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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nvidia Create a Graphics to Game Based Cloud

Nvidia announced it will launch the GeForce Grid processor. The graphics processor is designed specifically for game based cloud. The plan, later this year the latest technologies Nvidia GPU Technology Conference will be launching a graphics processor that works with Gaikai streaming game.

Reported by Digital Spy (5/17/2012), GeForce Grid will use dual GPUs features a total of 3072 Kepler CUDA cores. Processor architecture is able to compress the data stream in parallel. With that system, Nvidia claims can reduce the input lag to 30 milliseconds, the same in response to play a non-streaming game console.

No special equipment is required the user to play streaming from GeForce GPU Grid. This game will be compatible with a device capable of running the video on YouTube.

This proficiency level will provide greater flexibility of game based cloud. Because users can play graphics-intensive games on the computer desktop and continue on the notebook, tablet or smartphone without worry specifications of each device.

Nvidia says the GeForce GPU Grid can make cloud-based games such as renting movies online. Until now, Gaikai has announced it will update on all the server data. Updates server is expected to run GPU GeForce Grid in August 2012.

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