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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apple Open Jobs in Indonesia

Whether you are looking for work? What if you work for the best technology companies in the world?

We recently discovered information that Apple is expanding into Indonesia and is currently a job opening for Indonesia. The outstanding job on LinkedIn and Apple's corporate page for positions related to Apple's retail business in Jakarta.

Currently Apple is looking for Human Resource Manager, and now these jobs are very popular on LinkedIn. And if you look at Apple's official careers page for Singapore, also found three open positions in Singapore for 3-6 months before being formally placed in Jakarta.

Apple on a career site, an open vacancy for iPhone Channel Manager, CES (Consumer Electronic Stores) Manager, and Account Manager foriPhone / iPad Carrier in Jakarta. To some extent this is a confirmation of the rumor that we found some time ago about Apple that is working with Indosat for billing App Store using the pulse.

Open positions that are highly oriented to the retailer, and has long been speculation that Apple is bolstering its global expansion, especially to potential markets in Asia Pacific. And even Apple has expressed his concern to the Indonesian market with the support of local smelly stuff in the latest release of iTunes.

This strategic move is interesting, especially if we look at the fact that Indonesia as one of the world's largest mobile market, has the lowest rate to the growth of adoption for IOS devices.

According to the research institute Effective Measure, IOS largest market in Indonesia is only 10% owned by iPad from 10.06%-owned niche market products in Indonesia IOS. In neighboring countries like Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, IOS has a penetration rate of more than 50%.

From the other hand, Apple could have seen the catch compared to competitors such as Android and BlackBerry are first entered in cooperation with the operator to obtain a larger market niche.

Cooperation with the operator is of exceptional importance to Apple, especially to come out with the financing structure for the upper class of Apple product, too high for most mobile consumers in Indonesia.

Let's see which comes first obtain a larger market niche and also memonetize Indonesia mobile market, because whoever it is (Apple / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry) can change many things in the mobile industry in Indonesia.

In a different topic but related, Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) will travel to Jakarta to speak at seminars on creativity and innovation.

source : detik

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