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Friday, April 6, 2012

Flixel, iPhone Application to Make Moving Image

An animated GIF is present in an application called Flixel. IPhone application was launched to make the image move with speed and easier.

Flixel an iPhone application created by a company based in Toronto, Canada is Flixel Photos. This application allows the photographer's mobile phone to make a beautiful moving images without expensive camera equipment.

It all started when its founder, and Mark Phillippe LeBlanca Homza Cinemagraph fascinated by the photographs in a movement that was created by separating a certain movement. Cinemagraph process and its trademark was created by Kevin Burg visual graphics and Jamie Beck, a photographer at maturity Tumbrl popular blog From Me To You.

The duo caught the moment with still and video equipment, then do the editing using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Pieces of photography and video is presented in a GIF file.

"What was done by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg is to reformat the GIF format and the art form by merging the gap between photos and video. So they position themselves as a photographer with a moving element, "said Homza, as reported from Mashabel, Thursday (04/05/2012).

How it Works

As an application on the phone would not be difficult for the user. Simply put, once the application is downloaded, portrait photographs and create some images to be more 'alive' with some finger friction.

For example, users can make candles continue to burn or a strand of hair is flying in an image. This application allows users to apply custom filters.

These filters can be juxtaposed with photo effects in other applications such as Instagram and Hipstamatic. "When you serve is a photo and have one element in the movement then it is the strategic placement. Will be a story in the story. It is emphasized at one point, dig perspective drawing or highlight something. So that way you've just drawn to a point in the photography, "explains Mark Homza, one of the founders Flixel, as reported by Mashable, Thursday (04/05/2012).

Traditionally, making involving the use of GIF images uploaded to the web application. Then a series of images dair should be saved as GIF files to the desktop. But with Flixel users can skip to the series.

In this application, the user can be a variety of Twitter, Facebook, Tumbrl and email. GIF moving images or earlier will continue to 'play' back on any web image is located.

Flixel with the latest update was released yesterday (04/04/2012) and can be found in the App Store. This application can work better on iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S.

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