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Monday, April 16, 2012

After Instagram, Facebook Acquisition Tagtile

Facebook has just acquired a photo editing application site, Instagram. Now, Facebook is rumored to have acquired a pioneering Internet-based company (startup) others, which focus on mobile devices.

As released from Venture Beat, the social networking site made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg has been purchased from the San Francisco startup, Tagtile on Friday (13/04/2012).

Tagtile is a startup company that focuses on giving gifts to customers (customer rewards) and mobile marketing (mobile marketing).

Tagtile site will connect customers to specific stores. Here, the user (IOS and Android) should download the application Tagtile on their mobile devices.

Later, users can use their phones to get discounts, points or prizes of each particular store offered by Tagtile.

Such methods can also help stores to market their products to customers, to know whether marketing is an effective way as well as how many customers who use the services offered.

"We did not expect that Tagtile could be part of Facebook and could expand the products on Facebook. It would be far greater than our own doing," said the official release of Facebook.

Facebook does not explain the acquisition of the site Tagtile. So also about plans to integrate the platform Tagtile social networking site Facebook.

Facebook's decision to acquire and Tagtile Instagram, which are both great mobile features, shows how important mobile domain of the largest social networking is.

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