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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Appoint Sheryl Sandberg as a New Director

Facebook appointed Sheryl Sandberg as a director. Sheryl currently serves as Chief Operating Officer becomes first woman on the board of directors before coming up which consisted of seven men.

The appointment of women as directors quite rare in the United States technology companies or the comparison too far with the number of male directors. So that the appointment of Sandberg welcomed by the business community there.

Join on Facebook since 2008, Sheryl became an important figure in the world's most popular networking site. Graduate of Harvard Business School has become a key figure in the future of Facebook is now getting into the stock market.

Last year, Sheryl has been named by Forbes magazine as the fifth most powerful woman in the world. Even so busy with business affairs at Facebook, Sheryl still have time to raise two children with her husband.

"Sheryl has become my partner in running up and became a central figure in the growth and success in recent years. His experience in public company up and make it fit on our board," said Zuckerberg was quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (26/06/2012).

Prior to working at Facebook, Sandberg was Vice President of Online Sales Google. In this online search engine giant, beautiful women also excel in making money from advertising.

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