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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surface, Superhero Tablet from Microsoft

Surface, Superhero Tablet from Microsoft was launched. Microsoft has finally announced a tablet device operating system Windows 8, Monday (6/18/2012), the Los Angeles, United States. Tablet Tablet Surface named it is predicted to challenge Apple's iPad.

To counter Apple's success with iPad, Microsoft started as a manufacturer of tablet itself, as well as create a special operating system Windows 8 tablet, which is named Windows 8 RT.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the Windows operating system that runs the 8 RT Surface tablet, has the same look with Windows 8 that runs on personal computer (PC).

As is known, the Windows PC operating system is the most widely used in the world. Microsoft wanted to bring the same experience when users run Windows 8 on the tablet and the PC and laptop computers.

According to analyst Sarah Rotman Epps from Forrester research firm, he did not see that Surface will kill the iPad. "I do not see the Surface as an iPad killer. But Surface has a lot of potential," he said.

He added that the announcement yesterday in Microsoft berfokusi on hardware innovation, but do not talk about service. "Microsoft is unique assets makes Surface a great product," added Sarah.

Surface will slide in two versions and is available in a choice of internal memory capacity. First, the ARM processor architecture, the so-called lighter and thinner. Surface with ARM processors come with internal memory capacity of 32GB and 64GB. Will slide into the market first, scheduled for the Christmas holiday season this year.

The second version, Tablet Surface with Intel architecture processor. Tablet version of this form is heavier and thicker, but equipped with a larger internal memory capacity, the 64GB and 128GB. The plan, Surface with Intel Ivy Bridge will be available three months after its launch Surface ARM version.

To attack the weaknesses of the other Apple, Microsoft Surface provide a cover that serves as a cover as well as keyboard (keyboard). Not only that, there is also available touchpad to navigate with a finger, just like when you use a laptop.

Microsoft has yet to give pricing details Surface.Namun tablet version of the ARM Surface prices will be competitive with the popular portable computer ultrabook Intel.

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