS is officially released.

Registered vendor Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lenovo and even Samsung are also interested in releasing a tablet with Windows 8. However, Microsoft also needs to convince the vendor partners to continue to cooperate, especially for Windows tablet RT.

5. Is able to beat the iPad?
Of course not. Apple is still leading the tablet market share. It is impossible when this tablet will get rid of Microsoft as the manufacturer of Apple tablet with the most sales in the world.

These tablets appear to represent Microsoft's vision for the future of computing. It is also one of Microsoft's long-term effort in making the devices, especially tablets.

6. Is able to compete with Android tablet?
Google may be uneasy at the presence of this Surface tablet. Although many vendors have made a tablet with Android OS, but it turns out these vendors also have not been shown to have significant advantages.

But if Microsoft can provide a special experience for users, especially the experience of wearing the same as using a tablet PC, then it might be able to shift the trend of the Android OS users to switch to Windows 8 tablet.

7. Xbox Component
The tablet is rumored Xbox will get the content, the same as content offered by Xbox to the device with another OS Windows 8. Likewise with technology adaptation SmartGlass.

8. 4G connection

These tablets are not yet clear if the network connection using 3G, 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE). This could be because Microsoft has yet to get a partner operator.

9. Battery life
Battery life for Windows Surface RT about 31.5 hours. While Surface Windows 8 about 42 hours.

Battery life is nearing the latest iPad approximately 42.5 hours. However, the iPad battery capacity is intended for high-resolution screen that requires a great battery life.

10. Why be in LA?
This device was introduced at Microsoft's activities in Los Angeles. But the public and the media really had to ask why the activity is done in LA.

Even at the last minute before the introduction of the rumored tablet was not clear where the implementation.

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