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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Advantages Working at Google

Those selected to work at Google can be successful. First, they never had to join the great people in the world of the internet giant that is also touted as a dream.

Secondly, after they were given a lot of Google's knowledge and experience to apply, though no longer working at Google. The company even has a line of 'unwritten rules' that have to do all of their employees before leaving Google.

Not to burden the employees, but Google wants to make sure they are out have a stock knowledge and experience to be great. Here are some things to be done before the employee resigned, and a distinct advantage for them.

Be a 'badass coder'
Google invested quite a bit for business education in the fields of engineering and producing codelab detail that makes the people in it have to study hard.

Behind it, Google wants its employees in this area into a 'badass coder', thus the term for people who are good at coding. They are expected to become a better software engineer after leaving Google. Thus, employees are required to make the best use of all the learning facilities provided.

Chat with Celebrities

Working at Google, you will meet many famous people either from celebrities like Lady Gaga, politicians such as U.S. President Barack Obama or his genius in the field of technology.

Google's famous people routinely bring to the campus. The goal is that employees are active in these meetings and can learn many things from their experiences.

Eat a lot
Rule this one sounds unique. Before someone resign, Google should make sure their employees are already taste all the food at the Google cafeteria. That is, Google provides a lot of free food and health. All employees may not refuse to taste it.

Trying it out of your comfort zone

Any Google employees are encouraged to do the like, but it is outside your comfort zone. Google will rotate employees working for the platform or program that may be uncomfortable for them. But the benefits, they can try to work with different teams with different projects.

Simply put, Google asks employees to try new projects and teams. Such a routine rotation of Google so that employees do not get bored.

If the employee housing is not too far away from the office, Google recommends them for cycling. In fact there are many Google employees who cycle to work. Perhaps tiring, but the grueling cycling trip gives employees the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the streets of the office complex. Obviously, making the body more healthy as well right?

Google works in various countries

This is the most anticipated Google employees. Internet giant will offer employees the opportunity to work on Google all over the world. Such rotation is routinely done at Google, including Google's office in New York, Mountain View and Sydney.

Google project to figure out the next

Google invited people to discover what is being worked on Google to launch. The company is fairly open and there are many products available information on their internal wiki.

source : detik

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