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Saturday, June 9, 2012

HTC One X Review

HTC X One, put forward the unmatched ability of the camera, as well as kitchen runway that claimed the fastest in its class. Multimedia features on this phone is also fairly interesting with the sound setup ala Dr Dre by Beats Audio.

Yes, HTC claims it could have been so. The following Media Kita have prepared a review.

Teasing Design

Design issues are absolutely depends on your taste, but according to Media Kita HTC One X is one of the phones with a display that is quite alluring. The combination of the colors look right, the button layout and size that was proportional.

Big screen with 4.7-inch size makes it difficult not grasped, coupled with a very light weight. One body HTC X is made slightly curved, with the volume buttons on the right and the micro USB port on the left.

At the top there is a water-resistant speakers, 1.3 MP camera, power button, and a hole 3.5 mm jack for listening to audio through the headset. Then there are behind the 8 MP camera lens protrudes to the outside, a unit of LED lights to take photos in the dark, external speakers, and a slot for a micro SIM card.

In the material is nothing special about this phone. The entire body is made of plastic, but still impressed because of the premium and wear sturdy unibody form factor.

Matter of taste when used, although this is still great but the phone can be operated easily. The screen with almost no edge to make this phone quite comfortably held in one fist. But still need a bit of adaptation before the user can type smoothly with just one hand.

One X providing 3 HTC touch panel for navigation. From the left there is a Back button, and then Home, then a button to bring up a list of recently opened applications. Very different from the previous HTC Android phones that always comes with 4 buttons with different functions.

Expansion Beats Audio

Like the previous HTC phones on board, at the One X also embedded voice suits the style of Dr. Dre, but this time slightly expanded functionality Beats Audio.

There are some differences than ever before. For example, it beats the sound effects can be used on all earphones, not exclusive only to the output of Dr. Dre.

Then the sound effects can also be obtained when the user plug in to external speakers, then this feature can also be active when you were watching a movie.

HTC itself had claimed that the Beats sound effects embedded in the smartphone is a combination of chipset with software. But the claim is now broken, when the effects can be inserted into another phone.

HTC beats in no more than an equalizer matched with Dr Dre headphones sound character. Thus, the feature is indeed only be maximized when used together.

So what if paired with another earphone or external speakers? Character of the Beats is likely hardware equalizer with bass domination. So for the love songs jedag jedug hear this effect must be highly favored, it is different for those who prefer the sound detailed and crisp.

Unfortunately, the Beats and the music player application congenital One X does not support music format Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC). Though this format is used more audio lovers are concerned with the quality of sound.

Stunning camera capabilities

The camera is a feature-‘favored’ at One HTC X. Even claimed this phone is a smartphone with the best camera to outperform the iPhone 4S, both in quality and capability of capturing images.

Of technical data can be seen that the lens is used by 8 MP with the ability to capture images at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Among other enhancements, touch focus, face and smile detection, and take pictures simultaneously without stopping. This is rarely found in other phones.

In this mobile phone users can be snapped without stopping simply by holding down the picture taker, then the user can choose which of the best photos you want to keep. Fun is not it? It reminded Burts mode which usually is in top class digital cameras.

When tested, the camera is pretty impressive. Especially beginning with the lens aperture F2.0. This feature will be felt when the user wants to snap in low light conditions.

Because it can absorb more light from the phone in its class, then the resulting picture look better too. Even very good for a camera phone, with an average size of 2 MB per photo in JPEG format.

Beyond quality, other features was carried no less compelling. For example, the ability to record HD video 1920 X 1080 pixels and takes 3264 x 2448 pixel images at the same time. Wow, as if in disbelief, but this feature is indeed real.

Fun again, the camera X One can focus instantly when the camera application is opened. But obstacles arise when trying to take close-up photographs, macro alias. In the camera automatically setting the focus is very difficult, so it should be moved to a close-up mode to get more leverage.

Talk about shooting mode, the phone there are several types that can be used, Panorama, HDR, Portrait, Landscape, Close up, Low Light, as well as other modes. The process of taking pictures in all modes is also very fast without any lag symptoms at all.

Super Clear Screen

One X have the HTC touch screen Super sized 4.7-inch IPS LCD2 that appear very charming. With a resolution of 1280 X 720 and the pixel densities reach 312 ppi, then the resulting image was incredibly beautiful.

Very detail coupled with a color that looks so natural. Fun again, the screen has a fairly wide viewing angle. So even if viewed from the left or right, the image quality will not go down. Even at some point it looks like looking at paintings affixed to the phone.

When used outdoors in direct sunlight conditions, the screen One X also managed to show his strength. Although very hot, but users can still read text messages, browsing, or email without being distracted from the glare of the sun.

Overall, Super IPS display LCD2 used this phone is very intriguing. Up to now the quality is still difficult to surpass that offered by the phone in its class.

Strong Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3

For the kitchen runway, HTC X One reinforced 4 core processor and 1 additional core Nvidia Tegra chip is packaged in 3. Yes, you could say this is one fastest chip in the market today.

Each of its clock can be driven up to 1.5 GHz, supported by Nvidia GPU is already famous concoction of his prowess. To save power products are equipped with processor speeds up the struggle at 51 Mhz.

About the performance was no doubt. To maximize its ability, has provided a special game can be downloaded at TegraZone Games, one game Dark Meadow, but if you want to know how my voice when tested with the benchmark application, detikINET already feel it.

On the application of One Quadrant Standard score HTC X 4321 see-through point, and reached approximately 10 724 Benchmark AnTuTu. You could say that this is a fastest smartphone ever tested by detikinet. So, if you want to play HD movies or playing games is definitely a heavyweight phone is able to eat it with ease.

But it is definitely frightening specification will require a power supply large enough, this also applies in X. One

Battery Li-Po 1800 mAh was carry could only 'provide for' the savage Nvidia Tegra 3 for 4 hours while playing the game nonstop. But when used for normal use like browsing, email, social media, the battery still can last up to 7 hours. But still, it depends on how the use of user

In conclusion, HTC One X does offer something new to Android users, especially those who are hungry for features and powerful performance. But to make up for this phone, prospective buyers have to spend quite deep, it was not included earphones Beast.

Nan brilliant large screen, music blaring and frightening performance as if a value of more HTC One X is still difficult to surpass its competitors. But the price of USD 6.6 million if the phone is worth buying? It all back to you as a prospective user's hand.


+ The quality of the camera okay
+ Bright display
Performance + fierce
+ Lightweight and comfortable to use


- Price is quite high
- Battery pretty wasteful

Specification of HTC X One
• Dimensions: 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm
• Weight: 130 grams
• Display: Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches coated Corning Gorilla Glass
• Operating system: Android 4.0
• Chipset: Nvidia Tegra 3, Quad Core 1.5 GHz
• GPU: ULP GeForce
• Memory: 1 GB RAM, ROM 32 GB (26 GB which can be used)
• Main Camera: 8 MP, touchfocus, LED Flash.
• Second camera: 1.3 MP
• Battery: Li-Po 1800 mAh
• Price range: USD 6.6 million

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