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Sunday, June 17, 2012

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Features

BlackBerry Curve 9220 released in the market with cheaper rates than most other 7.1 OS, Rp1, 999 million alone. Manufacturer BlackBerry, RIM's latest feature emphasizes the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on the left side of this smartphone. Fuel service is still the strongest features in this smartphone.

By design, this phone is not impressive luxury mobile middle class. Curve 9220 with OS sells novelty of 7.1., But the ability of the OS is limited to hardware. Not all OS 7.1 promises pleasure to be here.

Smartphone users can respond to service needs fuel. This low price is also capable of embracing adolescence to young adulthood. In fact, new users who want to move from feature phones to smartphones. It could be to you who have friends who always ask you BB PIN number.


This smartphone look like RIM standards are difficult to change. Candybar design with QWERTY keyboard, small screen, and the trackpad.

Layers of plastic wrap was slippery in the hand. If you're careless, Curve 9220 tegelincir easier than when your hands are busy BBM's. Rubber parts on the side does not help. This shiny plastic casing "show off" fingerprint impressions and oil. For hands that are sweaty, the outer portion will be easy to look dirty.

Differences in the design of the line with his brother, or the BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini smartphone 2G seen from the top. Section features links to the media to play music removed, replaced with the switching on and off the device.

This decision is very unfortunate given the music lovers can not get quick access. One power button did not consume a lot of space.

The specificity of the Curve 9220 on fuel that is written clearly on the side with the caption, "fuel". But, the instant access this fuel can be moved from left to right side. You only need to open the Settings option to change the Convenience Key.

QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry is still the leading part. Curve 9220 has a soft keyboard. In fact, much more easily reduced than the BlackBerry Bold 9790. The distance between the keyboard give two thumbs up space movement that included relief. However, the plastic material around it to make a quick keyboard slippery.


Small size of 2.44 inches does not make the quality of the image on the screen and downs. With a resolution of 320x240 pixels, the Curve 9220 is capable of displaying images are brighter than the Curve 8520. Application icons and features looked sharp.

Similarly when watching video. Screen with 65K color video display with bright colors.

OS 7.1

BlackBerry OS 7.1 provides a promising new development, began to pursue the Android OS. Although it still too late. The desire to taste a la Android v2.2 WiFi tethering can not be realized. In fact, cheap Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y is around Rp1, 3 million have been able to enjoy it.

Curve 9220 does not include Mobile Hotspot. BlackBerry Tag to share content and data with the power of NFC technology was not there. WiFi Calling is also not supported here. Similarly with discount offers via BlackBerry Maps.

Excellence Curve 9220 OS 7.1 is given by the presence of FM radio and battery saver, Battery Saver. It feels like a consolation prize.

The interface is neat OS 7.1 by grouping the applications and features. There are five choices that all applications and features, favorites, media, downloaded, and the most frequently used.


Access to physical buttons to quickly access the camera interface, just 1.4 seconds. When you look at the interesting object, you can just spontaneously photographed.

For the results, do not expect much. This time the camera shutter in response to moving objects, especially in dim lighting and indoor. Without the help of flash, you have to hold the smartphone with two hands to shake.

Color saturation is shown quite adequate to capture the colors of light when shooting the concert stage. However, the image is less sharp display detail.

Entertainment and Current Information

Launcher YouTube and social networking applications already invested since the beginning. To open the YouTube Mobile, the Curve 9220 takes 6.5 seconds. While to start streaming, you just have to wait 7.4 seconds. Also include faster browsing. VIVAnews the page takes 3.4 seconds. The better your internet connection, would be influential.

Music services are not provided Curve 9220 has increased. However, built-in speaker on the bottom can take a song with a clear voice to a variety of musical genres. Now you do not need streaming radio online. Curve 9220 already contains features an FM radio. Play video clips with the 720p format can be.

Music Store application gives snippets of songs. You can buy songs digitally with account.

Official Facebook and Twitter applications pre-installed. You can replace it with a more convenient to use by downloading via the BlackBerry App World. If too much lazy to install the application, you can centralize all the latest news from the communication and social networks through the application of Social Needs.

BlackBerry Messenger

Superior features that led to the popular BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) opens integration with 100 applications from App World. This step allows you to organize your contacts and share with co-fuel.


Work can be facilitated by the application Documents to Go. You can read data items from the office. BlackBerry Protect will protect your office data, especially when the BlackBerry is lost.


-Material plastic casing
Connection-2G, not 3G
OS 7.1 Feature-limited
-The quality of images

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