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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Google Indonesia Open Jobs

After appointed to be the number one Google Indonesia, the first thing to do by Rudy Ramawy is complete the construction of Google's Indonesia representative office.

"For the office, currently in development. We have not been able to publish in which its place. Approximately inaugurated April 2012," Rudy said in a press conference on Cyber 2 Building, Jakarta, Friday (03/30/2012).

While waiting for the office was completed, Rudy will make Google's hiring of new employees to be placed in Jakarta.

Rudy did not mention in detail about the recruitment of new employees to Google Indonesia.

However, from observation Kompas Tekno there are five positions on offer for the Google offices in Indonesia.

The fifth position was mentioned for Advertising & Enterprise Sales division, namely:

1. Account Manager
2. Agency Relationship Manager
3. Head of Agency Relations
4. Industry Manager, Travel / Finance
5. Online Campaign Manager

Detailed information about vacancies in Google Indonesia can be seen

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Fadjar said...

Welcome to google .. welcome to Indonesia. Too bad I can not joint because of the limitations of age. But I was with Google Adsense.

ivan lionel andreas said...

kunjungan perdana Gan...

salam sukses selalu... :)

kalo sempat mampur ke gubug saya ya...

zookdee said...

haii salam

Ngecamp Business said...

love google..this is my moneymaker..ckck smilee...