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Monday, June 25, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Comes Without Physical Keyboard

BlackBerry 10 comes without physical keyboard. Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry as the producer explained that the first device with the BlackBerry operating system 10 (BB 10) will be present without physical buttons.

As quoted from CBC News, Rebecca Freiburger RIM spokesman confirms that the BB device 10 will not have a physical QWERTY keypad. But in the future, RIM will continue to maintain the BB device 10 with the physical keyboard.

"We are prioritizing the virtual QWERTY keypad. But we also will not leave a physical QWERTY keypad which is now known by the public," says Freiburger.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has also been explained at a press conference in Orlando last month that RIM will not abandon the popularity of the physical keyboard.

BlackBerry manufacturer is currently preparing a BB device 10 to be released later this year, although no launch schedule.

The news about RIM will continue to maintain a physical QWERTY keyboard has also been described by the Senior Manager of Content Strategy South East Asia RIM Ben Gillenwater. The reason is simple, physical Qwerty keypad on the BlackBerry device is still in demand by the market.

Sources of News For BlackBerry (N4BB) has received word that the BlackBerry device will be given 10 BB OS will first be released in early September 2012. The plan, a device with virtual QWERTY BlackBerry will be named Nevada.

Previously, we had mentioned that BB devices with OS 10 is the first BlackBerry London. But until now also no news yet again.

Currently, BlackBerry Nevada reportedly is in final production stages. That is, for BlackBerry fans who like the physical QWERTY keypad, the device with the latest BB OS 10 will be present soon after the inaugural BB 10 was released.

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