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Friday, April 20, 2012

There are three 'flavours' on Windows 8

Ahead of the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft announced that there will be three 'flavors' time launching different operating systems, namely Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows Pro RT.

Version offered by Microsoft is a bit different than ever before, because before Windows comes with at least 6 categories for the consumer.

Later, a version for tablets, desktops and laptops that use Intel / AMD X86 can be embedded with a version of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. While the RT is more dikhusukan Windows as an OS pre-installed software that runs with an ARM.

"We are working to empower consumers to know what the best version of Windows that can be used for his latest," wrote Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc officials, the official Windows blog, quoted by CRN, Tuesday (17/04/2012).

The following brief information about the three flavors in this Windows 8.

Windows 8

This is the standard edition of the Windows version 8, and will use most of the consumers. Features offered in this version include, optimizing for touch screen (when the device is possible), the latest update Internet Explorer, Task Manager is a new, better multi-monitor and Windows applications store Store of course.

Windows 8 Pro

In addition to existing features in Windows 8, in this Pro version there are some other additional specifically intended for technical professionals. For this version will add special features such as encryption, virtualization, domain connection and PC management tool.

Windows 8 RT

Not much different from Windows 8 standard edition, but this version is devoted to all good devices or tablet PCs are paired with ARM based processors.

It is suitable for all devices that rely on long-lasting battery power.

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